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Real Political Text Message Examples

Chances are you already utilize traditional channels such as email or social media to reach voters. 

Texting allows you to easily take the content you created for emails or social media and send it directly to each person in your target audience as a personalized text message.


Text Out the Vote (GOTV) Text Message Examples

Click here to see more examples of great GOTV texting, or here to read an in-depth case study on how our Unicode Character Functionality helped this client GOTV in different languages.

Fundraising Text Message Examples

Click here to see more examples of great Fundraising texts, or here to read an in-depth case study on how our client Joe Collins used our exclusive features to achieve amazing results.

Enhanced Video Texting Message Example

A shortened GIF of a full 30 second, made for TV video compressed with our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting Technology. Click here to see more examples.

Real Clients. Real Results.

More than 3,000+ organizations have used RumbleUp for sales, advocacy, conversational marketing, increasing event attendance, member/volunteer recruitment, GOTV, fundraising, customer engagement, polling, education, grassroots organizing, patch-through-calls, first responder communication, and so much more.

Our clients include every type of campaign and political organization, PACs, IEs, state parties and caucuses, advocacy groups, non-profits, ballot initiatives, call centers, polling and survey firms, membership organizations, and official government offices and agencies.

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"We've used it to win votes, elections, and influence people personally by texting them! Open rate is so much higher than email, and it's been an incredible experience so far."

Jake T. - Director of Business Development

"Cheaper, more reliable, know the people (specifically our rep) personally."

Lauren R. - Director of Business Development

"It was fantastic. Great team that was quick to respond and extremely helpful. Walked us through everything with ease and clarity. Great platform overall."

Scott W. - Account Manager

"Even an amateur can use it."

Matthew H. - Investor

"I was looking for an easy, cost effective way to get people to a fundraising event and to donate to a candidate. The product met all those objectives."

Jacob R. - Investor

"I knew about the power of engaging with texting vs. email, I just didn´t know how easy it could be. I got up and going within an hour. The results were great, and the process was actually pretty fun. My specific project was a political fundraiser, and the results were great."

Kelly W. - Director of Communication

"Fantastic and affordable experience."

Joshua G. - Business Owner

"RumbleUp is fantastic to work with! We´ve used RumbleUp for a number of clients and have always been incredibly pleased with their services and customer service."

Bereket K. - Director of Research

Experts in Everything 10DLC & the Texting Ecosystem

10DLC Resources in the Portal-1


We worked closely with the major phone carriers during the inception of 10DLC to finalize the political use case for vendors of our size and industry reputation.

We remain deeply involved in the registration ecosystem and up to date on any changes that may be made to the process.

Want to know more about the registration process through the Campaign Registry (TCR)? Download our "Top 3 Tips for Registering for 10DLC/TCR" guide for a sneak peak ⏩



Metrics Built for Success


Increase in Voter Turnout 4%-10%+


Raised Per Fundraising Text Sent


4X-6X ROI over other P2P Vendors


Positive ID Rate on Voters

Key Political Text Messaging Features

Our political texting tools are perfectly designed for texting for political campaigns, advocacy groups, nonprofits, and more.


In-Portal Video Compression

Upload your video for production anytime, anywhere. Review, edit, & approve EVT subtitles after compression, then you are ready to send your video!


Built-In Link

Condense long links and track click-throughs with our built-in link tracking tool. Choose from our wide range of popular domains and download reports of who clicked on links you include in text messages.​​



Create your own tags and apply them to conversations for advanced data collection and re-targeting.


List Segmentation Tools

Our Smart CRM makes it simple to create segments within your contact book based on a range of customizable conditions.


Built-In Fundraising Tools

Raising money has never been easier with our fundraising integrations and reply-to-donate functionality.​


Click-Through Tracking

Know exactly how many people clicked on the link you texted them with our built-in link tracking feature.​

The Best in P2P Texting Since 2018 with 26 Industry Awards

2019 Best Use of a New Technology
2019 Best Use of  P2P Texting
2019 Peoples Choice Award for the Best Use of Phones
2021 Best Ad Technology Innovation
2021 Best Use of  P2P Texting
2021 Innovation in Texting
2021 Innovation in Digital Campaigning
2022 Best Use of Mobile Technology
2022 Best Use of Phones_Text - Small Budget Campaign
2022 Best Ad Technology Innovation
2022 Best Use of  P2P Texting
2022 Best Phone Campaign Overall
2022 Silver Best Use of Mobile Technology
2022 Most Innovative Product of the Year
2022 Reed Best Use of Mobile Technology
2023 Best Use of SMS
2023 Best Innovation for Voter Targeting
2023 Best Phone Campaign - Republican
2023 Best Use of Mobile Technology
2023 Best Use of P2P Texting
2023 Best Use of Mobile Technology - Republican
2023 Innovation in Texting
2023 Product or Service of the Year
2024 Best Use of Mobile Technology
2024 Best Use of Technology for GOTV - Republican
2024 GOTV - Local

Political Campaign Text Messages Work

Whether it’s persuasion, get out the vote, voter engagement, advocacy, or fundraising; RumbleUp offers the most advanced campaign texting tools for your political text messaging programs.

The top political campaigns, committees and political texting consultants choose RumbleUp as their go to text message service because they know we have the experience to ensure results other P2P texting platforms simply can’t provide. 

There’s a reason we have won top industry awards for P2P texting, MMS texting and Enhanced Video Texting. Our features and platform are second-to-none, boasting the best political texting software in the industry. 


Still Not Sure About P2P Texting?

P2P Texting You Can Trust With RumbleUp

P2P Texting You Can Trust

To effectively utilize SMS, MMS and Enhanced Video Texting for political campaigns, adhering to best practices and legal standards is essential for boosting engagement and maintaining compliance.
With a focus on user experience and data security, RumbleUp ensures that P2P texting is effective while respecting voter privacy and complying with regulations, like the TCPA and 10DLC, to prevent difficulties. 
Along with our system safeguards, we always encourage our clients to follow the best practices to get the most effective results:
1️⃣Text to build relationships
2️⃣Personalize your messages
3️⃣Include clear calls to action
4️⃣A/B testing
5️⃣Honor opt-out requests to maintain trust 
RumbleUp Texting Solution

Bottom Line: Texting is Essential in 2024

In 2024, political P2P texting has emerged as a critical tool for campaigns and political organizations, and RumbleUp is at the forefront of this revolution. SMS, MMS, and Enhanced Video Texting are proven to engage voters directly and personally, cutting through the digital noise to deliver important messages straight to mobile devices.
The personalized nature of P2P texting fosters a deeper connection with voters, making them feel personally involved and engaged with campaigns who text. This level of engagement is crucial for building and maintaining support, particularly in a fast-paced and competitive political landscape. The interactive nature of P2P texting allows for immediate feedback and dialogue, enabling campaigns to adjust their strategies in real time based on voter responses.
At RumbleUp, we have the experience to ensure your success with political P2P texting, even if you have never done it before or have had a poor experience with a previous vendor. 

If you have any questions, simply contact us, and one of our texting experts will help you easily get your texting program off the ground and running.



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*By texting 833-530-4400, you consent to receive texts only from RumbleUp to this number. We may use an automatic telephone dialing system to send texts. Message/data rates may apply. Message frequency may vary. Text STOP to opt-out. Text HELP for assistance.