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3 Successful Examples of Fundraising with Texting

Raising money through instant two-way text programs is easier than most fundraisers realize. Use these proven success stories as a guide and start fundraising with texting to hit your donor targets every time.

We know what makes an effective fundraising message, as well as what tools and strategies work best to increase your chances for success.

Here are three standout examples of successful fundraising with texting for inspiration.

1) New York Governor Race – SMS Fundraising

While multimedia messages (MMS) are generally more effective than plain SMS messages, this first campaign proved that simple no-frill texts can be just as effective if the message copy is strong and directly relevant to the audience receiving it. This fundraising message (shown below) focused on the mandates in New York that caused thousands of people to be fired. 

New York Governor Race - SMS Fundraising - Fundraising with Texting
A real conversation with a voter

A key strategy they used for successful fundraising with texting was sending their messages to a small, targeted list of likely supporters instead of casting an overly large net across New York residents. This not only saved the campaign money, but also their valuable time that could be spent focusing on personal conversations with engaged supporters instead of sifting through hundreds of unsupportive responses.

A key feature they used was our URL shortener with Individualized Link Tracking to see exactly which of their contacts interacted with the message, even if they did not respond to it. This increased their accuracy of identifying solid supporters and likely donors with the first-party data sent directly to the campaign by the voters themselves. The URL in this message received 250 clicks out of 3,192 messages delivered, which can be segmented into a unique list and used for future re-targeting.

On this message alone, the campaign raised $1,431 and only spent $264 to send it out – making their ROI $5.42 for every $1 spent.

2) Texas State Representative Race – Leveraging Key Features 

This Republican candidate was running against an incumbent in a district containing a particularly large, deep blue county. Their team was able to compile a list of around 5,000 residents in the area who had been identified as supporting the opposition effort to defund the district’s police force and sent them a targeted message directly addressing this topic. 

Texas State Representative Race - Leveraging Key Features - Fundraising with Texting
A real conversation with a voter

Similar to the first example, this small targeted send proved to be effective in saving both time and money. Their team also used our URL shortener with Individualized Link Tracking and identified 555 people who clicked the URL out of 5,082 messages delivered, which the campaign can segment into a unique list and use for future re-targeting.

This campaign took their program a step further by including an image. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, including an image or video along with a text significantly increases the chances your audience will connect with the message and understand it more clearly. It is also a chance to show off your candidate with valuable face recognition and include valuable information that may not fit within the 320 character limit.

They also took full advantage of our Tap-then-Send responses with corresponding tags. The team used this tool to tag voters as they shared information about themselves in responses which were then added to update their contact card information. This team did an excellent job staying on top of their responses, equipping them with the ability to filter by these tags for easy segmenting and responding, which they took advantage of later.

Promptly responding to people who showed interest in donating has a profound impact, and is something this team diligently executed. People want to know their donations and sentiments of support are appreciated, so taking the time to reply to someone who responds to you, even if they’re unable to donate, is a surefire way to turn supporters into super supporters who will donate to you again.

Despite the difficulties that came with being a challenger in a tough district, this campaign raised over $1,500 on this single fundraising text (shown above) and spent only $582.45 – making their ROI $2.58 for every $1 spent. 

3) National Activism Organization – Clever Language Use

This activist group sent a targeted end-of-year fundraising text message concisely stating what their mission is and that they needed donations.

National Activism Organization - Clever Language Use - Fundraising with Texting
A real conversation with a supporter

Their message (shown above) illustrates the power of thoughtful message construction. They hit the mark on several key best practices when fundraising with texting that have been proven to boost performance: 

  • Clear opt-out language is a key factor in improving the delivery rate of your message, and makes recipients feel that they are in control if they do not wish to be contacted. 
  • Avoid excessive all caps and exclamatory punctuation to avoid striking the wrong tone.
  • The message is written in a conversational way, instead of a formal way resembling an email. Conversational messages resonate better with people. 
  • They clearly stated what their donations would go towards and even provided an example dollar amount to contribute.
  • Their clever connection of the project name to the suggested contribution amount is a great way to get people’s attention.

This organization spent just under $600 to send its message to 4,068 people. These small targeted sends produce big results – in 2019, this organization pulled in over $4.4 million in revenue.

Bottom Line

We hope you find these examples useful in crafting your own effective messages for successful fundraising with texting at any stage in the election cycle.

If you would like to start using peer-to-peer texting to fundraise and connect with your audience, take the first step today and sign up with RumbleUp at Have more questions about RumbleUp? Contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or to discuss how texting can best work for you.

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3 Reasons Advancing Advocacy Projects with P2P Texting Leads to Real Results

Your advocacy projects can make a real difference if you use the right tools, so start using P2P texting to advance your outreach strategy today

Advocacy has an important role to ensure that vulnerable people, ideas, and occupations are able to have their voices heard and their opinions genuinely considered in matters that directly affect them.

Common advocacy activities include media campaigns, public events, and collection of data for the purpose of publishing research. While there are many channels available to help implement these initiatives, none are as effective as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. 

Whether it’s crowdsourcing, gathering petition signatures, survey completions, event invites & RSVPs, volunteer recruitment, or any other objective, P2P texting is the most effective way to reach people and get them involved in your organization’s unique outreach goals. 

Here are just some of the ways that P2P texting can establish, supplement, or complement your advocacy project’s outreach strategy: 

P2P Texting is the Most Effective Channel for Community Outreach - Advocacy Projects

1) P2P Texting is the Most Effective Channel for Community Outreach

P2P texting was made for achieving genuine communication at scale – no other communication channel has the reach that P2P texting can achieve. In addition, P2P texting has proven itself to be the communication channel with the highest visibility and response rate, simply because it’s the channel people check most often. 

We have seen that over 90% of texts are read within the first 3 minutes, and the average total open rate of messages is 95%. This means that even if someone chooses not to engage with your message, they are at least guaranteed to have seen the message, thereby increasing the awareness of your cause. 

The average response rate for P2P texts ranges from 10-20%, which significantly outperforms traditional channels. The response rate from P2P texting is almost 10x higher engagement than email and 20x higher engagement than direct mail. TV ads are a historically popular option for both visibility and engagement, but the competition on popular channels and the high cost of a slot leaves TV ads out of the question for many advocacy organizations.

Supporter Engagement & Mobilization is Easy with P2P Texting Tools - Advocacy Project

2) Supporter Engagement & Mobilization is Easy with P2P Texting Tools

Giving supporters the ability to express their concerns and providing them access to relevant information and services is both a major goal of advocacy projects and an influential factor in the success of any cause. Just as your organization is committed to the cause important to you and your audience, our team is committed to providing you with the best tools and features to make your voice heard using the power of P2P texting.

An excellent way to explain the mission for your cause is by utilizing our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting functionality, which allows you to send full 30-60+ second TV-quality videos directly to your audience’s phones. This has proven to be a powerful tool for engagement. Messages that include a video see an average of 50% more responses than a plain SMS text. With statistics showing that approximately 1-in-5 people do not have paid TV service anymore, using more viable alternatives like P2P texting to get your videos seen and heard is essential.

If you are asking people to call into a number and advocate for your cause, use our call tracking tool to gather data on patch-through calling advocacy projects. This feature shows which of your contacts called the number you sent them, and the amount of time their phone call lasted. This allows you to easily count up how many successful calls were made, and also identify who your super-supporters are based on the call duration time. These are the people you should follow up with to get more involved with your cause or send a thank you message to let them know their action is appreciated.

Sending safe links for anything from petitions, surveys, event invitations, resource pages and more is possible with our custom URL shortener. Domains are regularly monitored and rotated to make sure that all messages containing links make it through carrier spam filters successfully and delivered to your audience’s phones. You can even track who is interacting with your links via our individualized text link tracking, something only previously possible with email.

A real example of tagging in our portal

Once you’ve engaged your audience with an initial text, you can send replies back to inquiries or thank you messages by using our customizable tagging tool and dynamic fields to pull in any uploaded custom data. 

Tagging is easy to set up and simple for volunteers to apply to responses. These provide the ability to keep track of responses and make sure no one is left unresponded to. It also helps organize the types of responses received and aids volunteers with follow up messages. 

Improving contact lists for targeted outreach is simple using our data segmentation feature. Setting up effective tags for your advocacy project’s needs will allow you to quickly filter through message conversations to identify contacts that behave similarly that can be targeted in a similar way, allowing your organization to have reliable data to increase engagement. 

For example, people who responded positively showing interest for your cause and can be segmented into a new list to receive further information/messages, or people who RSVP’d for an event can be segmented into a special list to receive reminders regarding the event. When the right people are messaged at the right time, it is easier to build a solid support base of people who are passionate about your cause and willing to mobilize for it. 

Inter-organizational Management with RumbleUp is a Breeze - Advocacy Projects

3) Inter-organizational Management with RumbleUp is a Breeze

Time and human bandwidth are both precious resources for advocacy organizations. We recognize this, which is why we made the on-boarding process with RumbleUp both simple and fast. Our platform allows organizations to set up a new account, load data, and write your message to begin texting in under 15 minutes! 

We provide self-service, full-service, and hybrid setup solutions depending on the needs of your organization. Some of the services we offer include an experienced team of texters, help acquiring data, message copywriting, hands-on training for our platform, and more.

One great tool we provide for all our groups to utilize is push notifications for volunteer organization. They are a convenient, sure-fire way to make sure all your volunteers receive important information and updates, ensuring that urgent messages don’t become unseen and forgotten in an email inbox. 

Full reports on conversations and messaging projects are also available to download. It is a clear way to see the statistics regarding projects, including how many viable contacts were reached, how many messages were sent and received back, the status of messages, and more. We believe that informed clients will make informed decisions on how to continuously improve their contact lists and messages for the best delivery rates and engagement.  

Bottom Line:

Our platform is designed to ensure that advocacy organizations like yours have an easy way to achieve effective outreach with the power and reach of P2P texting. If you are interested in learning more about what RumbleUp can do for your organization, create an account at, contact our sales team at, or text us at (833) 530-4400!

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Email Link Tracking vs Individualized Text Link Tracking: Understanding Their Unique Differences

Text link tracking can drastically change how your campaign is spending its valuable time and money.

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of clarity or complete inability to track conversions on the links you include in text messages? No matter what communication channel you use, being able to track exactly which supporters interact with links you send provides essential information about who is interested and what you should follow up with them about. 

Sifting through all the different link tracking options currently available on the market to find a transparent, useful option can be time-consuming. Whether you’re new to link tracking or currently using a service, it’s important to understand the different options available and choose the right one for each channel.

What is Email Link Tracking?

What is Email Link Tracking?

One way to track links you sent is by email link tracking. This is a popular method normally used when a company sends a link they want their consumers to interact with via email. For campaigns, these links usually send people to external websites with campaign information, fundraising, voting locations, and more. 

Unfortunately, the fatal flaw with email link tracking for audience insights is the channel itself. Email engagement rate is simply not as high as it used to be. 

The email inbox has also turned into a place of vexation for most people, with more emails than ever filtered and sorted before people even see them. The average person receives around 121 emails a day from campaigns and businesses across America, spamming their inbox and burying the relevant emails they need for work and life. Email platforms like Gmail have counteracted this with their promotional email folder in order to enhance the user’s experience. Even if people do get around to checking these promotional emails, they usually just skim them for important information, missing your valuable tracking link. 

Since the rate at which people check emails is lower than ever, a different channel is needed to send important links. The best way to ensure that your trackable links are being seen and clicked on is to send them directly to a person via text. 

What is Individualized Text Link Tracking?

What is Individualized Text Link Tracking?

Individualized Text Link Tracking is a feature built into our platform that allows you to see exactly which contacts have clicked through a link included in a text message. This technology provides the ability to identify specific contacts who have clicked a link that would likely never have been seen at all if sent over email. 

This link tracking feature is easy to use and takes no time to set up. It all starts with our platform’s Custom URL Shortener. 

Choose from a wide variety of different domain names available to choose from, including links specific to fundraising, surveys, polling, and more. Using a custom URL shortener will help your link look safe to click on and prevent carriers from flagging your messages as spam as they often do with free online shortener tools such as 

Why you should use RumbleUp Individualized Text Link Tracking 

Why you should use RumbleUp Individualized Text Link Tracking 

By using our Individualized Text Link Tracking, you exponentially increase the odds of your links being clicked on and are able to pinpoint the exact people who interacted with it. 

The stats say it all. According to MailChimp, the average open rate of political emails is 22.94% with only a 2.37% click-through rate. Since texting provides communication on the channel people respond to most often and care about the most, the open rates are much higher. Texts have an average total open rate of 95%, and an average response rate ranging from 10–20%, which is almost 10x higher engagement than email If you are going to be spending part of your budget on sending links with the goal of people interacting with them, the text is the proven way to go. 

Another reason our Individualized Text Link Tracking is the best option is that you can easily find and pull contacts who interact with your content. People who click a link shortened with our Custom URL Shortener will have a tag automatically added to them in the system. This allows you to easily filter and see all the contacts who have engaged with your link, which can help your campaign make valuable decisions on future outreach.  

Bottom Line 

If you are unsure about the performance of your links or aren’t getting the engagement you want, then you are missing out on valuable data that allows you to make smart outreach decisions. By using our Individualized Text Link Tracking tool, your message will get through while others get lost in the pile.

Take the first step today and sign up with RumbleUp at to start texting out trackable links today! Not sure if RumbleUp is right for you? Contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or to discuss how texting can best work for you.

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The 2021 Textie Awards: Celebrating The 9 Best Uses of P2P Texting in 2020

The 2021 Textie Awards are the newest political award recognizing excellent use of peer-to-peer (P2P) texting in 2020.

Due in large part to the introduction of COVID-19 related disruptions, 2020 became the year of distanced outreach for campaigns across the country. Switching gears from traditional campaigning was tough for many candidates to handle, but it also served as a wake up call for groups to start getting creative with their digital outreach. 

The common denominator for successful campaigns last year was their ability to make use of new, innovative technologies such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. We saw an explosion in the use of P2P texting last year as it quickly became the ideal alternative to in-person efforts like events and door-to-door canvassing. As a result, there was a massive uptick in creative uses of P2P texting that changed the way we think about traditional campaigning.

Inspired by this, our team decided to showcase some of these innovative uses of P2P texting and celebrate those who achieved their goals through the successful integration of texting.

To give these use cases the attention they deserve, we created The Textie Awards; a new political award exclusively dedicated to highlighting excellent use cases of P2P texting by campaigns and organizations using RumbleUp across the country. 

Winners of the Textie Awards are recognized as leaders in the industry for their effective use of innovative technology in their awarded category. The categories are broken down by goal; GOTV, Fundraising and Advocacy. After thorough judging by a panel of campaign experts, we are proud to announce the 9 best-in-text winners of the first annual Textie Awards!

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 1 - GOTV

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 1 – GOTV

Gold Level Winner: “Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh for California State Senate” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

This group used texting to propel Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh from her place at the bottom of the polls to ultimately winning a highly contentious general election. Their messages targeted Independent/NPP/Swing Voters, which generated thousands of new votes from voters who had not voted in the previous 2018 primary or general election. Bogh is now the first Hispanic female Republican to serve in the California Senate.

Silver Level Winner: “Texting to Victory in TX State House Special Election” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

This group created a compelling texting program for the Gary Gates campaign to overcome the challenge of piquing voters’ interest in an off-year election when engagement is typically low.

They created a series of five GOTV texts using best practices such as using language that encouraged replies, writing with a conversational style instead of traditional formal writing, and sending multimedia attachments (MMS) messages to improve delivery rates and increase legitimacy. Their messages focused on making sure voters received their mail in ballots, explaining the good character of Gates as a candidate, promoting special events, and encouraging low turnout voters with targeted issue based GOTV messages.

Their texting program proved successful and their candidate advanced to the top of the runoff among seven candidates, ultimately achieving victory on election day.

Bronze Level Winner: “Coefficient Direct to Device Delivery” submitted by Coefficient

This group sent full length made-for-TV campaign ads directly to voters’ phones via text. These high definition, professionally produced videos achieved viewership levels significantly higher than traditional TV because of the increase in cord-cutting causing 1-in-5 households to no longer have traditional TV service, limiting its reach and effectiveness. Additionally, social media ad platforms became an unreliable alternative for advertising last year because of the ad freeze put in place by most of the big tech giants. The feedback from both campaigns and recipients of these messages described the texts as a captivating new outlet to connect with voters and to get them out to the polls. Ty

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 2 - Fundraising

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 2 – Fundraising

Gold Level Winner: “Campaign Inbox – Tillis for Senate – P2P Fundraising Program” submitted by Campaign Inbox

This company’s P2P program for the Tillis campaign surpassed their fundraising goals and grew the size of their text donor file by over 500%. Of the millions of dollars raised for the Tillis digital program, nearly half came from Campaign Inbox’s P2P texting program. The program’s success was achieved by fully embracing the two-way conversational functionality of P2P texting that allowed the candidate to personally connect with donors himself. By tailoring unique messages for specific audiences (such as new prospecting acquisitions) resulting in additional conversions, the program’s ROI grew continuously over the course of the cycle – in many cases, raising well over $20 for every $1 spent sending.

Silver Level Winner: “Flip the House – Joe Collins” submitted by Top Ad Consulting Inc

This agency raised $275,000 in 5 months for US Congressional Candidate Joe Collins through a combination of soliciting previous donors as well as acquiring new donors through large-scale prospecting via P2P texting. The campaign used our tagging feature to mark people who expressed support and those who donated to segment them into cultivated retargeting lists, successfully receiving 2nd and 3rd donations often within a week of a person’s original donation. The campaign saw an ROI of nearly 15X.

Bronze Level Winner: “Notorious MTG” Submitted by Big Red Wall Communications with acknowledgements to Greene for Congress, Big Red Wall, and PHP

This group targeted grassroots/small-dollar donors through text and was able to raise over six figures with minimal investment. They ran an extensive name acquisition program to gain supporters’ phone numbers and uploaded them in batches segmented by individual amounts given to allow A/B testing before deploying larger projects to groups of 10,000+ supporters. They said the key to their success was being able to respond through our platform and text back with supporters at a moment’s notice. This was made possible with Rapid Respond mode built into the RumbleUp platform.

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 3 - Advocacy

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 3 – Advocacy

Gold Level Winner: “Republican Party of Florida | Vote No on Amendment 3 2020” submitted by Election Management Solutions, Inc.

This group’s goal was to educate Republicans on why they should vote NO on a down ballot Amendment that would allow Democrats to choose Republican candidates in Florida primaries. They leaned heavily on utilizing MMS messages to send images and videos featuring Gov Ron DeSantis in order to increase trust and engagement with voters. They sent over 2 million text messages in the final week of the campaign and were ultimately successful in preventing the Amendment from being passed.

Silver Level Winner: “Defensive Texting for Senator Marshall” submitted by Coefficient with acknowledgments to Keep Kansas Great Pac and Senator Marshall

This group helped the Roger Marshall for Senate campaign cut through the noise and secure the Republican nomination by sending high quality videos via text message. This allowed Marshall to be competitive in a crowded and well-funded 11-way primary and defend against well-funded outside groups’ onslaught of attack ads. Marshall achieved victory in the primary despite these challenges, and won the general election. 

Bronze Level Winner: “Biden is Bad for PA Workers” submitted by FreedomWorks for America

This group used embedded videos to persuade voters in Pennsylvania with messages pointing out how many jobs were lost in the state the last time Joe Biden was in office, asking them to support GOP candidates instead. They reached around 240,000 voters in PA with this video, and received an overwhelming amount of positive replies such as; “awesome video!” and “Yes, GOP all the way!”

Best Overall Texting Program of The 2021 Textie Awards

Best Overall Texting Program of The 2021 Textie Awards

Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh for California State Senate” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

Murphy Nasica’s work on the Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh campaign stood out the most to our judges as the Best Entry Overall.

While their story ends well, they faced significant challenges along the road to victory. Along with COVID-19 restrictions turning traditional campaigning on its head, the candidate’s  historically Republican district was now evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. The ticket consisted of two Democrats and three Republicans which meant there was a strong chance the two Democrats would make it to the general election because of vote splitting. On top of that, our candidate was dead last out of all five candidates in the initial polling. 

Murphy Nasica & Associates used P2P texting to target Independent/NPP/Swing Voters, which generated 13,787 new votes from people who had not voted in the previous 2018 primary. This propelled Rosilicie from last in polls to the top two in a tough jungle Primary. 

They used this momentum and continued to text through election day where Rosilicie went on to win a challenging general election with a margin of 21,541 votes. Their team used P2P texting to make a comeback of a lifetime and successfully elected the first female Hispanic Republican to serve in the California Senate. 

Final Thoughts

Thank you to all the participants who took part in the first annual Textie Awards. We look forward to seeing more innovative uses of RumbleUp as P2P texting continues to grow, and celebrating more victories like these in the future!

Inspired by how these entries used texting to achieve their goals? Sign up and start texting today at or reach out to our sales team to talk about how texting can best work for you:

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12 Essential Enhanced Video Texting FAQs

Enhanced Video Texting is the biggest innovation in peer-to-peer (P2P) texting since P2P itself. Read more here:

Enhanced Video Texting is the biggest innovation in peer-to-peer (P2P) texting since P2P itself. Read more here:

Our team has always been committed to providing the best possible tools in P2P texting for our clients, and we have delivered on this commitment with our innovative Enhanced Video Texting made possible by our industry-leading video compression technology. 

Want to know more about this revolutionary innovation in texting and how it will enhance your outreach? Here are 12 of the top questions asked about Enhanced Video Texting to help you get started:

1) What is Enhanced Video Texting?

If you have ever tried to send a video to a friend who has a different phone platform from you, Apple to Andriod for example, you will have seen how much the video quality declined and how the audio quality distorted. That is the primary challenge behind video texting at scale, and one that our team solved with Enhanced Video Texting.

Enhanced Video Messaging is a service we provide from our industry-leading video compression technology that enables you to deliver high quality, 30-60+ second videos embedded directly in your text messages. This means your audience won’t have to click a link to view your video elsewhere. We also offer custom closed captions to your videos so they are watchable even on phones set to silent mode. 

2) Why don’t I get the same results when using other video compression tools? 

Off-the-shelf compression tools use basic algorithms designed with one goal in mind: reducing the file size, with no regard for audio/visual quality or even the platform on which the final video will appear. Since most of these free compression tools are catered to reducing files to sizes appropriate for social media use, they rarely accommodate file reduction to textable sizes, requiring users to run several compressions on the video which results in iterative quality loss. 

Simply put, these off-the-shelf compression tools cannot compress a video longer than 15 seconds down to a text-able size without severely sacrificing visual and auditory quality. Similarly, other video SMS platforms, video texting apps, and services that offer regular MMS services like MMS messaging do not come close to our quality or delivery rates. 

By contrast, our tool is designed with texting in mind. By examining individual video qualities, engineered specifically to meet mobile carrier requirements, we are able to deliver the highest quality videos at textable sizes. 

We offer a unique solution to seamlessly embed a video within a text that retains maximum production value and audio that is optimized to work on all major phone carriers. 

3) What is the difference between Enhanced Video Texting and standard MMS?

Standard MMS are messages with a multimedia attachment such as a picture, GIF, or video sent on their own or embedded with a message. Enhanced Video Texting allows you to send much longer videos to multiple phone platforms without sacrificing quality, which is something Standard MMS videos are normally not capable of and other texting platforms have not been able to achieve. 

4) Why is it more effective to use Enhanced Video Texting over standard SMS or MMS?

Sending a quality video directly to people’s phones produces real results. For example, people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text

Additionally, messages containing videos have a 50% higher response rate than plain SMS messages which is why video text message marketing and fundraising campaigns perform significantly better than regular SMS or email. The potential application of our breakthrough enhanced video texting crosses industries, from political video text marketing to video messaging for business. 

On top of all these great benefits, a staggering 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others, which means taking the time to send a video to your audience will most likely result in your message being shared with others at no cost to you. Pictures and GIFs do not have this same level of share-ability, and low-quality videos will likely not even be opened or watched all the way through, much less shared.

5) Why should I send an Enhanced Video Text instead of including a link to a video?

Embedding a video is far better than sending a link to a Youtube video. People are hesitant to click on external links from texts because of warnings from government bodies like the FTC who caution against clicking links sent in unknown texts, and also experiences with email phishing scams. Including a link also means that there will most likely not be a preview image, which is one of the major driving forces behind consumers deciding to watch a video.

Another benefit to our EMMS technology is that our clients can choose the thumbnail for videos sent through us. This is significant because 90% of the top-performing videos on YouTube use a custom thumbnail, and this is just not possible to do when sending a link to a video instead.

6) What carriers let you send Enhanced Video Texts?

Our Enhanced Video Testing has been rigorously tested and optimized to retain maximum video and audio quality on all major phone carriers, including Verison, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

7) Why are video captions important?

Hearing impairments affect more Americans than people realize. According to Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health, approximately 38.2 million Americans, or 14.3%, report some degree of hearing impairment or loss (source).

Our Enhanced Video Texts include captions that are custom mapped to match the voiceover so the videos are watchable for everyone. According to a consumer study by Verizon, “50% of consumers said captions are important because they watch videos with the sound off” and “80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available” (source).

8) How long can the Enhanced Videos be?

In general, the best results can be achieved with videos that are 30 seconds, high quality results can be achieved with videos that are 31-45 seconds, and good results can be achieved with videos anywhere from 46-80 seconds. 

All videos are unique, and we look into the parameters and other specifications within each video to produce the best possible results when compressing them.

9) Why should I choose RumbleUp’s Enhanced Video Texting over other video texting apps and services?

Simply put, other video SMS platforms, video texting apps, and services that offer regular MMS services including MMS video messaging do not come close to our Enhanced Video quality or delivery rates. Additionally, our Enhanced Video Texts can be embedded directly in full-length 320 character messages so you can make sure the message you want to get across to your audience is received correctly.

10) Why is there a surcharge for the service?

High quality video compression is a time-intensive, manual process. Automated compression services do not take into account the individual characteristics of your video, resulting in poor   and often unwatchable quality. Because of this extra work and load on our system, there is a 6 cent service charge per text over standard MMS.

11) How do I submit my request?

Submission requests are now available in your portal! Due to the time-intensive nature of the compression process done by real people (not algorithms!), the current processing times per request is approximately 12 hours.

Because video compression quality begins to rapidly decline with each second after 30 seconds, we are currently limiting videos to 30 seconds in length.

12) How have other people used Enhanced Video Texting?

There are many ways our clients have used Enhanced Video texting, including campaign & promotional videos, video announcements, fundraising videos, thank you videos, and more.

Here are some real examples of Enhanced Videos sent by clients just like you.

Enhanced Video Texting

A short clip of a full 30 second Enhanced Video

This client texted for many congressional candidates across the country, and they sent 30sec Enhanced Videos with all their messages speaking against their client’s opponents in a light-hearted manner.

Enhanced Video Texting

A short clip of a full 30 second Enhanced Video

This client texted out a call-to-action Enhanced Video asking people to call their senator to ask about a controversial new bill.

Enhanced Video Texting

A short clip of a full 30 second Enhanced Video

 This client texted out an informative Enhanced Video asking people to support their initiative to reduce plastic pollution in Texas.

Like what you see?

Sign up and start texting today at or reach out to our sales team to talk about how Enhanced Video Texting can best work for you:

Fundraising Peer to Peer Texting

Fundraising Success Stories Using Peer-to-Peer Texting

Learn how these campaigns achieved fundraising success with P2P texting amidst COVID in the 2020 election cycle — and beyond 

General elections are filled with plenty of curveballs on their own without adding a pandemic into the mix. Traditional campaigning was brought to its knees and all in-person events, meet-and-greets, banquets, Q&A panels, door-to-door canvassing, and more were no longer possible for many candidates. The 2020 elections were especially difficult for campaigns that relied significantly on their in-person events to engage with voters for fundraising.

Hundreds of our clients were confronted with these hurdles all while dealing with their own unique circumstances. Many overcame the odds using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting to achieve their goals, including these two campaigns who had great fundraising success despite COVID restrictions.

Fundraising Success in a Major Election

Thom Tillis ran against Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. Tillis’ opponent received massive amounts of financial support for his campaign to the tune of $51,249,732, which posed a great threat to Tillis’ campaign. Tillis used P2P texting primarily for the purpose of fundraising. 

Our platform RumbleUp has a full suite of fundraising tools built-in, including integrations with Anedot for campaigns to seamlessly integrate their fundraising efforts. Sending text-to-fundraise messages with integrations like Anedot where all a donor needed to do was respond back to a text with the dollar amount they wished to give is the easiest way to get repeated contributions.

Fundraising Success in a Major Election
A real conversation with a voter

Tillis’ team used good fundraising language to inspire voters to contribute both to his campaign and for notable causes he supported. Most importantly, the team made use of our custom tagging and tap-then-send reply feature so volunteers could easily filter to locate donors after texting them and thank them for their contributions with a single tap of a pre-written message. Responding positively to supporters is a proven way to turn them into super-supporters and make them significantly more likely to contribute in the future. Tillis achieved this with a simple thank you text!

Fundraising Success in a Local Election

On a smaller scale race, Ron Muzzall ran for Washington State Senate representing District 10 in his first election. Muzzall wanted to find a safe and effective way to reach voters remotely in order to help with his fundraising efforts and to engage voters at his creative, COVID safe campaign event.

Muzzall’s team sent texts to a targeted list of voters to make sure he reached out to members in his immediate community who could feasibly attend the event. Since P2P texting allows for real-time two-way conversations at scale, their team was able to answer questions and concerns about the event faster, and in a personalized way that made people feel more comfortable.

Fundraising Success in a Local Election
A real conversation with a voter

His team used highly effective messaging practices to get the word out about his socially distanced drive-up event and added a fundraising prompt for voters who wanted to support Muzzall but felt uncomfortable attending events. He further targeted his list by sending reminder texts to those who had responded positively to attending his event.

Results of the Fundraising Success

According to, the nation’s premier research group that tracks money for politicians, Tillis was able to raise over $5.3 million dollars in small individual contributions of under $200 which his texting campaign significantly contributed to. Muzzall’s strategy for fundraising via text was also highly successful, with over $90,000 raised by the campaign in individual contributions of under $200.

Every contribution made a difference for these campaigns. Tillis won his race by an astonishing 1.8% of the vote, and Muzzall won his with a 1.9% margin of victory!

Bottom Line:

P2P texting is the perfect channel for fast, personal fundraising while also providing a great alternative when in-person events are impossible or may not generate enough attendees. As these two case studies show, every dollar counts when the race turns out to be as tight as theirs. Add texting to your fundraising plan from the start, and see for yourself how P2P texting can lead to your own fundraising success story.

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Fundraising Success with P2P Texting
Fundraising Peer to Peer Texting

Top 3 Tips for Effective Fundraising with P2P Texting

The text inbox is the inbox donors prefer! So why not start fundraising with P2P texting?

Fundraising has always been an essential skill to have, and the wide range of tools available to do it well has never been richer. Effectively raising money is a key component in running any successful organization, including charitable, non-profit, religious, and advocacy groups, as well as politicians, for-profit companies, and individuals. 

With the rise of technology changing how we operate, it’s important to tailor your approach towards fundraising to accommodate the new ways people prefer to be reached. Online fundraising has become the preferred method of raising money across all demographics and is quickly gaining momentum as organizations make the necessary transition to adopting more tech-savvy tools. 

Charity Dynamics conducted a survey in 2014 asking a group of professionals who work extensively in fundraising what they predict will be the top trends in fundraising over the next 10 years. When asked what digital medium will have the biggest growth for fundraising, the majority indicated that smartphones would come out on top:

In the years since, their predictions have proven themselves true. The most popular digital fundraising methods used today include online donation pages, text-to-give, mobile silent auctions, and peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising. Research done by the Blackbaud Institute has indicated that mobile giving is on the rise, increasing steadily year by year to 24% in 2018. They concluded their findings with a warning to organizations relying on fundraising, saying; 

“every… organization needs to understand that being mobile-friendly 

is linked to being donor-friendly. This is no longer optional, and a lack 

of mobile-friendly websites, donation forms, and emails will put [you] 

at a distinct disadvantage. All these tools should be used in combination 

to maximize the supporter giving experience.”

If you want to enhance your current digital fundraising operation and stand out to donors, you need to start raising money with the most personal and direct method of outreach: texting. 

Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting allows you to get your message across through the channel proven to have the highest visibility and response rate. People simply care about the texts they get more than other types of traditional outreach such as email, phone calls, or direct mail. This is why over 90% of texts are read within the first 3 minutes with an average total open rate of 95%. We’ve seen successful fundraising messages sent to millions of people, all achieving an average open rate of 95%. Peer-to-peer texts are sent by a real human being and generate better outcomes than impersonal robotexts.

Results, Results, Results

The response rate of a channel should be a key consideration for your fundraising messages because direct engagement leads to more money raised. P2P texting significantly outperforms traditional channels with the industry average response rate ranging from 10–20%, which is almost 10x higher engagement than email and 20x higher engagement than direct mail. 

Through our experience optimizing hundreds of unique text-to-fundraise programs, we have found an optimal formula for prospecting new donors, increasing engagement with current donors, and reinitiating past ones – resulting in more money raised across the board.  P2P texting makes it easy to facilitate seamless, personalized conversations that lead to meaningful interactions and spark real action. This means that along with providing a dependable channel for collecting generous donations, you also have the capability to build strong relationships. Here’s how to have successful fundraising with P2P:

1) Genuine connection starts with a genuine introduction. 

Establishing who you are before asking for someone’s time and money significantly increases a person’s willingness to give. This is achieved by sending more than just fundraising texts. In the first text you send someone, introduce yourself and your organization. Let them know who you are, what you stand for, and why they should care. After engaging with them in an intro is when you can begin to send fundraising texts. 

Don’t, however, let fundraising be the only thing you text them.

In between every donation ask, send a text that adds value to their life in some way. This can be as simple as recognizing a national holiday or birthday, sending a message about relevant breaking news affecting your cause, an update on projects or initiatives going on, a picture of volunteers or team members to further humanize your organization, a video sharing a visual story, or asking a survey question (or questions) to let them share their opinion with you. All of these are excellent ways to keep your donor audience engaged and make them more receptive to hearing from you (and giving more money as a result!).

2) After initial outreach comes effective fundraising messaging

Of the many fundraising campaigns we have run over the past years, the most successful have included at least one of the following elements in their messages:

  • Call to action aids such as suggestions for a reasonable dollar amount to donate along with deadlines 
  • An explanation for why the person should donate/what their money will go towards
  • A shortened link directing supporters to a mobile-optimized donation page (with RumbleUp, we provide a built-in link-shortening tool to do this that also tracks click-throughs for you)
  • MMS attachments such as pictures, videos, or GIFs to complement and support your message copy. This makes your text more interesting to open and has been proven to boost average response rates by over 50%. Our unmatched  Enhanced Video Texting feature allows you to include full 30sec+ TV/YouTube quality videos embedded right along with your text message. Our platform’s ability to do this is unrivaled in the industry and we have seen significantly high engagement rates across the board for our clients who utilize this feature. Instead of just posting your videos online, send them directly to the people who you want to watch them.

For an even more seamless fundraising solution, check out our simple text-to-donate integration with Anedot. If the recipient is a registered donor with Anedot, all they need to do is reply back with the keyword you choose (ex. “YES”) plus the dollar amount they wish to give, and their donation will be automatically processed

If the recipient is not yet a registered Anedot donor, you can send them a link to donate in the response you send them after they reply. Once they donate and are registered with Anedot, their future donations can be automatically processed simply by texting you back.

3) Finally, be sure to respond to your supporters 

The most crucial element to lasting, successful fundraising is simply responding to supporters who text you back.

Good donor relations are built on active stewardship. If your donors don’t feel their contributions are appreciated, they won’t continue to be donors for very long. It is vital to both recognize and thank your donors and show them the impact their contributions have made in order to cultivate future giving. 

RumbleUp provides an advanced toolset to easily do this with our customizable tagging and segmentation features. Flexible automated tagging can be used to keep track of the types of responses you’re getting back and plan follow-ups based on the information people share. Whether the focus is identifying new supporters, thanking current donors, or providing specific information and resources, tagging ensures you never lose track of a conversation and the picture it helps fill in of your donor.

Bottom line:

P2P texting is the ideal channel for fundraising because of how personal and direct it allows you to be, and RumbleUp is packed with all the tools you need to be successful in doing so. Our industry-leading feature set and dedicated involvement in each of our clients’ personal success have established us as the go-to partner for campaigns and organizations of all sizes.

Our goal is to equip you with proven best practices and keep you ahead of the game, with our best-in-class customer support team always available to help.

Sign up and start texting today at or contact our sales team to talk more about your specific use case and how we can make texting work for you. Email: 

Top 3 Tips for Effective Fundraising with P2P Texting
Peer to Peer Texting Fundraising Political

How to Turn Replies into Fundraising Gold

As the countdown ticks closer to November 3rd, there have never been more voters engaged in the election process. The upcoming elections are on everyone’s mind as the entire country buzzes around watching debates, submitting mail-in ballots, standing in line at the polls, and getting involved with campaigns by volunteering or donating.

Although many people have cut back their spending due to COVID-related financial strain, nearly 20% of Americans are still planning to donate to a 2020 presidential candidate according to a CNBC and Acorns Invest in You Spending Survey.

While the survey cautions that the actual number of individuals who follow through in donating will likely be half of that, at RumbleUp we are seeing firsthand how profitable a text message can be as our clients are successfully collecting generous donations from their energized base.

One notably successful fundraising story comes from our client, congressional candidate Joe Collins, who is taking on incumbent Maxine Waters for California’s 43rd District.

By the end of June, Collins’ campaign had raised over three million dollars, with over 75% coming from small individual contributions of less than $200. They were able to reach these small-dollar donors by texting them directly, which they were able to do at scale through our platform. A well-written message sent to a modeled audience is a sure-fire path to success, and that is exactly what the Collins campaign did.

In this screenshot showing a real conversation between Collins’ campaign and a supporter, you can see how his team followed the best practice of replying to people who responded to their initial message. This practice has been proven to help achieve higher engagement and retention.

RumbleUp recently introduced a new feature that enables in-browser notifications to appear whenever a new reply comes in. Faster responses correlate with higher ROI and more conversions per text.

Real conversation with a voter

Here are some more best practices Collins’ campaign followed that contributed to their success:

  • Adding call-to-action aids in their message by providing suggestions for the dollar amount to donate. This makes it easier for recipients to make the decision to donate by eliminating some of the guessing around how much they should give.
  • Including a deadline which adds urgency
  • Using a custom shortened link (created in the portal) directing supporters to a donation page. Using custom links instead of free or public link shorteners like helps prevent phone carriers from marking messages as spam.
  • Having the message come from the candidate themself is an excellent way to humanize them and boost name recognition.
  • Including an MMS attachment featuring the candidate and his opponent on a major news network. Sending images along with the text has been proven to increase response rates by 50% on average and improve click-through rates.

While all of these best practices played a role in the above-average performance of their program, the key to their success came down to one basic element. The Collin’s team did something that a surprising number of campaigns fail to do by utilizing the main feature of P2P texting: back-and-forth communication.

What separates P2P from blast-messaging services is the ability to have one-to-one, personalized conversations with voters. When a voter responded to a message from the campaign, whether they offered money or just wishes of good luck, Collins’ team sent a message back thanking them for the support! This simple act of responding is often overlooked as many campaigns only focus on the outbound messages they send without paying much mind to the responses they get back.

Collins’ team sent out a variety of different fundraising messages in conjunction with several other engagement messages. Fundraising campaigns don’t have to be small. We’ve seen successful fundraising messages sent to hundreds of thousands and millions of people while still achieving an average open rate of 95%.

The Collins campaign chose to raise money via P2P texting because traditional fundraising methods alone just don’t cut it anymore. Several reasons for this include:

P2P texting provides communication on the channel where people respond the most often and care about the most: over 90% of texts are read within the first 3 minutes with an average total open rate of 95%. This means that even if voters do not respond right away, you can rest assured that your message was at least seen and read. The response rate of texting also significantly outperforms traditional channels with the industry average ranging from 10–20%, which is almost 10x higher engagement than email and 20x higher engagement than direct mail.

Is your campaign following best practices?

Many campaigns use P2P texting primarily to send outbound messages and miss out on the power of responding. Taking the time to treat texting conversations the same way you would a face-to-face conversation with a constituent is the key to making a lasting positive impact with your audience.

Tagging feature in the RumbleUp portal

The best way to fully capitalize on the information people share through their responses is by utilizing RumbleUp’s customizable tagging feature. By simply establishing a few categories you would like to keep track of, volunteers can quickly tap to select any that apply to a person they are texting with so that you can filter to pull targeted lists later on. This feature can be helpful in growing your contacts list, identifying new supporters, and creating new audiences by segmenting people into different groups.

Collins’ team utilized our flexible tagging feature to identify positive responses from previous outreach messages and segment those contacts into a list of prospective donors. Tagging the voters who replied also allowed the campaigns’ texting agents to easily revisit specific message chains that needed follow-up so no one was ever left unresponded to.

This smart use of tagging demonstrates two other important best practices, which are avoiding cold messaging when sending fundraising texts and responding to those who respond.

Establishing who you are in messages before asking a voter for their time and money can significantly increase their willingness to give it to you if it is not the first time they have ever heard from you. This can be done by sending out more than just fundraising messages — sending messages to introduce yourself, recognizing a national holiday or a supporter’s birthday, providing helpful local voting information and other great GOTV messages are all great options to start with.

Similarly, campaigns that leave positive respondents hanging miss out on a perfect opportunity to turn supporters into super-supporters, and guarantee the campaign can count on them the next time they reach out.

In Conclusion

P2P texting can be an incredibly effective tool for fundraising, and RumbleUp makes it easy to do. As seen with the Collins campaign, pairing a well-written message with a targeted audience and consistently responding to people is a recipe for success. Their team took full advantage of the feature set our platform offers and it served them well.

Achieving genuine communication with voters and supporters at scale to help you complete your campaign’s fundraising goals is still possible amidst the unique challenges brought about by COVID-19.

Please reach out to our sales team at if you want to learn more or sign up and start texting in less than 15 minutes at

Peer to Peer Texting Fundraising Political

Five GOTV Messages Proven to Work

Voting has already started. Are you texting yet?

This year has been a challenge for campaigns to navigate through as normal campaign tactics and events have been interrupted across the country. However, many campaigns have been able to adapt and utilize tools such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting to prompt genuine interactions with voters, rally engagement from their supporters, and most importantly, get out the vote!

Many of our clients have already been using our industry leading battle-tested platform to send unique GOTV messages that have returned real results.

We have compiled five message examples pulled directly from successful texts our clients have sent to showcase effective GOTV messaging and inspire your campaign to send similarly successful messages of your own.

Rhode Island State Representative Primary

Our first example highlights a campaign who utilized the strategy of sending multiple messages leading up to election day. The effectiveness of a GOTV text on election day is drastically increased if you establish a presence in their texting inbox first. The text you send on election day will not mean as much to someone if it is the first and only text they have ever received from you. Establishing a relationship with the voter is essential — and this is super easy to do via text!

Image for post

We recommend sending at least one or two texts leading up to election day focused on engagement, and then sending up to three reminder-to-vote texts starting 7–10 days out. It is also very smart to combine a request to vote with helpful information such as COVID precautions being taken at polling places or where their nearest ballot drop-off box is.

In the screenshots shown here, you can see how this campaign sent four messages leading up to election day. They sent out their first introductory text asking people to call the candidate with concerns or just to chat a little over two weeks before the primaries, then sent out three GOTV reminder texts in the days leading up to the primary with helpful information on when and where to vote along with COVID safety requirements.

100% of the 1035 messages the campaign sent got delivered, with a 12% reply rate. The industry standard for a good reply rate is 8%, and a great reply rate is 20%. The campaign used a custom area code and tags to identify who replied to their messages and if they had a positive response.

County Commissioner Race

Our client running for County Commissioner also did a great job with their messages by sending more than just one reminder to vote on election day. Like our previous example, their messages used a custom area code and encouraged engagement with a phone number to call the candidate directly, and different tappable links to learn more about the candidate. Their team received a reply rate of 9% with the message shown.

Image for post

However, where their campaign really stood out was with their utilization of the features available in the RumbleUp portal.

Tagging is a powerful tool available to all clients that can be used to keep track of the types of responses you get and help plan follow-ups based on the information people share. This team used the tagging feature to make sure they stopped texting the people who responded that they had already voted! Pestering your supporters with follow up texts they no longer need makes it seem like you are using blast-messaging platforms, and it takes away from the opportunity of engagement you unlock when using a P2P platform.

A great lesson can also be learned from this campaign — only 91% of the 7771 messages this campaign sent were delivered due in large part to hundreds of the contacts in their audience being landline numbers!

At RumbleUp, we understand how important it is to have reliable contact data, so while we offer campaigns the opportunity to upload their own data, we also have our breakthrough L2 integration and GOP Voter File integration to make it easy for campaigns to purchase clean, comprehensive cell phone lists for any target audience.

This particular campaign won their election against three other candidates with almost 40% of the vote!

State Assembly Election

Our next client example utilized P2P texting for a vital element leading up to election day: fundraising! Even though traditional in-person fundraising activities like rallies are not possible due to COVID restrictions, it is still possible to fundraise during this time using P2P by including links to your donation platform in your outreach messages.

Image for post

As of October 1st, this campaign had set fundraising records with over $230,000 raised since the beginning of the campaign!

The message shown here incorporates some key industry best practices that helped make this text effective. MMS attachments (pictures and videos) like the one included in this message are proven to significantly increase engagement with a message because they add something enticing to the message, so we recommended including them occasionally if you can.

Their message also includes a tappable link to the campaign website which can also help increase engagement. Both campaigns did a great job using the custom link shortener tool available in our portal instead of public/free URL link shortener like which are associated with phishing scams and can end up getting messages blocked as spam.

100% of the 2672 messages this campaign sent got delivered, with a 2% reply rate. The reply rate is below industry average, but their team was still able to reach generous supporters like the one shown in the screenshots who were able and willing to support the campaign once provided the opportunity to do so. Sometimes it just takes getting to the right people!

Township Committee Race

While many people would love to go in person to cast their ballot in-person, many areas in the U.S. are very strict with COVID regulations and highly encourage mail-in voting. Therefore, your GOTV plan should consider mail-in ballot chasing!

Image for post

One of our clients did an amazing job texting for mail-in ballots by sending a message that included both a tappable link to a resource answering questions about mail in ballots and an MMS attachment to increase legitimacy and engagement.

All across the nation ballots are being rejected for not being filled out correctly, so providing these resources will help make sure the votes of your supporters are counted.

Encouraging their audience to respond back with questions was another great move in regards to mail-in ballot chasing. Since so many people are using mail-in ballots for the first time this election and have questions and concerns, you should make your campaign available to help people fill out their ballots correctly, like this conversation shows.

The texter is able to answer the question the supporter had and ensured that the supporter knew exactly where to turn in their ballot and was confident in doing so.

100% of the 2298 messages their campaign sent got delivered, with a 7% reply rate. We look forward to the results of their campaign!

Mayoral Election/ Mayor’s Race

This campaign included an MMS attachment in their message to increase engagement like many of the previous campaigns. Unlike the others, however, the attached image included a picture of the candidate themselves! Not only does this establish legitimacy like normal MMS attachments, but it also facilitates face recognition and builds trust in your campaign and candidate.

Image for post

Establishing a relationship with voters is much easier when they can put a face to a message they are receiving. In the absence of meet-the-candidate events, being able to connect with voters using this best practice that our client utilized is an excellent move.

100% of the 566 messages their campaign sent got delivered, with a 15% reply rate — the highest rate of the client messages listed so far! MMS and face recognition are powerful tools your campaign can also easily take advantage of in order to encourage responding from supporters.

Bottom Line

Election day is fast approaching, and there is still time for your campaign to start sending amazing GOTV messages to voters. If you haven’t considered P2P texting for your GOTV strategy yet, choose RumbleUp, the best peer-to-peer texting platform in the industry, to help guide your campaign to victory!

Sign up and be texting in as little as 15 minutes by visiting our website at or contact our sales team at to chat about your unique race.

Political Fundraising Peer to Peer Texting

How to Use P2P Texting for GOTV

Texting is an essential tool for getting out the vote this year. Are you using it effectively? There’s still time to learn how to win your election with texting.

Image for post

This has been a wild year for everyone and campaigns in particular have had to innovate like never before. There are less than 70 days until the November general election, and even though we have seen a huge uptick in the number of people opting to vote by mail, many Americans will still prefer to go to the polls and vote in-person.

Besides helping people get to the polls, which is a challenge all on its own as many polling locations have closed or moved, it is vital for campaigns to continue fundraising and recruiting new volunteers. It may seem like a daunting task to do all of this simultaneously, but using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting with RumbleUp can allow your campaign to gain an edge over the competition by making it easy to manage several outreach programs at once.

Image for post

How? By sending a simple, easy-to-write text message directly to every single person you want to reach. Purchase targeted cellphone lists directly through our in-portal data integrations and compose a message for each group that can be automatically personalized with dynamic fields. We know exactly what you need to succeed as a campaign because we have worked with over 700 campaigns in the past two years and shaped our platform around their feedback. RumbleUp was built for campaigns to win.

Who should your campaign be texting?

Before crafting the text messages, you should map out your audiences. Since COVID is driving a record number of first-time absentee and mail-in votes, you should text a broad audience of voters with a message asking how they prefer to cast their ballot this year. By doing this, you can then tag people based on how they plan to vote and be able to follow up accordingly.

Sending a message like this to an expansive audience early on will impart your campaign with vital information on how people plan to vote, which will allow you to design hyper-targeted GOTV efforts. By utilizing RumbleUp’s tagging feature, you can essentially track the status of each potential ballot by asking people questions and tagging them based on the information they share. Through an effective use of this feature, you will know exactly who to focus your efforts on in the final days before the election because you will know who your supporters are and who has already mailed/cast their ballot for you.

When should your campaign start texting?

NOW! 😆 Top campaigns on both sides of the aisle have already refocused their efforts and resources towards P2P outreach and have been texting people for weeks.

The effectiveness of a GOTV text on election day is massively increased if it is not the first and only text a voter receives from the campaign. Do not just pop out of nowhere on election day! We recommend sending at least one or two texts in the weeks leading up to the election focused on engagement, and then sending three reminder-to-vote texts starting 7–10 days out. It is wise to combine an ask to vote with a helpful piece of information. Here are some examples of info people are generally grateful to receive:

  • Polling date and location changes, confirming most recent information
  • Acknowledgments of holidays or events
  • COVID-19 rules at polling locations: Mask requirements, social distancing rules, elderly-only hours, etc.
  • Offering/coordinating rides to polling locations
Image for post

Starting early also gives you the best chance of recruiting a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Many people who want to help out may not be sure if it is still possible to volunteer due to COVID restrictions. Text your supporters and let them know about opportunities to get involved. With P2P texting, you can coordinate volunteer scheduling/sign up sheets, recruit new volunteers, empower your team to recruit their friends to volunteer, and most notably, offer your volunteers an activity that allows them to help the campaign from the safety and comfort of their own home: sending texts!

Similarly, you should begin your fundraising efforts with P2P texting early so that you can make good use of campaign contributions when it matters most. Don’t let restrictions on in-person activities slow down your fundraising. Even though traditional in-person activities like rallies have been canceled, it is entirely possible to fundraise during this time through the use of P2P texting by including links to donate in your outreach messages or taking advantage of our built-in text-to-donate feature.

How to win with RumbleUp

How can RumbleUp help you incorporate all of this advice and win your race?

RumbleUp’s new L2 integration and RNC Data Center integration make it easy for campaigns to purchase clean, comprehensive cellphone lists for any target audience. All you need to do is fill out the L2 or RNC Data Center request form available directly in the RumbleUp portal and boom, you are ready to start having personal conversations with the specific group of people your campaign cares about most.

Image for post

Our platform also allows you to include any personal info with your audience data sets that can be automatically pulled into messages using dynamic fields. This makes it easy for you to personalize messages without needing to manually change the message for each person. These fields are frequently used to pull in information such as a person’s name, their nearest polling location, deadlines for mail-in ballots, links to specific web pages, an issue the voter cares about, and more.

Our flexible tagging feature allows your campaign to never lose track of a conversation and easily create new audiences by using tags to filter and segment people into different groups. Some examples of useful tags to use and apply include:

  • Who has not responded to any messages yet (automatically tracked)
  • Friendly respondents (these are your likely supporters!)
  • Which voters returned their ballots (move them to your fundraising list!)
  • Which voters still plan to go to the polls (they should be your focus on election day!)
  • Who needs help finding new polling locations (have information ready!)

Along with the powerful toolset of features RumbleUp includes, we also boast the highest delivery rate of any P2P platform, the lowest spam rate, and the highest reliability of any P2P vendor in the industry. Not to mention our click-to-start signup, exclusive platform integrations, and amazing customer support team. 🏆

The Key Takeaway

Don’t let the pandemic discourage you from running a top-notch campaign this year. It is time to adapt and take advantage of the tools that exist for you to succeed. You can still have genuine interactions with supporters and run an effective GOTV strategy by taking advantage of all that P2P texting has to offer. RumbleUp is committed to helping you win. Sign up and start texting in as little as 15 minutes by visiting our website at RumbleUp.comor contact our sales team at and let’s chat about your unique race.

Special thanks to Lauren Datres for her contributions to this article.