Peer to Peer Text Messaging 101

What Is Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Texting?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting is exactly what it sounds like: one person sending a text message to another, just as if you were sending a message to a family member or friend. However, RumbleUp person-to-person texting can be done at scale, where one person can personally send text messages to thousands of people per hour. 

RumbleUp can send standard text-only SMS messages, MMS messages containing multimedia attachments such as pictures or GIFs, and even made-for-TV quality videos with our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting technology embedded directly in texts.




Average Response Time


10-20% Average Response Rate


Engagement Over Email

Ways To Use P2P Texting:

Get Out The Vote
Political Engagement
Surveys & Polling
Event Attendance
Appointment Reminders
Patch-Through Calls
Volunteer Recruitment
Customer Updates
Customer Support
Text Marketing
First Responders
Member Retention
Public Safety Communication

How P2P Texting With RumbleUp Works

Our platform is known for speed and ease of use, and we made our onboarding process reflect that. Intuitive, turnkey signup means that you can create an account, load audience/volunteer data, and start texting quickly!

After account creation, you can access the Rapid Training Center. This resource is designed for teams to quickly learn how to send your first text, add new contacts, invite texters, outsource your sending, and more.


After your account is ready to go, you can draft and send your text messages in three easy steps:


1. Create Message Template

Write a personalized text message using our drag and drop template maker complete with dynamic fields and MMS functionality.


2. Send Your Texts

Messages are sent individually and every person texting can send thousands of outgoing texts an hour using our click-to-text desktop sending.


3. View and Manage Replies

Tag and respond to people quickly using pre-written responses or simply type responses and have real back and forth conversations.

Why Does Peer to Peer Texting Outperform Mass Blast Texting?

Peer-to-peer texting platforms like ours were created after seeing both the potential and flaws of traditional mass texting services. P2P texting makes it easy for you to reach large audiences with a personalized message on the channel they prefer most. 

The visibility and response rate of P2P texting is unrivaled, with over 90% of texts read within the first 3 minutes and an average person taking only 90 seconds to respond.
Simply put, P2P texting is the best method for sending messages people want to open and RumbleUp is the best P2P texting platform to send those messages.

Enhance your outreach through the power of human-driven texting