12 Essential Enhanced Video Texting FAQs

Enhanced Video Texting

Enhanced video texting is the biggest innovation in P2P texting since P2P itself. Here are 10 of the top questions asked about Enhanced Video Texting to help you get started with this new innovative technology.

How to Turn Replies into Fundraising Gold

As the countdown ticks closer to November 3rd, there have never been more voters engaged in the election process. The upcoming elections are on everyone’s mind as the entire country buzzes around watching debates, submitting mail-in ballots, standing in line at the polls, and getting involved with campaigns by volunteering or donating. Although many people […]

Five GOTV Messages Proven to Work

RumbleUp Political Industry

Voting has already started. Are you texting yet? This year has been a challenge for campaigns to navigate through as normal campaign tactics and events have been interrupted across the country. However, many campaigns have been able to adapt and utilize tools such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting to prompt genuine interactions with voters, rally engagement […]

How to Use P2P Texting for GOTV

Texting is an essential tool for getting out the vote this year. Are you using it effectively? There’s still time to learn how to win your election with texting. This has been a wild year for everyone and campaigns in particular have had to innovate like never before. There are less than 70 days until the November general election, […]

Texting Along the Campaign Trail

Texting by real human beings is the best way to get in touch with voters in a fast, personal, effective way. That’s why peer-to-peer texting was the breakout tool of the 2018 midterms. Many campaigns, however, hopped on the bandwagon only at the very end of the 2018 cycle and only sent texts for GOTV […]

Celebrating National Advocacy Day: 5 Ways to Use P2P Texting to Advocate

It’s National Advocacy Day! We’re marking the day by highlighting how our advocates and advocacy group clients are becoming more effective with P2P texting. In fact, P2P texting is the ultimate advocacy tool. Here are 5 ways our advocacy clients use it: 1. Patch-Through Calls to Elected Officials Need some calls made fast? Our platform makes […]

Count the Ways: More Examples of P2P Texting Working!

Our clients are discovering new ways to utilize P2P texting every day! Here are some of their spectacular results. Peer-to-peer texting is one of the most exciting breakout communication tools right now. With over 200 million P2P texts sent in that last half of 2018 alone (more than twice the amount of the previous year), […]

5 Ways To Fundraise with P2P Texting

It is the season for giving! With the 2020 elections ramping up, it is time to tap into your supporters energy and capitalize on the momentum being gained. Here are 5 ways to use peer-to-peer texting for fundraising: 1. Thank your supporters Let the people who helped you win know that their help was appreciated. […]