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Introducing Click-Through Tracking for RumbleUp P2P Texting

Introducing Click-Through Tracking for RumbleUp P2P Texting

Personalize every text, know exactly who clicked each text, and send each person to a unique destination!

We are excited to now offer our clients the ability to track who clicks on a link sent via our peer-to-peer texting platform!

Using our custom link shortener tool already available in the portal, you can easily shorten any link to fit comfortably in a text message — saving you precious characters (our default limit is 320 characters).

This tool not only allows you to shorten links, it now also enables you to personalize each link for each recipient so that everyone receives a unique link. Using this personalization option enables click-through tracking and gives you the ability to see exactly who clicked on your link in the text message.

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Until we added our link shortener tool, it was often challenging to include trackable links in text messages because of character count limitations and deliverability issues. Many times if you used common link shorteners such as bit.ly the messages would be flagged as spam by carriers and blocked.

Pro Tip: You can point to a bit.ly link from our RumbleUp link shortener!

We are happy to have resolved this issue for our clients by offering our own internal link shortener, plus we now support the ability to track click-throughs — double the winning! :)

Now you can personalize content for each of your contacts and still have a much shorter link that won’t impact your deliverability. We continue to support open-ended custom fields to personalize each and every text message, and we can even send a different multimedia attachment to every person on your contact list!

The more personal the message, the more effective it is.

You can use this new feature to track click-throughs or tailor custom surveys and accurately direct traffic to multiple custom landing pages, just to name two common use cases.

Most of our new features originate as requests from our creative clients, so please keep the recommendations coming and so that we can continue to improve RumbleUp for everyone!

Stay tuned as we add more significant new features in the coming weeks and months!

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