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Tap-to-Call: Rapidly Scaling Advocacy via Powerful P2P Texting

Tap-to-Call: Rapidly Scaling Advocacy via Powerful P2P Texting



Call Tracking has unleashed the power of activated constituents for a new era of grassroots advocacy and activism across the nation.

In the fast-paced world of politics, ensuring the voices of constituents are heard by effectively engaging with elected officials is essential for policymakers. This style of constituent-to-legislator communication has become a staple for its ability to move the needle in public affairs. However, in recent years, technologies have been introduced that block people from reaching legislators using traditional methods such as office calls, direct mail, and email. Social media has bridged some of this gap but also creates new problems with echo-chamber creation.


Many advocacy groups, whose work relies on driving this communication, have experienced a steady decline in call-to-action completion despite record-high voter engagement in politics and public policy. This has left many looking for new ways to organize the public and advocate effectively.


A national grassroots advocacy client of ours experienced this phenomenon firsthand. They needed to rally volunteers to target Congressional offices that were undecided on a hotly debated election integrity bill.


When results using traditional channels were less than satisfactory, they turned to a new strategy, utilizing peer-to-peer (P2P) tap-to-call messaging as a tip to build more effective advocacy efforts.

Traditional phone, email and mail advocacy vs RumbleUp's call tracking


By leveraging the high-engagement power of multimedia texts alongside our seamless Call Tracking feature, they were able to drive constituent calls, influence legislative decisions, and pave the way for a successful grassroots advocacy campaign. Their Call Tracking grassroots campaigns continue to impact the political landscape today, allowing advocacy clients of all sizes to connect directly with Republican voters all across the nation.


The Power of Call Tracking

When a piece of important legislation opposing the organization’s principles was on the line, our client needed to reach Congressional offices that had yet to take a stance and encourage them to stand against the bill. They needed an efficient method of converting constituents to callers that could help share their community’s message, which is why they turned to our platform’s Call Tracking grassroots advocacy strategy powered by P2P texting.


One of the key advantages of this resource is its seamless integration within our platform, not requiring additional software or a landing page setup. This native functionality ensures a streamlined experience for volunteers and recipients alike.


Here is how it works: P2P texts are sent personally to each member and include the target phone number directly in the message, so taking action is as simple as tapping the number to call. This streamlined process allows recipients to be immediately activated, amplifying a P2P text campaign’s impact within a short time frame.


A real conversation using Call Tracking

A real conversation using Call Tracking


Our client shared key information about the bill & its impact with their well-crafted messages and media attachments, identified each contact’s elected official, and provided a fast & easy tap-to-call CTA that spurred contacts into action. 


The Results

You can now generate a report of how many texts your texters have sent within a specified timeline. This is perfect for measuring texter contribution, and can even be used to gamify your texters' efforts! Our clients’ Call Tracking campaign proved to be a highly effective method for generating substantial momentum within Congressional offices. Within a single hour, these offices were inundated with an impressive average of nearly 100 calls each. The rapid surge in engagement sent a clear message to decision-makers about the significance of election integrity and related legislation. 

Let's dive into the cost breakdown of key districts where our client implemented this campaign:

  • In VA-2, 155 calls were made, averaging approximately $26 per call.
  • In VA-4, 159 calls were made at $33 per call.
  • In VA-7, 119 calls were made at a mere $22 per call.
  • In VA-10, 186 calls were made at $32 per call.
  • In FL-7, 202 calls were made, with a cost per call of $31.


RumbleUp's Call Tracking report in the portal


The 821 calls generated by this campaign embodied the collective will and concerns of constituents and made a forceful statement to elected officials. These results and costs are notably competitive in the advocacy world, especially when you consider the millions of dollars invested in this legislative issue from Republicans alone.


Other advocacy clients have witnessed the power of Call Tracking themselves, and now have amazing anecdotes to share. During one client’s P2P text campaign, a representative got so sick of the sudden increase in constituent contact that he began answering the phone as a pizza parlor. In other cases, we’ve seen representatives’ offices become so overwhelmed with calls that a multi-hours long backlog of voicemails built up. 


Beyond the Call-to-Action

Effective grassroots advocacy with Call Tracking calling is an incredibly effective use of P2P texting for any advocacy effort. However, the impact of tracking patch-through calling extends far beyond mere legislative influence. The individuals who made these calls demonstrated their passion and commitment, making them excellent prospects for future engagement. They represent a pool of potential event attendees, participants in future calls, and even small-dollar donors. 


Within our Call Tracking tool, we capture the numbers of anyone who calls via the patch-through number. This provides a list of known activated contacts who can be contacted again to be thanked, opted into another list, or otherwise further activated to your cause. 


This feature also lists numbers who weren’t on your original contact list but still called using the patch-through number. We often see a word-of-mouth network effect where well-written calls to action in advocacy texts are forwarded to friends and family with similar values, resulting in new contacts engaging. Your ability to see these new numbers, track their engagement, and follow up with them to solidify your relationship is a next-level way to create activists for future initiatives. 


This multifaceted approach ensures the development of a sustainable ecosystem of civic involvement and advocacy, transcending the immediate impact of a single campaign.


Bottom Line

Call Tracking campaigns powered by P2P texting have demonstrated their ability to invigorate civic action and empower constituents to actively participate in the democratic process. By leveraging the dynamic nature of multimedia texts, integrating a user-friendly tap-to-call in-message format, and utilizing our platform's native forwarding capabilities, RumbleUp has paved the way for a new era of grassroots advocacy without requiring additional advocacy software.


This approach not only educates constituents on important topics but also encourages them to share personal stories, making their advocacy efforts more impactful. Nonprofit organizations have particularly benefited from this strategy, using it to mobilize supporters at the federal level.


With its impressive track record of driving constituent calls, influencing legislative decisions, and fostering long-term engagement, this feature remains an indispensable tool for amplifying the collective voice of the people. Together with our clients, we can continue to drive vital engagement, one call at a time.


For more info on how our Call Tracking can assist in reaching your advocacy goals and to get started with RumbleUp, contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or sales@rumbleup.com 

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