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RumbleUp P2P Texting Helps Deliver Razor-Thin Victory in Utah Governor Primary

RumbleUp P2P Texting Helps Deliver Razor-Thin Victory in Utah Governor Primary


Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox officially won the Republican nomination for governor on Monday, July 6th. He scored an impressive victory over Jon Huntsman: a former U.S. Ambassador to China and former Utah state governor. Cox was able to overcome the challenge of running in a challenger position, battling Jon Huntsman’s name recognition and working through COVID disruptions by implementing a well-executed peer-to-peer (P2P) texting campaign with RumbleUp.

In the end, Cox’s campaign sent out 300,000 text messages to voters and won by just 9,134 votes!


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Source: Keith Kramer, FOX 13 News

Cox’s expert campaign strategy helped him win a surprise victory over Jon Huntsman: a former U.S. Ambassador to China, former state governor of Utah, and son of a billionaire philanthropist who has many namesake buildings in Utah.

Battling this name recognition was no easy feat despite Cox holding the title of Utah Lieutenant Governor since 2012.

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By using RumbleUp, Cox’s campaign sent personalized messages to voters, facilitating more genuine interactions which helped enhance his name recognition.

Cox’s campaign recognized that traditional GOTV tactics like door-to-door knocking, fundraisers, and meet-the-candidate events couldn’t be done safely due to COVID concerns threatening the safety of volunteers and constituents. COVID has disrupted in-person voting across the country, causing many states to push for voters to send in absentee ballots instead.Image for post Real conversation with a voter

There are a vast number of voters who will likely be voting by mail for the first time this year. Helping voters navigate the processes and deadlines for applying, qualifying, and casting their ballot by mail is a top priority, one which can be tackled with RumbleUp’s easy to use personalized two-way texting tool, dynamic tagging system, and segmentation features.

P2P texting allows you to text more people because each message is being sent one at a time by a real person. This opens up the opportunity to reach an entirely new audience of people that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to if you use traditional mass-texting or blast-testing platforms.

Cox’s campaign used P2P texting to reach liberal-leaning and independent voters who crossed party lines to vote in the primary this year. This is something his campaign would not have been able to achieve if they had relied solely on their opt-in list from previous elections.

Due to their well thought-out campaign and their effective use of P2P texting, Cox came out victorious. RumbleUp is proud to have helped his team overcome the odds and we look forward to helping him win again in November and in elections to follow.

Questions about P2P texting? Ready to start P2P texting today? Visit us at www.rumbleup.com and get ready to RumbleUp!

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