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Why Our New Texting to Win Playbook is the Must-Have Texting Resource for Campaigns in 2022

Peer-to-Peer texting has revolutionized voter contact efforts in ways often underutilized, unrealized, or even unknown to campaigns. To help clients ride the red wave in 2022, we are teaching them how to start texting to win by developing superior texting programs.

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, campaigns were suddenly forced to think outside the box to find new avenues to safely reach their voters. Switching gears from traditional campaigning was tough, but also served as a wake up call for campaigns to get creative with their digital outreach.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting became the premiere option for digital communication. It was a natural alternative to in-person efforts like door-to-door canvassing, the most personal channel to voters, and was simple for campaign volunteers of all ages to learn, even for those who had no prior texting-via-software experience. 

RumbleUp - Texting to Win for voter ID, fundraising, event invitations, and polling/surveying

For some, this lack of experience freed them to explore and innovate, unaware of the most standard uses and therefore not restricted to traditional practices. They tried out unconventional P2P texting strategies to support their outreach programs in any way imaginable – not just for GOTV, but for voter ID, fundraising, event invitations, volunteer recruitment & organization, polling/surveying, and persuasion as well.

Those who experimented with creative uses of the technology discovered the uncapped potential for P2P texting across their entire campaign. Most importantly, they found that texting could help them win.

The Inspiration for Our Texting to Win Playbook

In the past three election cycles since the founding of RumbleUp, we have witnessed many razor-thin victories from our clients that prove the importance of chasing every vote, including campaigns challenging incumbents, running in unfriendly districts, and facing well-funded competition

The Inspiration for Our Texting to Win Playbook
Real conversations with voters

This year, our seasoned team of former campaign managers, field directors, and consultants came together to collaborate; we shared stories, successes, failures, and ideas from our years working on races across the nation and helping clients to get the most out of texting as possible. 

The result: the Texting to Win Playbook.

The Texting to Win Playbook offers guidance on the strategic and comprehensive use of our platform, and is now live in our Help Center exclusively for RumbleUp clients. 

Additionally available as a webinar training, Texting to Win shares who, what, when, and why to text between now and election day. It guides campaigns through best practices, metrics of success, examples, creative uses, and proven strategies. The playbook discusses voter ID, fundraising, managing replies, hosting a text bank, and much more. 

Why You Need the Texting to Win Playbook in 2022

Why You Need the Texting to Win Playbook in 2022

The common denominator for successful campaigns after the pandemic was their ability to make use of new, innovative technologies such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting, which should fundamentally change the way we think about traditional campaigning.

P2P texting is now a standard voter outreach method, alongside traditional canvassing and mail programs. Moreover, with our award winning Enhanced Video Texting technology, P2P texting has secured a foothold in the arena of TV, CTV, and digital advertising, even replacing these luxuries for smaller budget races. 

Bottom Line

With the 2022 elections on the line, a strategic and powerful texting program is critical for success. P2P texting is essential for any robust outreach program this cycle, making the Texting to Win Playbook the must-have resource for all campaigns – from local to national, ameteur to expert. 

Ready to start Texting to Win? Sign up for RumbleUp today at New and existing clients can access the Texting to Win Playbook in our Help Center’s Academy.

Still not sure if P2P texting is right for your campaign? Please contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or and they will help find the best solution for you!

Peer to Peer Texting Political Polling

How Advocacy Texting Led to Victory for a Small School Board Recall Race

Communication was key in this group’s efforts to gain signatures for their petition, and peer-to-peer (P2P) advocacy texting helped them achieve success.

The effects of the COVID pandemic permeated through all aspects of society, disrupting the lives of virtually everyone in the U.S. and around the world. One of the groups most affected by the pandemic were students, particularly those in K-12 grade levels.

The long term damage that shutdowns have had on developing children should not be underestimated. The lack of in person learning, discipline, proper resources and learning accommodations have already shown to be causing learning and social developmental issues in children in these K-12 age groups – and parents are noticing. 

However, the decline of performance in schooling is not necessarily new or strictly caused by the pandemic. The increase in the importance of social media to developing students, the increased difficulty of school curriculum, and the emphasis on pursuing higher education have all contributed to an increase in mental health issues in students and has led to a startling decline in school performance for many years. Data pulled from The Nation’s Report Card reflects this fact. 

Unsurprisingly, many parents across the nation have banded together to do something about the growing mental health and learning crises. What is surprising, however, are many School Boards’ lack of response toward these concerned parents.

Advocacy Texting for Concerned Parents

Our client worked with a group of parents who were facing these exact issues. This group worked tirelessly for 17 months to move their local Board of Education to address their concerns about the decline of their children’s school performance, but had been completely ignored. After doing research, it was found that many internal policies enacted by the Board of Education gave too much power to the wrong people while simultaneously decreasing their accountability, which is the root cause of this borderline negligent stagnation. 

Seeing as the individuals the parents elected into these Board of Education positions no longer represented them and their best interests, they decided to initiate a recall election. 

Recall elections are initiated when a sufficient number of voters sign a petition; in this case, the parents needed approximately 4,200 signatures per school board member. Our client knew that the best way to inform the community of this issue and instruct them on how to sign the petition was with peer-to-peer (P2P) texting.

What separates P2P texting from other professional communication channels like email is the fact that texting has the highest visibility (with 95%+ open rates!) while also providing the ability to have one-to-one, personalized conversations. 

How to Achieve Success with Advocacy Texting

While there are many best practices that played a role in the above-average performance of this client’s texting programs, the key to their great success came down to utilizing the main feature of P2P texting: back-and-forth communication.

The team sent two main messages; one message letting people know when and where people needed to go to sign the petition, and a follow up message to those who didn’t respond to their first message urging people to take action before the upcoming deadline.  

“It was helpful to clearly blast out a final message and details for how to sign. It drove people to the signing location and made it easy to ask supporters to find more people to sign in the final days.”

Real Text Message Example For P2P Advocacy Texting
A real text conversation with a supporter

When a supporter responded positively to a message our client’s team sent, they sent both automated and personalized messages thanking them for the support and guiding them to take further action. Responding is easy to do, but is often overlooked as many people only focus on the outbound messages they send. This in turn causes them to miss out on achieving genuine connection that turns supporters into super supporters!

You may be wondering how the team was able to successfully respond to thousands of people to move them to action. It’s simple – they kept track of conversations using the tagging feature available on our platform. Tagging is a powerful tool that can be used to keep track of the types of responses you get and plan follow-ups based on the information shared in conversations. 

This team used tagging to make sure they stopped texting the people who responded that they had already signed the petition at the in person recall signing station! Pestering your supporters with unnecessary follow up texts makes it seem like you are using blast-messaging platforms and don’t care about actual engagement with them.

Real Text Message Example For P2P Advocacy Texting
A real text conversation with a supporter

This text sent by the team came after the contact was tagged as unresponsive after receiving the organization’s first text. When the contact responded with a question, the team responded with a personalized message answering the question and encouraging the person to spread the word about the cause.

Real Text Message Example For P2P Advocacy Texting
A real text conversation with a supporter

This contact received that same second text after they were also tagged as unresponsive. This contact responded that they personally signed the petition, but not that most other people they knew had signed as well like the previous contact did. So, the team did a round of follow up using automated tap-then-send responses to select tagged contacts like this one asking them to ask more people to sign. 

The results speak for themselves – by taking the time to respond, they were able to turn 4 signatures from this supporter into 14+ signatures! In addition, the inclusion of an MMS improved our client’s delivery rate from 93% in the first message project to 100% in the second message project.

Thanks to our client’s efforts to chase every signature, they exceeded their goals. They sent approximately 16,000 text messages and got about 4,500 signatures per Board of Education member, qualifying the recall to move to the election stage!

Bottom Line:

No matter the size of your organization or the difficulty of your goal, P2P texting is the best way to get your message in front of supporters and move them to action. This local organization was able to blow their goal out of the water with P2P advocacy texting, and so can you!

If you are ready to start texting, you can create an account by clicking the sign up button at the top of the page and start texting in just 15 minutes. Have more questions? We can help – just contact our sales team at, or text us at 833–530–4400.

Peer to Peer Texting Fundraising Political Polling

3 Reasons Advancing Advocacy Projects with P2P Texting Leads to Real Results

Your advocacy projects can make a real difference if you use the right tools, so start using P2P texting to advance your outreach strategy today

Advocacy has an important role to ensure that vulnerable people, ideas, and occupations are able to have their voices heard and their opinions genuinely considered in matters that directly affect them.

Common advocacy activities include media campaigns, public events, and collection of data for the purpose of publishing research. While there are many channels available to help implement these initiatives, none are as effective as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. 

Whether it’s crowdsourcing, gathering petition signatures, survey completions, event invites & RSVPs, volunteer recruitment, or any other objective, P2P texting is the most effective way to reach people and get them involved in your organization’s unique outreach goals. 

Here are just some of the ways that P2P texting can establish, supplement, or complement your advocacy project’s outreach strategy: 

P2P Texting is the Most Effective Channel for Community Outreach - Advocacy Projects

1) P2P Texting is the Most Effective Channel for Community Outreach

P2P texting was made for achieving genuine communication at scale – no other communication channel has the reach that P2P texting can achieve. In addition, P2P texting has proven itself to be the communication channel with the highest visibility and response rate, simply because it’s the channel people check most often. 

We have seen that over 90% of texts are read within the first 3 minutes, and the average total open rate of messages is 95%. This means that even if someone chooses not to engage with your message, they are at least guaranteed to have seen the message, thereby increasing the awareness of your cause. 

The average response rate for P2P texts ranges from 10-20%, which significantly outperforms traditional channels. The response rate from P2P texting is almost 10x higher engagement than email and 20x higher engagement than direct mail. TV ads are a historically popular option for both visibility and engagement, but the competition on popular channels and the high cost of a slot leaves TV ads out of the question for many advocacy organizations.

Supporter Engagement & Mobilization is Easy with P2P Texting Tools - Advocacy Project

2) Supporter Engagement & Mobilization is Easy with P2P Texting Tools

Giving supporters the ability to express their concerns and providing them access to relevant information and services is both a major goal of advocacy projects and an influential factor in the success of any cause. Just as your organization is committed to the cause important to you and your audience, our team is committed to providing you with the best tools and features to make your voice heard using the power of P2P texting.

An excellent way to explain the mission for your cause is by utilizing our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting functionality, which allows you to send full 30-60+ second TV-quality videos directly to your audience’s phones. This has proven to be a powerful tool for engagement. Messages that include a video see an average of 50% more responses than a plain SMS text. With statistics showing that approximately 1-in-5 people do not have paid TV service anymore, using more viable alternatives like P2P texting to get your videos seen and heard is essential.

If you are asking people to call into a number and advocate for your cause, use our call tracking tool to gather data on patch-through calling advocacy projects. This feature shows which of your contacts called the number you sent them, and the amount of time their phone call lasted. This allows you to easily count up how many successful calls were made, and also identify who your super-supporters are based on the call duration time. These are the people you should follow up with to get more involved with your cause or send a thank you message to let them know their action is appreciated.

Sending safe links for anything from petitions, surveys, event invitations, resource pages and more is possible with our custom URL shortener. Domains are regularly monitored and rotated to make sure that all messages containing links make it through carrier spam filters successfully and delivered to your audience’s phones. You can even track who is interacting with your links via our individualized text link tracking, something only previously possible with email.

A real example of tagging in our portal

Once you’ve engaged your audience with an initial text, you can send replies back to inquiries or thank you messages by using our customizable tagging tool and dynamic fields to pull in any uploaded custom data. 

Tagging is easy to set up and simple for volunteers to apply to responses. These provide the ability to keep track of responses and make sure no one is left unresponded to. It also helps organize the types of responses received and aids volunteers with follow up messages. 

Improving contact lists for targeted outreach is simple using our data segmentation feature. Setting up effective tags for your advocacy project’s needs will allow you to quickly filter through message conversations to identify contacts that behave similarly that can be targeted in a similar way, allowing your organization to have reliable data to increase engagement. 

For example, people who responded positively showing interest for your cause and can be segmented into a new list to receive further information/messages, or people who RSVP’d for an event can be segmented into a special list to receive reminders regarding the event. When the right people are messaged at the right time, it is easier to build a solid support base of people who are passionate about your cause and willing to mobilize for it. 

Inter-organizational Management with RumbleUp is a Breeze - Advocacy Projects

3) Inter-organizational Management with RumbleUp is a Breeze

Time and human bandwidth are both precious resources for advocacy organizations. We recognize this, which is why we made the on-boarding process with RumbleUp both simple and fast. Our platform allows organizations to set up a new account, load data, and write your message to begin texting in under 15 minutes! 

We provide self-service, full-service, and hybrid setup solutions depending on the needs of your organization. Some of the services we offer include an experienced team of texters, help acquiring data, message copywriting, hands-on training for our platform, and more.

One great tool we provide for all our groups to utilize is push notifications for volunteer organization. They are a convenient, sure-fire way to make sure all your volunteers receive important information and updates, ensuring that urgent messages don’t become unseen and forgotten in an email inbox. 

Full reports on conversations and messaging projects are also available to download. It is a clear way to see the statistics regarding projects, including how many viable contacts were reached, how many messages were sent and received back, the status of messages, and more. We believe that informed clients will make informed decisions on how to continuously improve their contact lists and messages for the best delivery rates and engagement.  

Bottom Line:

Our platform is designed to ensure that advocacy organizations like yours have an easy way to achieve effective outreach with the power and reach of P2P texting. If you are interested in learning more about what RumbleUp can do for your organization, create an account at, contact our sales team at, or text us at (833) 530-4400!

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Email Link Tracking vs Individualized Text Link Tracking: Understanding Their Unique Differences

Text link tracking can drastically change how your campaign is spending its valuable time and money.

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of clarity or complete inability to track conversions on the links you include in text messages? No matter what communication channel you use, being able to track exactly which supporters interact with links you send provides essential information about who is interested and what you should follow up with them about. 

Sifting through all the different link tracking options currently available on the market to find a transparent, useful option can be time-consuming. Whether you’re new to link tracking or currently using a service, it’s important to understand the different options available and choose the right one for each channel.

What is Email Link Tracking?

What is Email Link Tracking?

One way to track links you sent is by email link tracking. This is a popular method normally used when a company sends a link they want their consumers to interact with via email. For campaigns, these links usually send people to external websites with campaign information, fundraising, voting locations, and more. 

Unfortunately, the fatal flaw with email link tracking for audience insights is the channel itself. Email engagement rate is simply not as high as it used to be. 

The email inbox has also turned into a place of vexation for most people, with more emails than ever filtered and sorted before people even see them. The average person receives around 121 emails a day from campaigns and businesses across America, spamming their inbox and burying the relevant emails they need for work and life. Email platforms like Gmail have counteracted this with their promotional email folder in order to enhance the user’s experience. Even if people do get around to checking these promotional emails, they usually just skim them for important information, missing your valuable tracking link. 

Since the rate at which people check emails is lower than ever, a different channel is needed to send important links. The best way to ensure that your trackable links are being seen and clicked on is to send them directly to a person via text. 

What is Individualized Text Link Tracking?

What is Individualized Text Link Tracking?

Individualized Text Link Tracking is a feature built into our platform that allows you to see exactly which contacts have clicked through a link included in a text message. This technology provides the ability to identify specific contacts who have clicked a link that would likely never have been seen at all if sent over email. 

This link tracking feature is easy to use and takes no time to set up. It all starts with our platform’s Custom URL Shortener. 

Choose from a wide variety of different domain names available to choose from, including links specific to fundraising, surveys, polling, and more. Using a custom URL shortener will help your link look safe to click on and prevent carriers from flagging your messages as spam as they often do with free online shortener tools such as 

Why you should use RumbleUp Individualized Text Link Tracking 

Why you should use RumbleUp Individualized Text Link Tracking 

By using our Individualized Text Link Tracking, you exponentially increase the odds of your links being clicked on and are able to pinpoint the exact people who interacted with it. 

The stats say it all. According to MailChimp, the average open rate of political emails is 22.94% with only a 2.37% click-through rate. Since texting provides communication on the channel people respond to most often and care about the most, the open rates are much higher. Texts have an average total open rate of 95%, and an average response rate ranging from 10–20%, which is almost 10x higher engagement than email If you are going to be spending part of your budget on sending links with the goal of people interacting with them, the text is the proven way to go. 

Another reason our Individualized Text Link Tracking is the best option is that you can easily find and pull contacts who interact with your content. People who click a link shortened with our Custom URL Shortener will have a tag automatically added to them in the system. This allows you to easily filter and see all the contacts who have engaged with your link, which can help your campaign make valuable decisions on future outreach.  

Bottom Line 

If you are unsure about the performance of your links or aren’t getting the engagement you want, then you are missing out on valuable data that allows you to make smart outreach decisions. By using our Individualized Text Link Tracking tool, your message will get through while others get lost in the pile.

Take the first step today and sign up with RumbleUp at to start texting out trackable links today! Not sure if RumbleUp is right for you? Contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or to discuss how texting can best work for you.

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Exceptional Virtual Voter Engagement With Powerful P2P Texting In 2020

When COVID-19 halted traditional campaigning, one congressional candidate increased voter engagement using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting, achieving victory against the incumbent on election day.

Increasing Voter Engagement With P2P Texting

The odds were stacked against this congressional candidate at the beginning of her political campaign. Not only was she running against an incumbent for a hotly contested Congressional seat, her team suddenly needed to adapt to a contactless campaign.

To give her the edge to win, their team turned to us to help. We helped them increase voter engagement in a way that stood out and made a lasting impact by using every tool our platform provides. As a result, they were able to use virtual outreach throughout the initial phases of COVID to keep up their voter engagement.

Increasing Voter Engagement With P2P
Real Conversation With a Voter

In the beginning, the team started their texting program by focusing on distributing public health information regarding COVID relief. This was a perfect way to introduce the candidate to the community. – It demonstrated not only that her first priority was protecting voters’ health, but also that she was forward-thinking in how to communicate by choosing to text them this information. Her team was sending out texts asking people if they had everything they needed to be safe and included links to resources that might be of use to them.

After establishing the candidate’s name, ID, and positioning her as a reliable resource for COVID relief to the community, the team began texting out persuasion messages. The district this candidate was in had unique demographics where a significant portion of the population spoke Vietnamese as their first language. To accommodate this, the campaign split up their audiences based on language preference and fully utilized our platform’s ability to send text messages with Unicode characters to send texts in Vietnamese to those who spoke it. Going to these lengths for genuine voter contact showed that she desired to listen to everyone she would be representing.

How Voter Engagement Was Improved
Real Conversation With a Voter

How Voter Engagement Was Improved

A key element of their multilingual texting program that made them stand out was the team’s commitment to responding. While this is typically overlooked, we have seen firsthand that it can mean the difference between winning and losing. Our client’s ability to easily manage responses was made possible by two unique platform enhancements we provided to them. 

The first one, Tap-Then-Send, allowed the team to load custom pre-written responses to cut down on the time volunteers spent writing each response to replies. The second enhancement, Rapid Respond mode, reformatted volunteers’ screens to sequentially show unreplied messages in a flow that let them manage responses up to 50% faster.

These unique features allowed the campaign to scale up their team’s ability to respond to voters, which resulted in higher quality conversations and increased engagement. One of the best examples of this was their volunteer recruitment messages. Rapid Respond mode allowed the campaign to respond back to people right away, which is vital in order to keep the conversation going. Campaigns often lose the recipient’s attention by taking too long to respond, but our client had the tools to prevent this. This is why they were able to schedule interviews and successfully recruit volunteers through texting. Without this feature, they would have lost potential volunteers, making a big difference in their campaign. 

Another way we helped them was by including multimedia attachments to their texts to increase their response rates even further. With our system, we had them texting up to the final hour with targeted GOTV texts.

P2P Voter Engagement Results
Real Conversation With a Voter

Voter Engagement with P2P Texting Produced Results

In the end, our client won by a margin of 2.2% — only 8,376 votes made the difference! We are proud to have enabled our client to get the absolute most out of what can be accomplished through P2P text messaging by having meaningful voter engagement that moved the needle.

Interested in getting started with P2P texting? Sign up at, text us at 833-530-4400, or reach out to our sales team at to talk about how texting can best work for you! 

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3 New Features From Rumbleup That Are Ready to Change the Game

New features have been added to the platform to help you send your message far and wide, ready to start using them?

Peer-to-peer texting remains at the forefront of campaign technology, with tools and strategies constantly being developed to help campaigns continue to achieve more effective and personalized digital outreach.

In this ever-changing environment where staying one step ahead of the competition can mean the difference between victory or defeat on election day, it is important to understand what new tools and strategies are available to you and how they can help your unique use case. Keep reading to see how our new features can improve your text messaging.

New Features - Switchboard Integration

1) Switchboard Integration

The moment we have all been waiting for is here, Switchboard is fully integrated into Rumbleup! This new integration allows you to use the reach of RumbleUp peer-to-peer texting to ask contacts for their opt-in to receive texts from your Switchboard account.

This integration with Switchboard will allow for targeted outreach like never before. It will help you identify your most active, loyal supporters and enable you to personally connect with them in a more efficient and affordable way.

So how does it work? It’s simple — just send a message through RumbleUp asking contacts to reply with the appropriate keyword, and they will be automatically added into your Switchboard account to the group you select. To get started, go to the Tools tab in your portal, then press Integrations under the Tools subsection.

New Features - In-Portal Call Tracking Setup and Reporting

2) In-Portal Call Tracking Setup and Reporting

Being able to track data from phone calls your campaign has with voters can give you important insights into your audience. This new Call Tracking tool allows you to create patch-through phone numbers directly in your portal to include in your text messages for calls to action.

When contacts call this number, you will have the ability to see how many calls were made and how much time was spent on the phone. This way you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign with hard data instead of having contacts call the end recipient directly.

There are many ways you can use Call Tracking to achieve your goals. You can direct voters to call their local representatives to urge them to vote for/against an initiative or to ask any questions they may have. If you are a smaller candidate and would like to hear the concerns of voters personally, you now have the tool to do so easily. No matter the use case, you will have access to the data needed to gauge the effectiveness of any CTA that will help you make future outreach decisions.

Interested in using in-portal Call Tracking to upgrade your outreach? Simply navigate to the Tools subsection of the Tools tab in your portal to get started today.

New Features - Phone Number Scanning

3) Phone Number Scanning

Data entry and upload errors are common, especially when long strings of numbers are involved. This is especially common with phone numbers not separated by hyphens or parentheses, where it can be hard to tell if extra numbers were input by accident.

This new Phone Number Scanning feature only allows phone numbers with 10 digits or less to be successfully uploaded to the portal. This will prevent texts from being sent to invalid numbers, saving you money as well as time investigating potential problems with your contact data manually.

Time to Start Texting!

Now that you understand what the new features are and how to use them, it’s time to get texting. If you have not already started to use peer-to-peer texting to connect with your audience, create an account at, contact our sales team at, or text us at 833–530–4400!

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How Our Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Texting Improved Clients Delivery Rates

Artificial Intelligence Texting completely turned around one major senatorial campaign’s text message deliverability and spam rates in the 2020 cycle.

Artificial Intelligence Texting Saved the Day

Artificial Intelligence Texting Saved the Day

This past year, our client’s team was in trouble. They, along with so many others, had the odds stacked against them due to COVID-19 restrictions making traditional campaigning impossible. In order to adapt to the new landscape, the team turned to the most modern outreach channel available: peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. While this channel had proven to be the most visible and impactful way to get their message out, the campaign quickly discovered a new challenge: they did not know how to use the text messaging channel effectively. 

However, common mistakes were made because they were unfamiliar with the P2P texting best practices. Their message copy was stale and had a repetitive tone likely because they took their message copy straight from campaign emails. People don’t text the same way they email and they don’t respond well when a text comes across as impersonal. Not only was our client’s team annoying their audience by sending poorly written messages, but a considerable amount of their outgoing texts were also being caught in spam filters at the phone carrier level, leaving thousands of messages undelivered. 

Seeing this, they came to our team for help. And so, enhanced artificial intelligence texting was thought of to be incorporated into their campaign. 

How We Incorporated Artificial Intelligence Texting

How We Incorporated Artificial Intelligence Texting

Our team turned their texting program around by tackling two major issues: message copy and message multiplication.

To level up their message copy, we coupled our expertise in P2P text message writing with artificial intelligence texting. To help them reach their consumers better, we did a few things. First we re-wrote each of their messages, humanizing them with casual language and recipient personalization. Then, we used conversational artificial intelligence technology to produce 58 unique messages, with 10-12 variations of each re-written message so we had multiple unique versions. The AI technology analyzed each message and replaced both words and phrases with language it learned from both our team and its native language set. This allowed us to produce variations that were based on the way people actually text each other, which led to more effective messaging.

Our approach to fixing their audiences was more straightforward, but also effective. The campaign originally split up their full list into groups based on wide targeting demographics like age range, donors, early voters, etc., but the problem was that these lists were over half a million people large. In order to fix their deliverability issues, we broke down their lists into many smaller segments, attaching the artificial intelligence-augmented message copy to each segment. Adding variety made the traffic patterns more organic. 

The Result of Our Artificial Intelligence Texting

The Result of Our Artificial Intelligence Texting

The difference our company made for them was night and day. 

As a result of our team’s work with artificial intelligence texting, our client’s campaign saw as much as a 47% increase in their message deliverability and a remarkably low spam rate of 3.6% by the end of the messaging campaign. It is important to remember that messages only work if they successfully reach their recipient, and that recipient is only going to engage with the message if it’s authentic and believable. 

If it were not for the contributions of our team and artificial intelligence texting, our client’s texting program would not have succeeded.

Now you can ask yourself: “Is my current provider going above and beyond to make sure my messages get delivered?”  If you answered no, sign up and start texting today at or reach out to our sales team to talk about how texting can best work for you:

Peer to Peer Texting Fundraising Political Polling

The 2021 Textie Awards: Celebrating The 9 Best Uses of P2P Texting in 2020

The 2021 Textie Awards are the newest political award recognizing excellent use of peer-to-peer (P2P) texting in 2020.

Due in large part to the introduction of COVID-19 related disruptions, 2020 became the year of distanced outreach for campaigns across the country. Switching gears from traditional campaigning was tough for many candidates to handle, but it also served as a wake up call for groups to start getting creative with their digital outreach. 

The common denominator for successful campaigns last year was their ability to make use of new, innovative technologies such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. We saw an explosion in the use of P2P texting last year as it quickly became the ideal alternative to in-person efforts like events and door-to-door canvassing. As a result, there was a massive uptick in creative uses of P2P texting that changed the way we think about traditional campaigning.

Inspired by this, our team decided to showcase some of these innovative uses of P2P texting and celebrate those who achieved their goals through the successful integration of texting.

To give these use cases the attention they deserve, we created The Textie Awards; a new political award exclusively dedicated to highlighting excellent use cases of P2P texting by campaigns and organizations using RumbleUp across the country. 

Winners of the Textie Awards are recognized as leaders in the industry for their effective use of innovative technology in their awarded category. The categories are broken down by goal; GOTV, Fundraising and Advocacy. After thorough judging by a panel of campaign experts, we are proud to announce the 9 best-in-text winners of the first annual Textie Awards!

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 1 - GOTV

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 1 – GOTV

Gold Level Winner: “Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh for California State Senate” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

This group used texting to propel Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh from her place at the bottom of the polls to ultimately winning a highly contentious general election. Their messages targeted Independent/NPP/Swing Voters, which generated thousands of new votes from voters who had not voted in the previous 2018 primary or general election. Bogh is now the first Hispanic female Republican to serve in the California Senate.

Silver Level Winner: “Texting to Victory in TX State House Special Election” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

This group created a compelling texting program for the Gary Gates campaign to overcome the challenge of piquing voters’ interest in an off-year election when engagement is typically low.

They created a series of five GOTV texts using best practices such as using language that encouraged replies, writing with a conversational style instead of traditional formal writing, and sending multimedia attachments (MMS) messages to improve delivery rates and increase legitimacy. Their messages focused on making sure voters received their mail in ballots, explaining the good character of Gates as a candidate, promoting special events, and encouraging low turnout voters with targeted issue based GOTV messages.

Their texting program proved successful and their candidate advanced to the top of the runoff among seven candidates, ultimately achieving victory on election day.

Bronze Level Winner: “Coefficient Direct to Device Delivery” submitted by Coefficient

This group sent full length made-for-TV campaign ads directly to voters’ phones via text. These high definition, professionally produced videos achieved viewership levels significantly higher than traditional TV because of the increase in cord-cutting causing 1-in-5 households to no longer have traditional TV service, limiting its reach and effectiveness. Additionally, social media ad platforms became an unreliable alternative for advertising last year because of the ad freeze put in place by most of the big tech giants. The feedback from both campaigns and recipients of these messages described the texts as a captivating new outlet to connect with voters and to get them out to the polls. Ty

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 2 - Fundraising

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 2 – Fundraising

Gold Level Winner: “Campaign Inbox – Tillis for Senate – P2P Fundraising Program” submitted by Campaign Inbox

This company’s P2P program for the Tillis campaign surpassed their fundraising goals and grew the size of their text donor file by over 500%. Of the millions of dollars raised for the Tillis digital program, nearly half came from Campaign Inbox’s P2P texting program. The program’s success was achieved by fully embracing the two-way conversational functionality of P2P texting that allowed the candidate to personally connect with donors himself. By tailoring unique messages for specific audiences (such as new prospecting acquisitions) resulting in additional conversions, the program’s ROI grew continuously over the course of the cycle – in many cases, raising well over $20 for every $1 spent sending.

Silver Level Winner: “Flip the House – Joe Collins” submitted by Top Ad Consulting Inc

This agency raised $275,000 in 5 months for US Congressional Candidate Joe Collins through a combination of soliciting previous donors as well as acquiring new donors through large-scale prospecting via P2P texting. The campaign used our tagging feature to mark people who expressed support and those who donated to segment them into cultivated retargeting lists, successfully receiving 2nd and 3rd donations often within a week of a person’s original donation. The campaign saw an ROI of nearly 15X.

Bronze Level Winner: “Notorious MTG” Submitted by Big Red Wall Communications with acknowledgements to Greene for Congress, Big Red Wall, and PHP

This group targeted grassroots/small-dollar donors through text and was able to raise over six figures with minimal investment. They ran an extensive name acquisition program to gain supporters’ phone numbers and uploaded them in batches segmented by individual amounts given to allow A/B testing before deploying larger projects to groups of 10,000+ supporters. They said the key to their success was being able to respond through our platform and text back with supporters at a moment’s notice. This was made possible with Rapid Respond mode built into the RumbleUp platform.

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 3 - Advocacy

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 3 – Advocacy

Gold Level Winner: “Republican Party of Florida | Vote No on Amendment 3 2020” submitted by Election Management Solutions, Inc.

This group’s goal was to educate Republicans on why they should vote NO on a down ballot Amendment that would allow Democrats to choose Republican candidates in Florida primaries. They leaned heavily on utilizing MMS messages to send images and videos featuring Gov Ron DeSantis in order to increase trust and engagement with voters. They sent over 2 million text messages in the final week of the campaign and were ultimately successful in preventing the Amendment from being passed.

Silver Level Winner: “Defensive Texting for Senator Marshall” submitted by Coefficient with acknowledgments to Keep Kansas Great Pac and Senator Marshall

This group helped the Roger Marshall for Senate campaign cut through the noise and secure the Republican nomination by sending high quality videos via text message. This allowed Marshall to be competitive in a crowded and well-funded 11-way primary and defend against well-funded outside groups’ onslaught of attack ads. Marshall achieved victory in the primary despite these challenges, and won the general election. 

Bronze Level Winner: “Biden is Bad for PA Workers” submitted by FreedomWorks for America

This group used embedded videos to persuade voters in Pennsylvania with messages pointing out how many jobs were lost in the state the last time Joe Biden was in office, asking them to support GOP candidates instead. They reached around 240,000 voters in PA with this video, and received an overwhelming amount of positive replies such as; “awesome video!” and “Yes, GOP all the way!”

Best Overall Texting Program of The 2021 Textie Awards

Best Overall Texting Program of The 2021 Textie Awards

Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh for California State Senate” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

Murphy Nasica’s work on the Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh campaign stood out the most to our judges as the Best Entry Overall.

While their story ends well, they faced significant challenges along the road to victory. Along with COVID-19 restrictions turning traditional campaigning on its head, the candidate’s  historically Republican district was now evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. The ticket consisted of two Democrats and three Republicans which meant there was a strong chance the two Democrats would make it to the general election because of vote splitting. On top of that, our candidate was dead last out of all five candidates in the initial polling. 

Murphy Nasica & Associates used P2P texting to target Independent/NPP/Swing Voters, which generated 13,787 new votes from people who had not voted in the previous 2018 primary. This propelled Rosilicie from last in polls to the top two in a tough jungle Primary. 

They used this momentum and continued to text through election day where Rosilicie went on to win a challenging general election with a margin of 21,541 votes. Their team used P2P texting to make a comeback of a lifetime and successfully elected the first female Hispanic Republican to serve in the California Senate. 

Final Thoughts

Thank you to all the participants who took part in the first annual Textie Awards. We look forward to seeing more innovative uses of RumbleUp as P2P texting continues to grow, and celebrating more victories like these in the future!

Inspired by how these entries used texting to achieve their goals? Sign up and start texting today at or reach out to our sales team to talk about how texting can best work for you:

Political Fundraising Peer to Peer Texting Polling

Texting Along the Campaign Trail

Texting by real human beings is the best way to get in touch with voters in a fast, personal, effective way.

That’s why peer-to-peer texting was the breakout tool of the 2018 midterms.

Many campaigns, however, hopped on the bandwagon only at the very end of the 2018 cycle and only sent texts for GOTV (get out the vote).

While this is a great use of the tool (and there are good resources explaining how to do it, like ours), the reality is there are SO many more ways to use texting throughout your campaign. In fact, the smartest use of the tool is to integrate it into your outreach programs from the very beginning of your campaign to get the best possible data on who your potential voters are and what will (eventually) get them out to the polls to support you.

So don’t wait until the last minute to use this incredible resource! Start talking to voters immediately and start building the momentum now which will propel you to victory on election day.

Here is a roadmap for how your campaign can best harness the incredible potential of peer-to-peer texting with RumbleUp when you throw your hat into the ring:

#1 Name ID

You’re running for office! Time to get the word out.

Think about your texting plan as an ongoing conversation you want to be having with voters. If you’re talking to your friends in a group chat, you wouldn’t start the story you want to tell them at the end, would you? Same goes for the conversation you have with voters. Begin your conversation by sending a friendly ‘hello’ text letting people know that your candidate is running for office and why. This is an excellent opportunity to set the tone you want to have with people in these conversations and give a good first impression.

We’ve seen thousands of different messages sent by campaigns, and by far the best performing messages are always the ones which ask the voter a genuine question about themselves. Our advice when sending out this first text introducing the candidate is to end with a question asking what issue matters most to that person. This is the perfect question you should be asking your voters because not only does it open up the opportunity for conversation and make the recipient feel like their opinion is being heard, our platform also makes it easy to tag folks’ responses so that you can use this valuable data later on in the campaign when you do follow ups.

Pro tip: Make your message even more personal by having it come from the candidate him/herself.

Audience: New, Swing, and Low-High Propensity Voters

#2 Volunteer Recruitment

Every campaign needs volunteers, and the more you have the greater an impact you can make.

After you send out your initial text introducing the candidate, you likely will have received a good amount of positive responses from people either voicing their support or interest in the campaign. Be sure you are tagging all responses! It is a powerful feature that will immensely improve the effectiveness of your texting programs. For example, by using our tagging feature you can be marking recipients as ‘Positive’ when they reply to your initial text and voice their support. Then you can create a new audience in the RumbleUp portal of everyone who was tagged ‘Positive’ and send all of those people a text asking if they would like to volunteer.

Pro Tip: You can also use pre-scripted replies and ask someone if they would like to volunteer in the initial conversation you have with them. Then if they say yes, you can tag them as ‘Volunteer’ and add them to your volunteer list for follow-up. The more segments you create, the more personalized your outreach will become.

Audience: Positive Responses + Likely Supporters/High Propensity Voters

#3 Event Attendance

No one wants an empty event — especially if it’s your campaign kick-off! To get people out, send them a text invite. We have seen that the most effective way to dramatically boost event attendance is to send an initial invite text to people in the area two days before the event, and then a reminder text the day of.

Casual conversational invites work best. By using texting to invite people in the area to your events, you’re able to quickly and easily answer people’s questions about location, transportation, what kind of food would be served, etc.

Pro Tip: You will likely have a fair amount of people text back saying that they won’t be able to make it but would be interested in coming out for the next one. Tag these people to follow-up with an invite to the next event!

Audience: Positive Responses + Mid-High Propensity Voters in geographical areas near your events

#4 Polling/Surveying

It should really come as no surprise that voters are more likely to talk to you if you give them a chance to voice their opinion first. If you want someone to care about your campaign, you need to start by listening to what that person cares about. I mentioned earlier in this article that asking people questions is the best way to get responses. I’m bringing it up again because it is that important to emphasize, and also you need to be doing it more than once! Don’t just ask someone what their most important issue is and then never return to the topic again. Use the responses you get to shape the next message you send asking for people’s opinions.

Here’s an example:

1st Text: “Hi Jane! My name is John Smithy and I’m running for office. I’m texting people in the area to spread the word and let you know that I want to make sure I’m representing the community in the best way possible by fighting for what matters most to the people who live here. Is there one issue at the top of your list that I can help you fight for?”

2nd Text: (based on answer given): “Hey Jane, this is Sara with the Smithy for Congress campaign. I’m so glad that *insert answer here* is your top issue. John Smithy has a detailed plan to address this problem: *insert hyperlink here*…. Would you be interested in *insert call to action* to help us fight for the cause?”

Pro Tip: Always have a call to action as a pre-scripted reply to send people if they respond positively to your message. Don’t waste an opportunity to move someone up the ladder of engagement! The faster you reply, the more likely they are to act.

#5 Yard Signs

(and all that other fun stuff campaigns give out)

By now you have identified many supporters through the conversations you’ve been having and can re-target them using the tags you’ve applied. Hopefully you have made them feel engaged with the campaign by asking them what they care about most, and by letting them know they can count on your candidate to represent their concerns if elected to office.

Once you know someone is a supporter, an easy follow-up is to ask them if they would like a yard sign. If they say yes, ask them for their address and tag them as ‘Yard Sign’ for example. Or bumper sticker. Or asking them to become a peer-to-peer texter! The sky’s the limit.

Audience: Positive Responses + Mid/High Propensity Voters

#6 Keep People Engaged

Have a breaking news story come out that you want everyone to see? Send it via text! There really is no better way to get a message in front of someone than to send it right to their phone.

It is an easy way to cut through the noise and a good strategy for staying ahead of mis-information. Remember to still keep your message friendly though. Don’t come across like a news anchor pitching the latest headline. Always write your messages like they are coming from a friend of the recipient, keeping in mind that text messages are a much more casual form of communication than email or TV.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget that with RumbleUp you can embed multimedia attachments like pictures and videos right inside your text message! Check out our best practice article about how this can double your response rate.

Audience: Largely depends on content you’re sending — if you have the right tags active, you will know the best audience to target

#7 Fundraising

Last but not certainly not least, remember that P2P texting is a fast and easy way for you to raise money. Send recipients a link to your mobile optimized donation page with a message tailored to your audience asking them to support the campaign.

We also have an integration with Anedot (and soon, WinRed) which makes it even easier for people to donate if they’ve saved a credit card on file.

All a potential donor needs to do is respond to a text with “YES,” plus the amount they wish to donate. Once that happens, if they are a registered Anedot donor they will be automatically charged and emailed a receipt. If they are not already a registered donor, a texter can reply with a personalized donation link.

You can run a fundraising program on its own and send it to people who you have identified as likely supporters.

Pro tip:We also recommend having a message with your fundraising link loaded in as a pre-scripted response for your other messages. This way, if you’re having a conversation with someone who is super excited about your candidate, you can capitalize on that energy and send them your fundraising message at the optimal time for engagement. Take advantage of the speed and flexibility texting offers!

Putting It All Together

A good messaging program will use all of these touch points to layer threads on top of one another and by executing each layer effectively (tagging people correctly and sending the correct responses) you will constantly increase the effectiveness of the messages you send. This is because you know you’re sending the right message to the right people based on information you have gathered from earlier messages sent.

The texts you send early in the campaign should focus on education and light engagement. You should ask recipients lots of questions and make good use of our tagging feature to focus follow-ups based on the audiences you can segment out.

Most importantly: get ahead of your opponents and start texting today!

Visit us at to get started. Our support team is always happy to help you apply the general lessons above to your particular goals and use cases.

Happy texting! 🥊

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Peer to Peer Texting Fundraising Political Polling

Celebrating National Advocacy Day: 5 Ways to Use P2P Texting to Advocate

It’s National Advocacy Day! We’re marking the day by highlighting how our advocates and advocacy group clients are becoming more effective with P2P texting.

In fact, P2P texting is the ultimate advocacy tool. Here are 5 ways our advocacy clients use it:

1. Patch-Through Calls to Elected Officials

Need some calls made fast? Our platform makes it easy to quickly send messages asking people to call their elected officials. Every message can be personalized. And it’s cheaper and faster than traditional patch-through calls!

Even better: you can forward the number you texted them with straight to their elected official’s office, so all the recipient needs to do is call the number that texted them back to be directly connected with their elected official. So easy!

Finally, we can track every call made and how long the call lasts —so we know our average advocacy call to an elected official is 56 seconds!

2. Fundraising

Need to raise some money? Texting is the quickest and most convenient way for your supporters to donate. Our platform makes it easy to include a shortened link to your donation page right in the text message. Or to make it even more convenient, set up a keyword for donating money (i.e. “YES”) and your supporters can donate through the text message by replying with the keyword AND the amount they wish to give (“YES 50” = $50.00).

3. Promoting Events

Have an event coming up? We’ve seen that texting people an invitation plus a reminder the day of the event is a sure fire way to boost attendance (growing events by 20% up to doubling attendance!). What makes it even better is the dynamic tagging feature our platform offers which makes it easy for you to be tagging people who RSVP so that you send the correct follow-up to each set of invitees.

4. Member Education

Have an awesome video you want everyone to watch? Text it to them! There is simply no better way to get your content in front of someone than to send it straight to their message inbox so all they have to do is tap the play button in the text message. We have seen that including a multimedia attachment in your text message such as a picture, infographic, gif or video nearly DOUBLES your response rate. People love pics!

5. Surveys & Polling

Need survey respondents but can’t get the right people on the phone? Send your survey out via text! We can help you acquire cell phone numbers for the people you are trying to reach. We have found that texting is an effective and cost efficient way to collect completed surveys in a short amount of time — P2P texting surveys is cheaper than live calling!

Sign up for your account or a demo with one of our team at

Happy advocating!

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