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How to Send Compelling Direct-to-Camera Videos with Powerful EVT Technology 

How to Send Compelling Direct-to-Camera Videos with Powerful EVT Technology 

Want to send video content to voters, but don’t know where to start? Try sending simple, direct-to-camera videos using RumbleUp’s award-winning Enhanced Video Texting (EVT) technology.

High quality campaign videos and ads are no longer only available to large campaigns with equally large budgets. Filming simple, direct-to-camera videos from candidates is easy and effective - all you need is a cell phone! 

There are many options for distributing your video content, but no option is as reliable or as  powerful as our Enhanced Video Texting (EVT) technology. 

If you are not familiar with EVT, here are the basics you need to know:

  1. Our award winning EVT allows you to send clear 30+ second videos to all phone types and phone carriers.
  2. Videos are embedded directly in the text message, not linked.
  3. Custom Captions are an optional addition to make videos accessible to phones in silent mode.
  4. Sending videos directly to audiences you own ensures that your content will get in front of the right people, unlike live TV or unreliable digital platforms that block political content. 

Interested in making direct-to-camera campaign videos optimized for EVT? We have compiled a simple list of guidelines for making great quality videos, along with analysis from real videos sent from our clients, to inspire you. 

Guidelines for Great Texting Optimized Direct-to-Camera Videos

  1. Choose a quiet space with ample lighting (try to avoid backlighting).
  2. Avoid movement/scene changes. For example, sitting at the table in front of your phone is better than recording yourself walking through your neighborhood.
  3. Do a test run. This allows you to practice what you're going to say and ensure there are no unanticipated background noises.
  4. Videos recorded in a square or horizontal aspect ratio are better than those recorded vertically.

Now, let's check out some great examples of direct-to-camera videos sent by real clients.

Example 1) Nick Clemente for VA Delegate 

WRS, an award-winning, full-service creative strategy and voter engagement firm, coordinated the texting for the Nick Clemente for Delegate campaign. They sent three amazing direct-to-camera EVT videos featuring Clemente about his commitment to standing with victims of sexual assault to each county in his district and one direct-to-camera EVT Monday before Election Day in 2021 shown above.

These videos were sent to over 15,000 voters with a 95% delivery rate on average across the four projects.   

Example 2) Gary Rabine for IL Governor 

Gary Rabine is running for Governor of Illinois and started out his texting outreach with a bang. He sent the longest EVT on record with his 97 second direct-to-camera video. The video served as a great introduction for Rabine, explained his stance against Biden’s vaccine mandate, and allowed for voters to respond back with what they want to see from Rabine in office.

This video was sent to over 35,000 voters, receiving 3,233 replies. 

Example 3) Mike Testa for NJ State Senate

Our resident texting superstar Mike Testa sent this compelling direct-to-camera EVT explaining his stance against vaccine passports as a violation to the constitution and medical privacy. Testa also attached a fundraising CTA to his message, allowing voters to take action if they agreed with him to help him continue spreading the word. 

This video was sent to over 4,000 voters with a 99% delivery rate and received 116 replies. 

Bottom Line

No matter the size of your campaign, it is important to connect with voters in ways that truly resonate with them. While it is important for voters to have multiple touchpoints in various formats with your campaign, video content is the most effective in accurately conveying your message and drawing a genuine emotional connection.

If you are ready to start using peer-to-peer texting to send your video content directly to your audience, take the first step today and sign up with RumbleUp at rumbleup.com. Have more questions about RumbleUp or EVT? Contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or sales@rumbleup.com to discuss how texting can best work for you.

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