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RumbleUp Launches Free P2P Texting Services to Help Defeat Coronavirus

RumbleUp Launches Free P2P Texting Services to Help Defeat Coronavirus

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is an unprecedented threat to our nation. Our leaders are all calling for extreme social distancing measures to help #FlattenTheCurve, which means tens of millions of people will soon be facing isolation at home. Those who continue to work outside the home will need new ways to communicate.

But even though people are physically isolated and their routines are upset, they can still be effectively engaged via texting, because 90% of texts are opened and read within 5 minutes of being delivered. From our clients’ experience (see below), people in isolation and experiencing tough conditions want to hear from a person who is equipped to help or guide them.

At RumbleUp, we believe the best way we can help defeat Coronavirus is to safely connect people by utilizing their preferred channel — texting:

Imagine if you could text any group of people in America that you needed to reach and personally engage each of them in a live, one-to-one conversation, and then imagine if every person on your team could each communicate with anywhere between 500–5,000 people per hour, with every interaction building rich data, in a secure environment your team 100% controls?

That’s RumbleUp.

And we’re ready to help.

We are offering free use of RumbleUp (up to 2,500 SMS messages) and 33% off our prices after that, along with waived setup and monthly fees to qualified entities whose use case is primarily Coronavirus-related through April 30, 2020 (when we will most probably continue the offer).

Submit your application for same-day review here.

*This offer does not apply to partisan entities and causes like campaigns or PACs, etc. It exclusively applies to non-partisan, Coronavirus use cases.*

RumbleUp is already helping elected officials, both at the federal and state level, communicate with constituents about Coronavirus. We are helping campaigns and causes replace in-person rallies, events and door knocking with peer-to-peer texting conversations, links to information, livestreams, etc.

RumbleUp can also instantly help:

  • Organizations that need a reserved 10-digit phone number for people to text-in their questions and have 2-way text conversations at scale
  • Health care organizations and individuals of any type that need a rapid way to communicate with one another and/or their patients
  • Governments and official agencies of any size that need to text critical information to citizens and manage 2-way text conversations at scale
  • Schools and other child and service-focused entities (including home healthcare and senior living centers) that need to rapidly update the people they serve and their families and answer their questions via text
  • Groups that know what audience they need to reach but need assistance acquiring high-quality cell phone #’s, and/or need to hire a trained workforce to conduct these 2-way text conversations at scale
  • Employers that need to keep in touch via text with their workforce for rescheduling shifts, requesting sick leave, enacting new protocols, etc.

RumbleUp is available as a website and iOS/Android app and fully supports both SMS (plain) texts and MMS texts that include pictures, infographics, video and audio clips. Plus our unrivaled deliverability means you can rest safely knowing your texts are being delivered and seen — our SaaS dashboard includes transparent, live deliverability statistics:

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The Dashboard puts you in control of every aspect of your peer-to-peer texting programs

Why Trust Us?

RumbleUp has helped over 500 organizations in the past two years engage tens of millions of citizens in 2-way text conversations, including outreach to victims of Hurricane Michael in 2018 which won numerous industry awards(see an example screenshot below).

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A real text thread from one client’s Hurricane Michael outreach

We have a perfect uptime track record, we offer YouTube training guides, an extensive Knowledge Base, and RumbleUp provides a full suite of advanced features. Moreover, our support team is on-hand to help you with your particular use case and provide best practices.

Whether you need to text with a few hundred people at a time or millions of people, RumbleUp can show you the way.

With RumbleUp, you and your team can be up-and-texting in fifteen minutes.

Because every minute and every text counts.

How To Get Started

Please sign up via the form on this page to get set up on the platform. Once you have completed the form, we will be in touch with steps to get started.

RumbleUp uses standard text messaging which is not encrypted, so do not share personal health (PHI) or other sensitive information. All accounts must follow our Terms of Service and applicable regulations and laws.

If you have any questions, email sales@rumbleup.com and put “Coronavirus” in the subject line, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Together, we will defeat Coronavirus by safely connecting people one-by-one.

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