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Coming Soon: Bold & Italic Text Messages!

Bold & Italic Text Messages with RumbleUp P2P Texting

Say it louder for the people in the back!

RumbleUp is thrilled to announce that we will soon be supporting bold and italic text in messages sent through our platform.

Now you will REALLY be able to get your point across and emphasize exactly the right points! Amazing!

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Which one catches your attention more?

Everyone knows the key reason why text messages are such an effective outreach tool is because they are real and personal. What better way to humanize your message than by adding emphasis where you really mean it?!

This feature is super easy to use and will work regardless of the type of phone a recipient has.

It also pairs well with our increased emoji capabilities and link shortening feature.

No matter what type of message you are trying to send, saying it with EMOTION makes a biggermore meaningful impact.

Attention spans are shorter than ever. Use bold or italics to draw eyes to something important or noteworthy so that your recipients don’t miss it.

Plus, it’s just fun!

Ready to see what other awesome features we have in store? Start texting with us today at RumbleUp.com.

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