Introducing the Launch of RumbleUp Pro

Welcome to the human texting revolution. 🤟

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. We are proud to announce the official release of our fully re-designed RumbleUp platform.

Our team has dedicated almost a year to this redesign, going back to the drawing board to build a smarter, better, faster version of the RumbleUp you know and love — while better serving the growing audience of non-political clients who are discovering the power of human-driven texting.

Not only have we completely overhauled the look and feel, we are also thrilled to announce that the sending speed and capacity has significantly increased.

You and your agents will be able to send text messages at a rate of 10,000+ per hour per agent!

Faster sending means fewer texters needed and valuable time saved so your team can focus on replies and engagement.

Let’s dive into what you can now access at


When you log into the portal, what is the first thing you look for? Stats on how your campaigns are performing? One-click buttons to create a new message or invite new texters? A quick tip of the day to help optimize your sends? The interactive dashboard now has all of this, and much more.

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The dashboard offers quick navigation buttons for streamlined workflow and customizable graphs to visualize metrics. You can also filter by tags and timeframe, flip through a running timeline of recent replies and activity on your account, and have instant access to tips and best practices to help you take full advantage of all the platform’s capabilities.

Contact Manager

One of the biggest advantages of RumbleUp 2.0 is our new CRM system where all of your contacts live in one universe. You can still create separate segments for targeting (like in MailChimp or similar email marketing services) but you no longer will have multiple entries for the same contact like you did in RumbleUp v1. You will also be able to see the entire chat history with a single contact across campaigns under this unified contact approach.

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Desktop Sending

Did you or your volunteers ever have trouble logging into a campaign on the app in order to send messages? We are excited to now offer one of the most requested features; desktop sending. Now you and your team can send and respond to text messages right from a computer browser or tablet. This way your texters do not need to download an app in order to send messages. Not only does this make texting simpler, we’ve also seen sending speeds increase by 4X’s with RumbleUp Pro compared to the app!

We will announce the launch of the RumbleUp Pro app soon. In the meantime, if you would like to keep using the app to send messages, you will need to continue using the current RumbleUp portal.

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Project Manager

When you are managing dozens of programs across multiple channels, you need the tools you’re using to be simple and easy to use. That’s why we’ve made the project (message) manager screen much simpler.

Now you will able to manage all of your projects in one place, and quickly see the stats you’re looking for at a glance. Not only that, but the new portal features a useful on/off switch so that you can easily set what messages are live with one click.

We also streamlined the message editor to be more flexible and intuitive than ever. This sleek look and feel is paired with added functionality including the ability to automatically apply tags to people depending on the pre-scripted response chosen. This will make your audience segmentation more targeted and reduce the amount of work texters need to do when replying.

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Seamless Onboarding

Everything is all setup and you’re ready to send, all that’s left to do is invite your team and start texting. At this point, you’re ready to rock and roll. We’ve simplified onboarding so it’s as easy as flipping a switch (literally) to get started. Just type in the people you want to send out messages, and send them an invite to join. They will then be able to immediately log in on their desktop or smartphone and begin sending the texts you’ve assigned them.

We also added an advanced role feature that allows you to grant people different permissions depending on what you want them to see and do. This gives you ultimate control over who can see what and the types of things they are able to do.

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This is the launching point of a whole heap of other features to come, such as:

– Zapier Integration

– Nationbuilder Integration

– Automatic Data Transfers

– Personal Messaging Platform for Individuals

– Unmatched deliverability/transparency (as always)

In addition to all of these improvements, we are also thrilled to now offer turnkey account creation and setup.

This means that all you need to do to experience the power of P2P with RumbleUp is visit our website, choose your plan, and start texting right away.

Visit to sign up and start texting now.

Welcome to the next evolution of peer-to-peer texting. 🚀

Learn more about RumbleUp: Advanced P2P Texting at our website.

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