Get Ready for the Next Evolution in Personal Scalable Messaging

Texting Never Looked So Good 😉

The moment you’ve been waiting for is almost here. We’re excited to announce that our team is putting the finishing touches on RumbleUp 2.0, a completely redesigned personal scalable messaging platform with everything you’ve asked for (and so much more).

This time we’re drawing upon the experience of our hundreds of clients, who have sent tens of millions of messages, and countless hours of brainstorming and learn-test-optimize runs.

We built the first prototype of RumbleUp 1.0 in 61 days. And it worked! But it was never the full extent of our vision. It was just the beginning.

For RumbleUp 2.0 we wanted to do something special — we wanted a UI/UX experience that matched the depth of our feature set and made it easier and more accessible to less tech savvy folks (and for busy people!). Our team has dedicated 10 months to this redesign, going back to the drawing board to build a bigger, better, faster version of the RumbleUp you know and love — while preparing it for the mass market audience we hope it will serve.

We’re so excited we wanted to share a preview AND invite you to sign up to give it a test drive. 🔑

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RumbleUp 2.0 is fully mobile optimized 📲 (yes even on tablets)

Mobile Optimized

RumbleUp 2.0 is fully mobile optimized. You are now able to setup and manage campaigns right from your smartphone or tablet. No need to download an iOS/Android app — of course, you still can if you want to take advantage of mobile app features like push notifications, etc!

Experience the same sleek look and feel of the new desktop portal from the convenience of your phone as you create and manage campaigns on the go.

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RumbleUp 2.0 Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Get ready for the dashboard of your dreams.

The new portal will feature an interactive dashboard showing you powerful insights about your messaging performance and giving you a 360 degree view of what is happening in realtime. The dashboard offers quick navigation buttons for streamlined workflow and customizable graphs to visualize metrics. You can also filter by tags and timeframe, flip through a running timeline of recent replies and activity on your account, and have instant access to tips and best practices to help you take full advantage of all the platform’s capabilities. And it’s pretty! 🤗 (As is every other screen.)

RumbleUp 2.0 Desktop Sending (or Laptop, or Tablet or Smartphone)

Desktop Sending

Welcome to a fully re-vamped conversations screen.

RumbleUp 2.0 enables you to send messages from your desktop or mobile device. We overhauled the conversations screen to facilitate faster sending, replying and tagging, as well as added options to auto-populate replies, color code conversation threads with time stamps, as well as re-assign conversations. It also hides information that is distracting or irrelevant so your texters can stay focused and productive.

This is the simple one-stop screen your texters will now see, and the improved way for you to send and reply to messages at scale.

Less time thinking, more time texting!

This is just a small sample of what to expect in our new platform. Some of the other major highlights to look forward to include a new way of handling contacts (i.e. a CRM), a full API, and a few surprises!

It also sets us on a solid tech stack foundation that will allow seamless autoscaling, more flexibility and speed in adding new features, and integrations … so many integrations!

Ready to give it a spin?

We are opening up early access to RumbleUp 2.0 for current clients. Early access will allow you to help shape this next evolution in personal scalable messaging.

RumbleUp 2.0 is a direct reflection of all the awesome feedback and suggestions we have received from our wonderful clients and partners. We will be making an official announcement as soon as RumbleUp 2.0 is live in September.

Text us at (202) 922-6596 to request early access (we’ll also send you a text when RumbleUp 2.0 is live!) or visit to become a client.

Learn more about RumbleUp: Advanced P2P Texting at our website.

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