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In every major election cycle since 2018, other P2P texting vendors have experienced “black swan” events that led to severe service downtimes and undelivered messages during critical GOTV outreach periods. Not RumbleUp.

Don’t wait for another vendor to try to convince you that the ordinary “white swan” swimming through the messaging ecosystem is actually a totally unpredictable “black swan.” 

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2018 Midterms

In 2018, never before seen levels of traffic in the final three days overwhelmed a large downstream provider, causing a near total collapse of their services.

All P2P texting vendors who relied on that provider had to reduce their traffic down to 72 messages per hour for over 25 hours and stop sending MMS messages altogether. RumbleUp was unaffected.

2020 General Elections

In 2020, the carriers deployed more stringent spam filters on October 1, and many vendors were unable to navigate the new requirements, leading to failed delivery through the rest of the crucial month leading up to the election. RumbleUp delivered 99% of projects on time right through election day.

2022 Primaries

In 2022, confusion about new campaign registration requirements and the instability of the new 10DLC messaging channel have created several significant new challenges for message delivery over the last six months.

But our unique track record of helping clients deliver compliant traffic has put us in a prime position to advocate for our clients in the 10DLC messaging channel, allowing our clients to enjoy the best texting experience and results.

While other vendors have had entire large-scale campaigns completely blocked for failing to meet carrier requirements, we have been able to continue successfully delivering our clients’ traffic through what has arguably been the most challenging period in the evolution of the messaging ecosystem.

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Go with the vendor that has the undisputed best record for uptime, stability, and most importantly, successful delivery.

We are the texting vendor trusted by more Republican committees and campaigns than any other vendor in the industry because of our reliability and commitment to our customers’ success.

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