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How to Master Rapid Response Campaign Text Messages with RumbleUp

How to Master Rapid Response Campaign Text Messages with RumbleUp
How to Master Rapid Response Campaign Text Messages with RumbleUp


When debates, ads, breaking news, and other events immediately shift the election landscape, rapidly direct the narrative by reaching voters with your campaign’s text messages.

The world of politics is like a fast-moving arena; often, a campaign is neither a marathon nor a single sprint. Instead, candidates compete in an obstacle course due to constant fluctuations in public opinion, with each hurdle an opportunity to take the lead, fall behind, or lose footing. Identifying and capitalizing on these hurdles, the moments of potential shift in opinion, is where a campaign gains ground on their opponent rather than simply maintaining, or worse, losing momentum. 


Rapid Response Campaign Text Messages - Obstacle Course

While a candidate might lead in polls one day and fall another, the ultimate priority is ensuring you receive the most votes when the ballots are counted. This is why it is so critical to employ an effective rapid response strategy, so when the polls close, you know that you’ve taken advantage of every obstacle you encountered. 


The Challenge of Starting a Rapid Response Campaign

Too often, campaigns’ messaging is no longer relevant or effective by the time it is prepared, approved, and reaches their audience. At a time when everyone is fighting for the fleeting attention of voters, if you are not first, you risk being overlooked entirely. 

It is becoming increasingly more challenging to cut through the noise and capitalize on the top-of-mind issues voters care about when facing tough competition. Additionally, there are few outreach mediums that can be designed and deployed immediately and without elaborate preparation. Even fewer offer a direct line to the voters that you need to hear your message. 

This is where peer-to-peer (P2P) texting shines.


Rapid Response Campaign Text Messages - The Challenge of Starting a Rapid Response Campaign

Why Political Texting Works

Unlike direct mail and TV which require extensive planning, or social media that is difficult to target precisely, you can develop, build, and deploy a text directly to your target audience in minutes on RumbleUp.

With over 90% of messages read within the first 3 minutes, P2P texting offers a convenient, affordable, and fast method for reaching voters. As a two-way channel, texting enables instant feedback and an opportunity to engage voters in a uniquely personal manner, making your rapid response strategy even more effective. 

Whether you need to respond to an unexpected event or want to prepare for possible scenarios to send later on the fly, P2P texting is the perfect solution to the challenges of rapid response.


When to Use RumbleUp for Rapid Response

A winning texting program incorporates a cycle-long strategy, from persuasion to GOTV and beyond, and rapid response is a critical component of this. RumbleUp is here to prepare you for every stage of the election with resources like our Texting to Win Playbook and Fundraising Guide, but you may miss out on crucial texting moments if you aren’t watching for them.


Rapid Response Campaign Text Messages - When to Use RumbleUp for Rapid Response


Keep an eye out for these opportunities to use RumbleUp for rapid response:

1) Live Debates

Whether your candidate is in the hot seat or not, live debates are a prime time to engage with voters on the issuesat the forefront of their minds. Use P2P texting to provide real-time fact-checking, share highlights, and counter opponents’ points immediately. This keeps your supporters informed and can sway undecided voters by addressing concerns as they arise.

If you
prepare for these debates effectively (as you should be for the first 2024 presidential debate between Trump and Biden on Thursday June 27th!), texting during the event can be a convenient way to spark a relevant connection with voters that sustain through election day. 


2) Breaking News

Speed is essential during major political events or crises when public opinion is still forming. Being the first to comment on breaking news can position your campaign as the definitive source of information and help your message capture your audience’s attention. Capitalize on breaking news to shape the narrative and provide your candidate's perspective by using P2P texting to be the first to comment.


3) Attacks & Opposition 

Opposition is an inherent element of running for office; however, you can defend against attacks and misinformation by addressing them immediately before your opponent’s message can stick. 

Because many of these attacks can be anticipated, you can preemptively draft a project in your RumbleUp portal, then make tweaks and deploy quickly if the opportunity arises. You might also use this tactic in offense by preparing a message discrediting your opponent on a stance you expect them to take and hitting send the moment they share this position. 

4) Election Updates

Ultimately, the most essential part of any campaign is ensuring your supporters cast their ballot. Election cycles are filled with critical dates – registration deadlines, early voting periods, and election day itself – and voters are still prone to forget despite repeated outreach. Send your supporters a message shortly before they need to take action (in addition to your reminders), and keep an eye out for questions in the replies to respond with an answer quickly!

Additionally, there may be sudden changes to how the election will be conducted. In 2020, several states sent every voter a ballot by mail for the first time and changed locations, dates, and times for in-person voting. Disruptions to the norm like these can be confusing, and you must promptly share these updates with your supporters so they can adjust their voting plans. 


The Bottom Line

Rapid response texting allows your campaign to navigate the political obstacle course like a pro, maintaining relevance and engagement to meet the fast-paced demands of any election cycle. Prepare for the unexpected by signing up for RumbleUp today and be ready to respond when critical opportunities arise. 

Not sure if RumbleUp is right for you? Feel free to text or call our expert team at (833) 530-4400 or email to learn how we can help you master rapid response. 

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