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Fox News Sunday Power Player: Thomas Peters

Campaigns turn to texting to connect with voters in the age of COVID.

On August 30th, RumbleUp founder and CEO Thomas Peters was featured on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace as the Power Player of the Week and discussed how campaigns are turning to text to connect with voters in the age of COVID. Peters begins by explaining that “texting is the new handshake because handshakes are fundamental to the political process,” and with COVID disrupting door to door campaigning, texting is the next best thing.

Campaign texting has exploded since its conception in the 2016 election, and Wallace explains that peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms “like Thomas Peters’ RumbleUp are helping political candidates connect through text.” When asked by Wallace why texting is better than a phone bank, Thomas notes that “so few people pick up their phones anymore, but 90% of texts are opened and read within three minutes.”

A demonstration of how campaign volunteers can text one on one with potential voters was given in the segment, showcasing how volunteers are able to engage in up to 500 conversations per hour! Thomas relayed an example of how a volunteer unknowingly texted a voting reminder to a gentleman who lost his father that day. The volunteer offered condolences and told the man he would be praying for him, and despite his loss, the gentleman let the volunteer know that he made it out to vote that day. This illustrates how P2P texting is the most scalable AND personal way of communicating.

Wallace continues on to explain how campaigns using RumbleUp knew how to respond when the pandemic hit because RumbleUp has helped campaigns in crisis situations before, like the Florida GOP during the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Texting volume sent by clients through the platform has doubled to ten million per month as more people discover the power of P2P texting, with projections of 500 million texts to be sent by the end of the year!

Notably, Wallace states that “RumbleUp is now working Republican House and Senate Campaign committees, as well as senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.” Helping good candidates and causes get their messages out to connect with people personally is the ultimate goal for RumbleUp according to Peters.

RumbleUp’s platform can support such great candidates because it is the best in the industry. Our platform boasts the best delivery rate, lowest spam rate, and highest reliability of any P2P vendor, as well as a simple turnkey onboarding system, exclusive platform integrations, and a 5-star customer support team.

We are so grateful to Chris Wallace and the Fox News team for recognizing Thomas Peters’ accomplishments with RumbleUp and allowing him to share our platform with the viewers of the station.

If you would like to learn more, please contact sales@rumbleup.com or visit us at www.rumbleup.com!

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