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Introducing AI Assist: Your Personal Text Message Writing Assistant

Say goodbye to writing stress and hello to scripting success with RumbleUp’s AI Assist!

AI Assist is a writing tool that uses AI to generate copy that you can use as a starting point in drafting your text messages.

Good writing can make or break a text messaging for your political campaign or organization. However, writing new and inspiring copy optimized for political texting can be challenging, and the writer's block that ensues can be tough to overcome. 

It can be daunting if it is your first time texting, or a deadline to get a snappy fundaising text out the door is looming. 

That is where AI Assist comes in!

AI Assist is a new writing tool that helps overcome writer's block to create exciting and engaging political text messages. Never worry about coming up with new ideas or getting stuck in the middle of a project again. 

AI Assist is complimentary for all clients, just like our other industry-leading tools and features, and generates different writing tones and use case directions based on a campaign's or organization's individual needs.


AI Assist Features
Using both our AI Assist and Smart Compose technologies together will ensure that message outputs suggested align with peer to peer texting best practices.

Use AI Wisely!

This tool is designed to assist, not replace, human writers. 

Campaigns and organizations using AI for GOTV outreach or persuasion must diligently review messages for accuracy and make sure that they are not illegally using a chatbot to encourage people to vote a certain way. This is what makes the human intervention of all AI message suggestions essential.

We have developed many resources to inspire clients of all texting skill levels to write and send messages that voters like to receive, including our Texting to Win Playbooks and live trainings with our Client Experience team. AI Assist is a way to expand on these resources so clients can take excellent P2P texting practices and personalize them for their use case!


How to Get Started With AI Assist

To get started, create a message project to activate AI Assist.


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Click on AI Assist and give it a few prompts. Then, provide a website link, a short message, or a general topic for it to write about, and it will give you AI-engineered scripts. You can select your favorite message and edit it as desired!

AI Assist is now out of beta and active on all accounts! We will still be continuously improving the feature based on client testing and feedback.

AI Assist In Action


Bottom Line

The AI revolution is here, and our team is excited to provide the opportunity to try out this groundbreaking technology on the leading political text messaging service in the RumbleUp portal! 

If you have any questions about our AI Assist technology and how it can best work for you, please get in touch with our client support team or sales team at (833) 530-4400 or sales@rumbleup.com.

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