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BloombergTV + RumbleUp P2P: New Features and Developments

BloombergTV + RumbleUp P2P: New Features and Developments

There are a lot of exciting developments for RumbleUp. We were hard at work improving the experience of our platform, building in new and exciting tools to make your work that much more effective, and exploring the changing landscape of the 2020 elections and how P2P texting can help.

CEO Thomas Peters on BloombergTV’s Balance of Power

Our founder and CEO, Thomas Peters, joined Bloomberg’s David Westin to discuss the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on campaigns and how P2P texting is helping reach voters where they are.

David Westin opened the segment: “President Trump is eager to get back to those big live campaign rallies, but it’s far from clear when we’ll get there. So in the meantime, campaigns are trying to do virtually what they’ve done in-person before, including Vice President Joe Biden scheduling virtual campaign rallies in Florida and Michigan.”


Updates to the Platform

We’ve been hard at working making our platform easier to use and more powerful, listening and incorporating your valued feedback into every update.

RumbleUp supports a built-in link shorteners to condense long URLs into trackable links that are easy on the eye — and the page. We added two new .gop domains to our options.

Our latest release also includes many improvements behind the scenes to have you texting faster and more seamlessly. We’ve improved the speed the platform operates with when navigating tabs, loading long lists of contacts, and many more tasks.

Our Rapid Response mode now includes an opt-out button to mark a contact as do not disturb quickly. We’ve also changed some of the language on the portal to make it easier to learn to use and to use: “Pre-approved Responses” are now “Tap-then-Send Responses” to provide more effective description of what they do.

Zapier Integration

We’re hard at work building a new Zapier integration to allow for seamless transmission of your RumbleUp data across multiple service. Zapier is a powerful integration tool allowing you to connect your platforms together to create powerful integrations called “zaps.” The new integration of RumbleUp to Zapier will allow you to bring powerful peer-to-peer texting to your zaps.

Let us know if you currently use Zapier, or want to set up an account, and we’ll add you to our Early Access program.

RumbleUp is the industry leader with the only record of zero downtime and a constant stream of updates incorporating exciting improvements like our new Zapier integration.

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Also coming soon to RumbleUp are some exciting updates to our app, including a new design scheme, streamlined navigation, mobile and web account syncing, and admin functionality in the app!

Interested in learning more about RumbleUp: Advanced P2P Texting? Find out more here.

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