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How to Use P2P Texting for 3 Essential Post-Election Day Operations

How to Use P2P Texting for 3 Essential Post-Election Day Operations


Peer to peer texting has the power to super-charge your post-election day housekeeping and set you up for success on future campaigns and initiatives!

As the dust settles after an election, the work for political campaigns is far from over no matter the outcome on election day. Post-election day operations play a crucial role in maintaining and nurturing the relationships built with supporters and voters.

There are three key post-election operations that can be facilitated through peer-to-peer (P2P) texting: thanking supporters, securing opt-ins for future campaigns & initiatives, and collecting campaign signs.

These essential post-election day housekeeping items not only help keep the campaign's momentum alive but also leave supporters (and non-supporters) with a good perception of the campaign.

“We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!”

“We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!”

Throughout a campaign, you will accumulate supporters, and good campaigns will keep track of those supporters.

Taking the time to say "thank you" after a campaign has concluded is one of the simplest yet most impactful gestures a campaign can make to its supporters. This small gesture will leave your supporters with a good memory and make it easier for your campaign to activate them again if you decide to run for office again or engage in a particular cause.

Beyond creating a sense of community and gratitude, it also provides an opportunity to ask for feedback. P2P texting is a great way to get quick feedback through personalized conversational messaging. Inviting supporters to share their thoughts about the campaign not only makes them feel like valued stakeholders but also provides valuable insights for improving future endeavors. 


“We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!” - example message

The Fight Doesn’t Need To End On Election Night

The Fight Doesn’t Need To End On Election Night


Most of the time, when a campaign ends, supporters only hear from the candidate or organization once it's time to ask for support or money again. Keeping supporters informed and engaged with your campaign is critical for maintaining a healthy house-file that can activate successfully for future campaigns and causes.

Using RumbleUp in combination with our platform Switchboard, you can create an automated flow that makes it simple to invite supporters to receive future updates on the candidate or cause and send out messages with just one click, saving time and money! 


See the example below of how to opt-in your supporters:

The Fight Doesn’t Need To End On Election Night - example message

Remember To Pick Up Your Signs

Remember To Pick Up Your Signs

We have all seen it - an election concluded weeks ago, but there are still signs all over the community.

You don't want to be known as the campaign that never picked up their signs and left a mess around the community. Once the election or initiative is over, it's essential to collect your signs promptly to maintain a good reputation. 

P2P texting can facilitate the process of recovering your signs. If you have been tracking which supporters have signs on their property, you can text them to schedule a time to pick up the sign or let them know you will be coming by.

Requesting supporters to text you back with the location of the signs on public property is a great way to plan a route for your sign pick up while also making the supporters feel a part of the post-election day operations campaign team.

Showing that your campaign is responsible and cares about maintaining a clean community will help keep your campaign in good standing with your supporters. 

Bottom Line:

Whether it's thanking supporters, securing opt-ins for future campaigns, or efficiently collecting campaign signs, using our powerful P2P texting solution ensures that the campaign's connection with its supporters remains strong and that the community benefits from responsible and considerate campaign practices. 

In the ever-evolving world of politics, P2P texting has proven to be a powerful tool for both immediate post-election operations and building a foundation for future success.

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