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Why You Should Text Live During the Republican Primary Debate

Why You Should Text Live During the Republican Primary Debate
Why You Should Text Live During the Republican Primary Debate


P2P texting with RumbleUp makes it easy to engage with voters during live political debates. Are you ready to capitalize on debate night? 

Political debates are an exciting part of election season, allowing candidates to set themselves apart from their competitors and speak directly to voters watching at home. But what about those not on stage? 

Candidates for other races, advocacy organizations and political committees have their own stories to tell and positions to defend. At the same time, voters want to be included and know that their opinion matters to those running to represent them. 

Enter RumbleUp – the bridge between the debate stage and voters used by candidates, non-profits, and stakeholders alike. 


Stand Out by Texting During Debates

Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting has emerged as the premier channel for direct, two-way communication with voters. As more campaigns and non-profits use this powerful technology, it's more important than ever to leverage it strategically to stand out from the crowd. 

Whether or not your candidate is on stage, live texting during debates is a surefire way to elevate your outreach. It connects voters with the debaters, gives a voice to organizations concerned with the topics at hand and allows candidates running down-ballot to share their own views. Everything that makes a debate exciting – relevant issues, a live setting, personal elements – can be amplified with texting while giving you the power to influence the narrative.

But how do you implement P2P texting in a real time, rapid-response environment like a live debate?

But how do you implement P2P texting in a real time rapid-response environment like a live debate

The key to live texting is preparation, and we have made it easy to be ready to deploy your message on the fly. 


Prepare for the Republican Primary Debate Night

Much like the candidates themselves, the best way to prepare for the first republican debate is to consider a vast range of possible topics and responses. RumbleUp allows you to build as many projects as you like, whether you choose to deploy them or not. 

For example, you can draft messages in advance for every scenario you can imagine and only send those that become relevant during the debate. Our Tap-then-Send responses make it easy to quickly respond with pre-written messages when voters reply to your texts during commercial breaks.


You should also prepare by sending a text message in the days leading up to the event

You should also prepare by sending a text message in the days leading up to the event. The best way to ensure the live texts resonate with your contacts is by establishing a connection prior to debate night! Start engagement immediately by asking your audience what they hope will be discussed, sharing a pre-debate survey and providing details on how to tune in.


Ideas for Live Engagement

As you prepare your messages ahead of the event, consider these content strategies:

1. Fact Check

You can often anticipate the claims that a particular candidate will make while onstage. Be ready to respond with a message that cites a reputable source to keep your audience informed and reinforce your credibility. 


2. Get Feedback

Ensure voters feel involved by conducting surveys and asking for feedback! Sending your messages with a question or including a survey link will make your audience feel valued, and you can also use this as an opportunity to collect data that will shape your future outreach efforts. 


3. Build a community

Ask contacts to share their thoughts on social media with a hashtag, sign a petition or agree to volunteer. Connecting with a community of like-minded individuals will help voters stay engaged beyond debate night through the election cycle.


4. Fundraise

Timing and context can play a significant role in the success of your fundraising program. Referencing the topics debated live allows potential donors to recognize the impact of their contribution and feel more connected to your fundraising request. 

Regardless of the subject, be conversational and original with your messages to encourage engagement. Add an eye-catching media attachment, such as a video using our Enhanced Video Texting (EVT) technology, to double the response rate! 


Keep the Conversation Going

The election isn't over when the debate concludes, and neither are your debate texts. If you've sent a thoughtful series of messages, these voters will want to continue the dialogue. This is a prime opportunity to convert these contacts into your supporters and donors.


Keep the conversation going after the debate ends


In the days following, share a post-debate survey, remind contacts to sign your petition or donate, and encourage ways to stay in touch. Then, elevate your messages by using EVT to share your favorite clips or even record your reflections in a direct-to-camera interview. 


Bottom Line

Whether your candidate is in the spotlight or not, texting voters on debate night allows you to remain relevant, control the narrative and transform the event into a two-way conversation. Live texting may seem daunting at first, but RumbleUp gives you the power to engage voters in real-time and build connections beyond the debate stage with ease. 

Learn more about RumbleUp and get ready to text during an upcoming debate by reaching out to our team of texting experts at or texting us at 833-530-4400! 

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