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RumbleUp P2P Texting Fuels Upset Victory in Minnesota Primary

Last night’s primaries were wilder than expected, and we’re thrilled to congratulate Jeff Johnson for his upset victory in the Minnesota Republican Primary last night! Johnson narrowly defeated Gov. Tim Pawlenty, despite the enormous amount of money Pawlenty had raised and the advantage he held with name recognition in the state.

In the last week of the campaign, Johnson had raised $576,300 to Pawlenty’s $2,132,255

Even though Pawlenty was outspending Johnson by a ten-to-one margin as of June, Johnson spent smarter. He focused his efforts on texting potential voters and reminding them to get out and vote.

Johnson texted 46,372 people and his margin of victory was only 28,025.

The numbers confirm what we’ve seen time and time again: texting the right audience a GOTV message helps get candidates across the finish line because nothing gets people’s attention like a text message from a real human being.

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Image source: Fox9.com

In the 24 hours leading up to election day, Johnson’s campaign sent out a message reminding people that election day was tomorrow that included a picture of Jeff and a link to a web page that explained his platform and gave reasons why people should vote for him.

A small team of volunteers from the Johnson campaign sent this out to potential voters the day before the election and got an overwhelming amount of responses.

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Real responses from people

We’ve seen this time and time again with competitive races. When it comes to reaching potential voters, the most effective thing to do is text them.

These are the kind of results we’re helping campaigns achieve from coast to coast.

Ready to start texting? Visit us at rumbleup.com and sign up today.

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