The Best Value in Texting



Includes all industry leading features &:

•Per Message Pricing:
     - 10¢ SMS
     - 13¢ MMS
     - 17¢ EVT
•Optional Send Outsourcing: 4¢ per Number
•Optional Full-Service Projects: 6¢ per Number
•Automated Traffic Monitoring
•Email Support



Includes all industry leading features &:

•Per Message Pricing:
     - 9.5¢ SMS
     - 12.5¢ MMS
     - 16.5¢ EVT
•Optional Send Outsourcing: 3.5¢ per Number
•Optional Full-Service Projects: 5.5¢ per Number
•Automated Traffic Monitoring
•Email Support



Includes all industry leading features &:

•Per Message Pricing:
     - 9¢ SMS
     - 12¢ MMS
     - 16¢ EVT
•Optional Send Outsourcing: 3¢ per Number
•Optional Full-Service Projects: 5¢ per Number
•Live Traffic Monitoring
•Email & Phone Support
•Live Onboarding Call



Includes all industry leading features &:

*No Monthly Fee With Bulk Purchase
•Reduced SMS per Text Price
•Reduced MMS & EVT per Text Price
•Optional Send Outsourcing: Reduced Pricing
•Optional Full-Service Projects: Reduced Pricing
•Live Traffic Monitoring
•Unlimited Email & Phone Support
•Live Onboarding Call
•Live Strategy Session

All Plans Include Industry Leading Features

  • Free Incoming Replies
  • Free Landline List Cleaning
  • Full-Service Text Projects & Outsource Sending
  • Highest Delivery Rates & Reliability
  • Exclusive Enhanced Video Texting (EVT)
  • 320 Character SMS Messages
  • 2000 Character MMS & EVT Messages
  • Advanced CRM & Easy Data Management
  • Transparent & Accurate Delivery Reports
  • Estimated Project Send Cost Calculator
  • Whitelisted URL shortener
  • Click-Through Tracking & Call Tracking
  • Multilingual & Unicode Character Support
  • Geotargeted Contact Segmentation
  • Data & Fundraising integrations
  • Industry-Leading Opt-Out Compliance and TCPA Litigators Scrub
  • Tutorial Videos & Knowledge Base
  • Tap-Then-Send Responses & Tagging


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Why is RumbleUp
Pricing the Best?

Peer-to-Peer texting is only great if your texts are successfully delivered!

Other P2P platforms often struggle to get their messages delivered and are not transparent when they fail.

This means that you are actually spending much more money than advertised for each delivered text.

With cut-rate vendors, you get what you pay for. Texting is too important a channel to leave up to chance.




Price comparison of RumbleUp vs other platforms based on delivery






If you are texting with another platform, you are paying for undelivered texts and missing people. 

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