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Why RumbleUp Won Product/Service of the Year in the 2023 CampaignTech Awards

Why RumbleUp Won Product/Service of the Year and Innovation in Texting in the 2023 CampaignTech Awards
Why RumbleUp Won Product/Service of the Year in the 2023 CampaignTech Awards


We are honored that our story and continued excellence in texting captured the attention of leading political-tech experts to win two CampaignTech Awards.

Last week, Campaigns & Elections announced that we won two 2023 CampaignTech Awards!

Our now 13X award-winning Enhanced Video Texting technology took home its second CampaignTech award, “Innovation in Texting,” for a total of four industry awards in 2023 alone, making it the most-awarded video technology in the texting marketplace.

To add to this exciting achievement, we are honored to have won the auspicious recognition of “Product or Service of the Year” alongside our friends at Speak4. 

We are delighted to share why our story and our continued excellence in the peer to peer (P2P) texting industry captured the attention of leading experts in the political-tech industry.

The Story Behind Our Success in Peer to Peer Texting

Our small team set out five years ago with ambitious but retrospectively modest goals: provide a way for campaigns to harness the power of personalized text messaging to win their elections. We achieved our initial goals quickly, launching our peer-to-peer texting platform less than two months after its conception. However, it quickly became apparent that texting at scale was extremely complex, unfriendly, and confusing.

We have expanded our mission to not only give people a platform to text voters easily, but to completely disrupt the text messaging industry by tackling two critical problems: first, we needed to improve the campaigns’ experience to show them the value that only texting can offer; and second, we needed to enhance the experience of the people receiving the messages.

Before our solution and dedication to user experience, many campaigns and organizations encountered poor deliverability, a lack of reporting transparency with texting, and limited features that left them frustrated and hopeless about using text at all. 

These are disappointments we made sure campaigns never need to deal with. 

After signing up, clients will find a helpful knowledge base and robust dashboard with detailed information about their messaging progress and topline stats for all their texting projects. In addition, we have ensured that registering with The Campaign Registry through our portal is as simple and painless as possible. Our streamlined TCR Registration Dashboard gives detailed instructions for registration based on your use case, and insight into the status of your vetting and campaign registration.


TCR Dashboard

Moreover, campaigns that text with us enjoy top delivery rates for their texting projects, where there’s always a contact to respond to and a positive conversation to drive real connection.

Continued Excellence and Innovation in Peer to Peer Texting

Seeing how texting is now considered an integral part of the modern-day political playbook, we have definitely succeeded in contributing to showing the value of texting to the industry. But that’s not all - with an unmatched suite of cutting-edge features, we continue redefining the standard for effective P2P texting. For example:

  1. Our latest innovation, DataMapping voter enrichment powered by L2, saves time and money by sending targeted texts based on voter ballot return information.
  2. Our new AI Assist text message writing tool transforms even novice communicators into persuasive wordsmiths.
  3. Our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting breathes life into messages, captivating recipients with dynamic content.
  4. Our platform’s multilingual texting capabilities break down language barriers, reaching audiences in the language they know best.
  5. Our tap-to-call patch through calling feature turns text conversations into meaningful dialogues.

Cutting-Edge, Client Influenced Features


Giving campaigns the right tools to connect with their voters easily and building automated safeguards directly in our platform, such as texting cut-off times, drastically improves the end-user experience. 

In addition, we have worked closely with campaigns to identify a myriad of problems that plague campaign texting, and we took this information to phone carriers and the Campaign Registry during the inception of 10DLC to advocate for and finalize the political use case for vendors of our size and industry reputation. The result is better quality texting traffic.

RumbleUp Peer to Peer Texting Today

Today, RumbleUp is an award-winning political P2P texting platform used by all the major GOP national committees along with 3,000+ campaigns and organizations nationwide to quickly engage any size audience via SMS, MMS and Enhanced Video Text. 


RumbleUp by the Numbers Founded 2018 (1)

Our unrivaled feature set, platform, and dedicated client success teams provide personalized solutions for every use case. We have served clients from multiple industry niches, including every type of campaign and political organization, PACs, IEs, state parties and caucuses, advocacy groups, non-profits, ballot initiatives, call centers, polling and survey firms, membership organizations, and official government offices and agencies.

Bottom Line:

The results of our hard work and dedication to quality texting speak for themselves - we have served thousands of happy clients, helped power thousands of winning campaigns, and continue to lead innovation in effective communication. We go more than texting platform. We are the next evolution in personal communication at scale.

Interested in partnering with us to revolutionize your outreach? Still have some questions? Feel free to text or call our expert team at (833) 530-4400 or sales@rumbleup.com to learn how texting can work best for you.

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