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RumbleUp Launches L2 Cellphone Data Integration

RumbleUp Launches L2 Cellphone Data Integration
RumbleUp Launches L2 Cellphone Data Integration

Campaigns of all sizes have quickly increased their reliance on peer-to-peer (P2P) texting during the COVID crisis. Traditional in-person campaigning events remain canceled from continued outbreaks across the nation and face-to-face contact is largely limited.

At RumbleUp, we believe all of our clients deserve a best-in-class experience with the advanced tools you need to win. With our industry-leading delivery rate, lowest industry spam rate, and highest reliability of any P2P vendor, we are committed to helping you succeed.

That is why we are so excited to introduce our newest data integration: L2.

The L2 database has comprehensive national records for voters, consumers, constituents, predictive non-voters, non-registered voters, and their contact information (including mail, cell phone numbers, landlines and emails). They provide an extensive Voter Data Filter, with hundreds of behavioral attribute fields, demographic fields, and predictive information to provide your campaign with excellent audience targeting for your needs.

One of the challenges that smaller campaigns often face that often consumes valuable time and resources is collecting accurate voter data. We have worked with L2 to create an easy-to-navigate request system available directly from our platform to help our clients gather voter data from L2’s comprehensive national voter cell phone database.

All your campaign needs to do after signing up with RumbleUp’s simple turnkey platform (which takes less than 15 minutes to complete!) is navigate to the Integrations section where the L2 request form is located. Then, provide some basic information (first&last name, email, phone number, organization), which areas in your state you’re looking to target, as well as any of the targeting criteria from the L2 data dictionary you would like to use, and you’re done!

RumbleUp’s integration with L2 removes the obstacle of getting the right cell phones for your campaign to contact. That’s one more big reason to utilize P2P texting offered by RumbleUp. This technology has seen such massive success because it works — human powered texting increases voter turnout like traditional canvassing does while using significantly less energy and resources!

Why? Because texting is a medium voters actually care about, with 90% of texts being opened and read within three minutes. Compared to email, traditional door knocking, and phone call outreach operations, texting is proven to be more effective at actually reaching voters with the messages you want them to see. Moreover, every P2P text comes from a human being who is waiting on the other end of the thread to continue the conversation and move the needle.

Don’t let COVID disruptions cause you to be left behind this election cycle — no matter the size of your campaign, you can still have genuine interactions with your supporters using P2P texting. We here at RumbleUp want to help you have these conversations, so contact us today for more information on how to get started!

Please reach out to our sales team at to learn more or sign up and start texting today at

N.B.: some new P2P platforms have popped up trying to capitalize on the increased need for distanced outreach, but they struggle to successfully deliver messages to voters. If you’re using a P2P texting platform that does not display clear and transparent delivery receipts on your messages, you should be asking these questions.

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