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3 New Features From Rumbleup That Are Ready to Change the Game

3 New Features From Rumbleup That Are Ready to Change the Game

New features have been added to the platform to help you send your message far and wide, ready to start using them?

Peer-to-peer texting remains at the forefront of campaign technology, with tools and strategies constantly being developed to help campaigns continue to achieve more effective and personalized digital outreach.

In this ever-changing environment where staying one step ahead of the competition can mean the difference between victory or defeat on election day, it is important to understand what new tools and strategies are available to you and how they can help your unique use case. Keep reading to see how our new features can improve your text messaging.

New Features - Switchboard Integration

1) Switchboard Integration

The moment we have all been waiting for is here, Switchboard is fully integrated into Rumbleup! This new integration allows you to use the reach of RumbleUp peer-to-peer texting to ask contacts for their opt-in to receive texts from your Switchboard account.

This integration with Switchboard will allow for targeted outreach like never before. It will help you identify your most active, loyal supporters and enable you to personally connect with them in a more efficient and affordable way.

So how does it work? It’s simple — just send a message through RumbleUp asking contacts to reply with the appropriate keyword, and they will be automatically added into your Switchboard account to the group you select. To get started, go to the Tools tab in your portal, then press Integrations under the Tools subsection.

New Features - In-Portal Call Tracking Setup and Reporting

2) In-Portal Call Tracking Setup and Reporting

Being able to track data from phone calls your campaign has with voters can give you important insights into your audience. This new Call Tracking tool allows you to create patch-through phone numbers directly in your portal to include in your text messages for calls to action.

When contacts call this number, you will have the ability to see how many calls were made and how much time was spent on the phone. This way you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign with hard data instead of having contacts call the end recipient directly.

There are many ways you can use Call Tracking to achieve your goals. You can direct voters to call their local representatives to urge them to vote for/against an initiative or to ask any questions they may have. If you are a smaller candidate and would like to hear the concerns of voters personally, you now have the tool to do so easily. No matter the use case, you will have access to the data needed to gauge the effectiveness of any CTA that will help you make future outreach decisions.

Interested in using in-portal Call Tracking to upgrade your outreach? Simply navigate to the Tools subsection of the Tools tab in your portal to get started today.

New Features - Phone Number Scanning

3) Phone Number Scanning

Data entry and upload errors are common, especially when long strings of numbers are involved. This is especially common with phone numbers not separated by hyphens or parentheses, where it can be hard to tell if extra numbers were input by accident.

This new Phone Number Scanning feature only allows phone numbers with 10 digits or less to be successfully uploaded to the portal. This will prevent texts from being sent to invalid numbers, saving you money as well as time investigating potential problems with your contact data manually.

Time to Start Texting!

Now that you understand what the new features are and how to use them, it’s time to get texting. If you have not already started to use peer-to-peer texting to connect with your audience, create an account at rumbleup.com, contact our sales team at sales@rumbleup.com, or text us at 833–530–4400!

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