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Celebrating National Advocacy Day: 5 Ways to Use P2P Texting to Advocate

Celebrating National Advocacy Day: 5 Ways to Use P2P Texting to Advocate

It’s National Advocacy Day! We’re marking the day by highlighting how our advocates and advocacy group clients are becoming more effective with P2P texting.

In fact, P2P texting is the ultimate advocacy tool. Here are 5 ways our advocacy clients use it:

1. Patch-Through Calls to Elected Officials

Need some calls made fast? Our platform makes it easy to quickly send messages asking people to call their elected officials. Every message can be personalized. And it’s cheaper and faster than traditional patch-through calls!

Even better: you can forward the number you texted them with straight to their elected official’s office, so all the recipient needs to do is call the number that texted them back to be directly connected with their elected official. So easy!

Finally, we can track every call made and how long the call lasts —so we know our average advocacy call to an elected official is 56 seconds!

2. Fundraising

Need to raise some money? Texting is the quickest and most convenient way for your supporters to donate. Our platform makes it easy to include a shortened link to your donation page right in the text message. Or to make it even more convenient, set up a keyword for donating money (i.e. “YES”) and your supporters can donate through the text message by replying with the keyword AND the amount they wish to give (“YES 50” = $50.00).

3. Promoting Events

Have an event coming up? We’ve seen that texting people an invitation plus a reminder the day of the event is a sure fire way to boost attendance (growing events by 20% up to doubling attendance!). What makes it even better is the dynamic tagging feature our platform offers which makes it easy for you to be tagging people who RSVP so that you send the correct follow-up to each set of invitees.

4. Member Education

Have an awesome video you want everyone to watch? Text it to them! There is simply no better way to get your content in front of someone than to send it straight to their message inbox so all they have to do is tap the play button in the text message. We have seen that including a multimedia attachment in your text message such as a picture, infographic, gif or video nearly DOUBLES your response rate. People love pics!

5. Surveys & Polling

Need survey respondents but can’t get the right people on the phone? Send your survey out via text! We can help you acquire cell phone numbers for the people you are trying to reach. We have found that texting is an effective and cost efficient way to collect completed surveys in a short amount of time — P2P texting surveys is cheaper than live calling!

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Happy advocating!

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