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Introducing AB/EV Data Sync: The Essential GOTV Texting Tool

Introducing ABEV Data Sync The Essential GOTV Texting Tool from RumbleUp and L2

Just in time for the 2023 General Elections, try out our Absentee/Early Vote Data Sync tool for free to save time and money on a winning texting program. 

Early and absentee voting became more available during the 2020 election in response to the pandemic. 2022 proved these voting methods are here to stay, meaning voter contact must start earlier than before, and your targeted audience will change as votes return. 

One of the most essential parts of any voter contact program - which includes a strong peer to peer (P2P) texting program - is reliable and accurate data. Keeping your target list up to date with early ballot returns and requests can quickly become unmanageable, especially nearer to election day when resources and time are spread thin.

If only you could update your cell phone lists with early voting and vote-by-mail information with just a few clicks… Now, with our new L2 DataMapping voter database integration, you can! 

Best of all, it’s free for use in the 2023 election.


Refine your Audience

A strong Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program includes an efficient P2P texting strategy. RumbleUp allows you to reach voters quicker and more effectively than traditional door-to-door canvassing and phone banking. Texting can also be even more cost-efficient by refining your audience to just those that you still need to turn out for election day or encourage to mail in their ballot.

Voters receive many political text messages near election day, which makes sending relevant, helpful messages crucial to standing out from the crowd.

Refine your audience with RumbleUps ABEV Data Sync to send targeted GOTV text messages
For example, there is no need to text ballot return reminders or information about where to vote to those who have already voted early. You’ll want their vote and support next cycle, so it’s best to avoid overwhelming them with unnecessary messages after they’ve already voted. Plus, instead of investing resources in texting those who already voted, you can budget for additional messages to a more refined audience. 


Tailor Your Messages

A compelling text message feels personal and intentional. When you text a voter about an absentee ballot they won’t receive, your message will seem irrelevant, and your call-to-action is less likely to be considered. Likewise, when you text polling location information to a voter who requested a ballot by mail, your message won’t be as helpful as you hoped.

Tailor your text messages with RumbleUps ABEV Data Sync for relevant outreach


Not only should you be removing contacts who have already voted from your GOTV contact groups, but you should segment those who are voting by mail (i.e., voters who have requested a mail ballot but have yet to return one) from those who are not.

Your targeted voters must know how, when, and where to vote. If you disregard their selected method, you might give them conflicting information, making it more confusing to vote for your candidate or ballot initiative instead of easier. At the very least, you risk greater rates of opt-outs when the message does not seem relevant to the recipient.

Once you know a contact’s voting method, you can be more intentional with your messaging by ensuring the information and calls-to-action you send are specific to your contact. 


RumbleUp's AB/EV Data Sync Tool Makes it Easy

Our Absentee/Early Vote Sync tool makes identifying ballot information for your voters as easy as a few clicks. To get started, simply map a Secretary of State ID or L2 ID when you import your contacts into your RumbleUp portal. If you don’t have data, we can help you quickly purchase data from L2 so you can start texting and syncing ballot information quickly.  


RumbleUp ABEV Data Synch Tool in the RumbleUp Portal

Once you have used this tool to append ballot information to your contact group, you can head to our Custom Contact Group builder to create tailored lists for your messages. In addition to filtering by early voters and absentee ballot status (requested, mailed, returned, and rejected), you can refine your custom group by details you’ve imported - such as city or a custom field - and information recorded by our system like clicking on a link or being sent a message. 

You can even apply filters, like removing those that have already voted, directly from the project creation page. 


Bottom Line

Accurate data is critical for an effective and efficient voter contact program. Gone are the days of importing fresh lists daily, relying on external CRMs, or missing out on ballot return information altogether. RumbleUp makes it easier than ever to save time and money with our new Absentee/Early Vote Sync tool and powerful contact group builder. 

Get ready to level up your GOTV texting program today by contacting sales@rumbleup.com to schedule a demo of our Absentee/Early Vote Sync tool. No data? No problem! Sales can help you purchase cell phone data from L2 with ease so you can start texting right away.

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