Blocked on Facebook, TV and YouTube? Get Through With Text!

Blocked on Facebook, TV and YouTube? Get Through With Text!

Don’t get left out in the cold with this new ad freeze. 🥶

The unprecedented move by Facebook and other social media giants to restrict any new political or issue ads in the final week before the election has resulted in a mad scramble to buy up all available ad space ahead of the cut off.

Don’t expect this ad freeze to thaw out once the election is over though. Facebook has made the decision to ban all political ads on their platform through an undetermined date after November 3rd in what Zuckerberg describes as an effort to “fight misinformation,” citing fears of “an increased risk of civil unrest across the country” surrounding the election results. Google and YouTube have followed Facebook’s lead and will also enforce similar ad bans, at least through the duration of votes being cast and counted.

Reports of incorrectly blocked ads on Facebook’s Business Suite have poured in from political advertisers, unions, activist groups, and campaigns of all sizes since these restrictions went into effect Tuesday, November 27th, showcasing the immediate widespread harm these new rules are inflicting.

Campaigns across the country are now all turning their attention to alternative outreach channels to get their last minute appeals out to voters. TV ads may seem like a tempting first choice, but the cost of a slot is prohibitively expensive and even if a campaign has the budget for it, at this point all of the time slots with high enough viewership to justify the cost have been bought up.

With TV ad space at full capacity and the social media platforms’ crushing new limitations in full effect, some campaigns may be thinking about throwing in the towel.

For those who will win this cycle however, their efforts have already turned to a channel unaffected by any of these limits: RumbleUp P2P Texting.

The new scarcity of digital real estate is putting outreach channels like P2P texting in higher demand. As Tonya Riley from the Washington Post reports;

“The Facebook ad restrictions make alternative outreach, such as text messages and emails, even more important in the final stretch.”

RumbleUp’s platform is built to handle times of high volume traffic like this, and proved it back in 2018 when almost every other P2P platform crashed in the last 72 hours leading up to the midterm elections. We know that others are already experiencing high rates of blocked messages from carrier crackdowns, and it will only continue to get worse as the election ticks closer.

Luckily, we are well prepared to navigate these obstacles and successfully deliver our clients messages all the way through election day.

Along with our proven track record of providing the highest delivery rate in the industry, we also have a strong dedication to equipping our clients with the latest best practices and insider advice to help them outperform their opponents. For those looking to switch from the freshly frozen ad platforms and start texting instead, these resources make it easy for even complete beginners to quickly get started.

With our platform’s ability to support 320 character messages and Enhanced MMS capabilities, your campaign can send texts with high quality, made-for-TV videos straight to your supporters’ phones. With a few clicks you can take that 30 second video or any other vital last minute message and send it directly to any target audience. Not only is it significantly cheaper than a TV slot, with texting, you can be absolutely sure your message was seen by the exact people you want to reach. No more shooting in the dark and hoping for the best with limited audience demographics pre-set by big tech.

Bottom line:

Don’t get left in the cold. Getting started with RumbleUp is fast and easy with our turnkey setup allowing you to make an account and start texting in under 15min. With full service, self service, and hybrid options available for anyone, we have a solution to fit your campaign’s unique needs.

Even more good news: we have lowered our minimum audience size for outsource orders down to 25,000 contacts.

For more detailed information about how easy it is to get started check out our most recent blog post, “It’s Not Too Late to Win with P2P Texting” or contact us at

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