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Free List Cleaning and 8 New Platform Improvements

Free List Cleaning and 8 New Platform Improvements
Free List Cleaning and 8 New Platform Improvements


We have launched free list cleaning, expanded integrations, and other new platform improvements and resources in the portal to help you text smarter through 2022 and beyond!

We pride ourselves in making sure our clients and partners always have the best P2P texting experience at their fingertips by releasing new platform improvements to take your texting to the next level.

Check out our latest improvements!

FREE List Cleaning Beginning July 6th

We’re excited to announce that cleaning your new audiences of landlines will be FREE beginning July 6th!

New Platform Improvements - Free List Cleaning

Cleaning your new audiences of landlines will help you save money, ensure better delivery, and avoid hitting spam.

That means smoother operations and better peace of mind, especially during crunch times.

With RumbleUp, you can continue to expect the highest delivery rates and most accurate reporting in the industry. If you are not getting through to your voters’ phones, nothing else matters.

New Platform Improvements

1. Attachment Size Increased to 750KB

Bigger is better when it comes to MMS messages! All .png, .jpg, .gif, .mov, and .mp4 media files can now be up to 750KB in size.

Sending MMS messages to your audience helps increase engagement with your messages, so try attaching a media file to your next texting project to see the MMS difference.

2. Zapier is Live!

Clients with Zapier accounts can now use Zapier to integrate with RumbleUp. This is useful for teams with third party databases like NationBuilder who want to sync their contacts between a third party and Rumbleup. Any platform that supports Zapier will now integrate and automate with RumbleUp messaging, such as:

  1. Revv
  2. Salesforce 
  3. HubSpot
  4. Google Suite products (Google Contacts, Google Sheets, etc.)
  5. Webform to website connection
  6. ... and 4000+ more!

New Platform Improvements - Zapier is Live!

The easy-to-use Zapier integration can be used to make automatic updates to contact lists bidirectionally. This streamlines contact management ensures that any changes made in your CRM or other platforms are automatically reflected in RumbleUp, and vice versa.

Manual data entry and tedious synchronization processes are eliminated, saving you valuable time and ensuring that your contact information is always up-to-date. SMS integrations are a key part of automatically driving the conversation workflow, freeing up time for better conversation with contacts. By integrating SMS with your CRM or other systems, you can set up automated triggers and responses. For example, you can automatically send follow-up messages based on specific criteria. 

Real-time mobile communication can be time-consuming at scale, so saving precious time during campaign setup is a big win. With the seamless integration and automation provided by Zapier and SMS integrations, tasks such as importing and segmenting contacts or scheduling messages can be automated. This allows you to focus your time and resources on crafting compelling content and strategies, rather than administrative tasks.

We have included a number of pre-designed integrations, or "Zaps", to help users get started. You can make your own Zaps or select "Use Zap" on one of our templated Zaps and start syncing contacts right away. For Example, you can integrate your CRM, such as HubSpot, to set automatic reminders and keep your contacts updated.

3. New Developer Tools - API & Webhooks

The addition of API endpoints and webhooks has made it possible to integrate external systems with RumbleUp.

The API endpoints allow teams with development experience to remotely build and request text messaging project stats, sync, and import contacts. The webhooks make it possible to connect, manage, and update existing contacts by communicating with existing external databases.

With the addition of these tools, we have also included a new Developers section in our Help Documentation.

4. Improved Processing of Enhanced Videos & UI

We strive to keep our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting (EVT) technology the best in the industry. EVT processing speed and quality has been upgraded, so videos will now process faster and with higher, more consistent quality.

Along with improved processing speed and quality comes a new look to the in-portal Enhanced Video Manager app. New Manager cards prominently display the number of videos a user has processed, is currently processing, or has encountered an error while processing.

New Platform Improvements - Enhanced Video Texting Manager

Try out EVT for yourself today to take advantage of the political digital video market boom!

5. Added Account Name to Short URL Popup

Your account name will now be visible in the popup when creating a short URL to eliminate confusion caused when creating short URLs for multiple accounts.

New Platform Improvements - Added Account Name to Short URL Popup

The account name is only visible to the account admins and is included to help admins confirm that they're making the correct short URL in the correct account. The account name is not included in the short URL in any way.

6. "Create Short Link" Button Added to the Message Compose Screen

After saving a message with a URL present, you can now shorten the URL right within the project by clicking the new shortener icon.

New Platform Improvements - Create Short Link

Clicking the new shortener icon in a project will bring up the full short URL options, allowing the you to select and create the short URL without needing to navigate to a separate page.

7. Call Tracking Reporting Updates

We have improved the call tracking interface and added the ability to download a report for call tracking statistics.

New Platform Improvements - Call Tracking Reporting Updates

In addition to downloading a .CSV report of the call tracking statistics, you can now also download a high quality graphic of the results.

8. Two-Factor Authentication

Better safe than sorry! We are adding 2FA to increase the security of your accounts and data.

Bottom Line

We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure and growing our network of delivery partners to ensure you can enjoy the best texting experience possible in 2022 and beyond. If you haven't already given your business texting a try, make an account today at!

Have more questions about how to best implement these new platform improvements into your texting program? Contact our team at (833) 530-4400 or

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