Frequently Asked Texting Questions

We have compiled frequently asked questions about texting, our platform,
and our features so you feel confident that texting
with us is the right choice.

General Texting Questions

What is peer-to-peer texting?

Peer-to-peer texting is a communication technique in which individual text messages are sent from one person to another rather than through an automated or mass texting service. These messages are sent manually to individual contacts, allowing personalized interactions and conversations.

How fast can texts be sent in a peer-to-peer texting project?
In a peer-to-peer texting campaign, thousands of text messages can be sent out very quickly, depending on the efficiency of individual senders, the number of senders, and the volume of replies they manage simultaneously.
Do you have to manually send each text in a peer-to-peer texting project?

Yes, in a peer-to-peer texting project, each message is sent manually. This ensures human interaction in each communication, allowing for real-time, personalized interactions.

Does peer-to-peer texting show my cell phone number?

No, each peer-to-peer texting campaign is assigned phone numbers with your chosen local area codes. You do not need to use your cell phone number.

What is MMS texting?

MMS, short for Multimedia Messaging Service, is different from SMS because it includes an additional attachment along with the text message. Whenever you send a text message with an attached file, like a picture, video, emoji, or website link, you're sending an MMS message instead of a plain SMS message.

Can you send a picture using peer-to-peer MMS Texting?

Yes, MMS, which supports multimedia attachments, is compatible with peer-to-peer texting. This allows the sender to include a picture, GIF, or video along with their message copy for added impact. 

What is the difference between A2P and P2P messaging?

Application-to-person (A2P) messaging occurs when a message is sent from an application in bulk to many users' devices. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) is a type of A2P messaging involving messages sent from one person to another, even if done through an application.

What are some use cases for P2P texting?

Anyone can use P2P texting for many scenarios, such as political campaigns, fundraising, events, polling/surveying, etc. It's a versatile communication tool that allows for real-time, personalized interactions.

Can P2P texting be used for data collection?

Yes, P2P texting can be a powerful tool for data collection. You can collect valuable zero-party and first-party data from the responses you receive from your texting projects, which can significantly improve your campaign or service. The data you receive is all yours—no purchasing is required.

What is 10DLC, and how does it affect P2P texting?

10DLC, or 10-Digit Long Code, is a new system rolled out by mobile carriers for delivering A2P messages to U.S. consumers via standard 10-digit phone numbers using a local area code. Senders must register an organization and describe their campaigns or use cases for sending messages. Registered organizations in good standing can send more messages using fewer numbers.

What is TCR Registration? How does it relate to 10DLC?

You will register for 10DLC with the Campaign Registry, known as TCR, from within your RumbleUp portal. The phone carriers recognize TCR as the hub that oversees the registration of 10DLC messaging campaigns. 

What are the engagement rates for P2P texting?

P2P texting can achieve open rates of over 95%+ in just three minutes, with higher response and click through rates than any other communication medium, such as email, direct mail, or cold phone-calling. This high engagement rate makes P2P texting a powerful tool for communication.

What is a Short Code SMS Texting Service?

Short codes—which are 5- or 6-digit phone numbers—are utilized for mass text messaging to simplify the opt-in process. Individuals interested in SMS marketing programs initiate their participation by texting a specific word or phrase, termed a "keyword," to the designated short code. These codes are intentionally shorter than standard phone numbers, aiming to streamline the opt-in experience. Our sister company, Switchboard, specializes in short code texting.


What is a toll-free SMS Texting Service?

Toll-free texting is the solution organizations opt for to enable 8XX numbers, granting access to text messaging across numbers like 800, 833, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844. Texting from an 800 number has numerous benefits, such as increasing credibility, streamlining marketing campaigns (since you can call and text from the same number), and saving money, as toll-free texting is more cost-effective than short code texting. Our sister company, Switchboard, specializes in toll-free texting.

Want to see if texting with RumbleUp is right for you?

Let’s work together to find the right texting solution for your needs tomorrow and for the years ahead.

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RumbleUp-Specific Questions

Can I test the RumbleUp platform?

Yes, we offer a 1-month free trial with 250 free texting segments. Please get in touch with our sales team at for your free trial superpower code.

Can I cancel/pause my RumbleUp account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel or pause your account by contacting our customer support team.

Do I ever lose my texting credits?
No, account balances roll over, so your funds are always available for your next project.
What kind of onboarding is offered?

Depending on your needs, our team can offer live demos, onboarding, and strategy sessions to help you get rolling.

Do I have to pay extra for email support?

Our team is highly responsive and available seven days a week to answer any questions for free.


How long can messages be in peer-to-peer texting with RumbleUp?

SMS messages sent with our platform can be up to 360 characters. For MMS and video messages, up to 2000 characters can be included.

Can I send peer-to-peer text messages from a phone or a computer?

Yes, you can send peer-to-peer text messages from a phone or computer using RumbleUp on your device's browser.

Can RumbleUp texting integrate with other software?

Yes, RumbleUp has many integrations with other software and services. Visit our features page or contact our team to learn more.

Does RumbleUp's P2P texting platform include compliance tools?

Yes, many P2P texting platforms include compliance tools and automations to help users stay within regulatory guidelines.

Can I start texting without any data?

No, data is essential to start texting! Please get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can assist with data acquisition.

How can I measure ROI on your platform?

Our transparent reporting allows you to access text message project performance on demand. With just the click of a button, you can see total project spend, delivery rates, response rates, opt-out rates, click-through rates, call tracking metrics, and more. 

Can I use P2P texting for political fundraising?

Yes! RumbleUp integrates with compliant political fundraising organizations like Anedot to help you easily promote and track your fundraising efforts. 

Can RumbleUp send my texts for me?

Yes, our U.S.-based team of professional texters is available for anyone to send texts for an additional service charge. 

Can RumbleUp create AND send my texts for me?

Yes, we offer full-service texting to anyone through our Full-Service Texting Partner Matching program. Please visit our Full Service Texting Partner Matching page or contact our team for more details and pricing information.

Can I use a short code with RumbleUp?

Our sister platform, Switchboard, supports short code texting and can integrate seamlessly with RumbleUp. If you want to launch a short code number through Switchboard, please submit your short code processing application request here.

Do I need to register for 10DLC?

Yes. We have simplified the application process, which can be done natively within the RumbleUp portal if you are a political campaign/committee, political action committee, 527, 501 c3/c4/c5/c6, a polling/survey company, an official U.S. House Office, or a Government Office/Agency. All other organization types get reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our TCR Experts to ensure a smooth registration process.

What is the timeline for 10DLC vetting & registration?

Vetting & registration will take 5 - 7 business days or several weeks, depending on how your entity gets vetted. Per 10DLC best practices, you cannot send registered messaging traffic for an additional 24 hours after successfully registering your 10DLC lines.

Feature-Specific Questions

I have never done P2P texting before or texted with another vendor. What resources are available to learn how to use RumbleUp?

We have a variety of resources available to get you from zero-to-texting-pro! Our Rapid Training Center shows you how to get a basic texting project out the door, and our comprehensive Help Center for any further explanation and answers to more technical questions. If you need personalized help, our Customer Success Teams are a support ticket away!

Can I enable different access levels to my account for my managers and volunteers with RumbleUp?

Yes, you can customize permissions between admin users versus volunteer texter profiles. A texter profile is for users who don’t need access to the dashboard, billing information, creating new projects, editing current projects, replying freely, etc. For example, unless an admin specifies beforehand, texters will only see incoming replies from contacts to whom they sent the initial text. You can choose if they need to use a tap-then-send reply or if they can respond freely. You may also customize which permissions each admin user has access to.

I want to organize my audience data within your platform instead of working with spreadsheets and constantly re-uploading contacts. Is this possible?

Yes, our advanced CRM capabilities allow you to add custom conditions to organize and segment your audiences directly from your account in our platform. You can also choose from one of our custom group templates for effortless contact organization.

Does RumbleUp offer white labeling?

Yes, we have white label platforms for all the major Republican national committees. If you are interested in enterprise-level white label services, please contact our team. 

Why can't I text before 8am or after 10pm?

We enforce do-not-disturb (DND) hours to ensure that your traffic has the best chance of being appreciated by your audience. We have found that most people respond poorly to receiving text messages outside of these hours.

What systems do you have in place to ensure my texts have the best chance of being delivered after they have been sent?

If a texting project gets caught in a carrier spam filter early in the send, all your remaining messages will fail to deliver. We have built a spam monitoring system into our software that automatically stops projects when this occurs. This allows our support team to provide guidance so you can get projects back up and running and, more importantly, reach your end users.

What makes Enhanced Video Texting better than other video messaging services?

Our 12-time industry award-winning Enhanced Video Texting is best-in-class for a reason. With our quick and automated compression turnaround time, no need to segment lists for different carrier requirements for video, to our automated optional custom captions and preview thumbnails, we can help you easily send any video.

Can I send texts in languages other than English with RumbleUp?

Yes, our award-winning Multilingual Texting is possible from our platform's support for Unicode Characters, which encompass characters in all non-Latin languages, such as Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and more! This includes emojis, bold letters, italics, and special characters like *-_<~>, etc.

Will I be charged full price for texting landline numbers?

No, our Landline list cleaning tool automatically scrubs your contact lists during upload, removing landline numbers from your texting queue, all at no cost to you. 

Can I keep track of phone call metrics if I direct my audience to call a specific number?

Yes, our Call Tracking tool will help you acquire a voice-enabled phone number for use in patch-through calling campaigns, which allows us to provide you custom analytics at a glance on its performance that can be downloaded and shared. Data includes the contact names and numbers of those who called the patch-through number and their call durations. 

What is RumbleUp's AI Assist?

AI Assist is a revolutionary writing tool developed by RumbleUp. It helps our clients overcome writer's block when creating text messages, making producing engaging and exciting content easier. AI Assist is complimentary for all RumbleUp clients. It generates different writing tones and considers unique use cases based on individual needs to develop the perfect message.

How does RumbleUp's AI Assist work?

AI Assist generates multiple scripts based on the prompts you provide. You can give it a website link, a short message, or a general topic to write about, and it will provide you with AI-engineered scripts. You can then select your favorite message and edit it as desired.

Does RumbleUp have an integration that updates AB/EV data?

Yes, with our L2 DataMapping voter database integration, you can remove contacts who have already voted early and voted by mail with just a few clicks, saving time and money! Gone are the days of importing fresh lists daily, relying on external CRMs, or missing out on ballot return information altogether.

Can I request a feature to be added to the platform?
Yes, we love to hear platform feedback and are always open to building what adds value! 

Curious about how the performance of your current peer to peer texting provider is really going? 

Our free Texting Audit will analyze your current provider’s pricing, delivery rates, response rates, ROI, available technical & strategic resources and more to see how they compare with RumbleUp’s industry-leading offering. 

If you decide to switch to RumbleUp after seeing the better value we can deliver, you can earn up to 100,000 free registered SMS texting segments depending on your sending volumes.


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