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Learn these Top 5 Best Kept GOTV Texting Secrets to Win Your Election

Want to win your race? Then start texting with the industry leaders who have the best tools and trade insights (including GOTV texting secrets) to help you reach voters when it matters most. 

Remember the unexpected freeze on political ads the social platforms hit political groups with during the most critical final weeks before the elections last year? 

We just saw again last week how important it is not to rely on social networks like Facebook to get your messages out with their sudden service outage, cutting every campaign off from their Facebook audience.

The only channel you can truly trust is one that gives you direct access to your audience. Texting out the vote with RumbleUp is the only reliable way to reach voters through election day, and we are ready to make sure your messages get through up to the very last minute. 

The only channel you can truly trust is one that gives you direct access to your audience. Texting out the vote with RumbleUp is the only reliable way to reach voters through election day, and we are ready to make sure your messages get through up to the very last minute. 

We are the only texting platform that has never failed campaigns during crunch time. While other platforms have crashed and are not transparent when texts don’t successfully reach recipients, RumbleUp guarantees the absolute highest delivery rate and gives you full in-portal transparency to prove it. 

We know the landscape better than anyone and have the expertise to keep you ahead of any unexpected challenges that other platforms will struggle to overcome.

The Top 5 Best Kept GOTV Texting Secrets

The Top 5 Best Kept GOTV Texting Secrets

You won’t find anyone more equipped to handle critical GOTV texting than RumbleUp. We know what campaigns need to get voters out to the polls and have built our platform to serve that purpose.

If you’ve ever texted before, you may think you’ve seen the extent of what is possible with the channel. But this year make sure you’re using the latest tools we have to offer that will give you a real edge on your opposition. 

Secret #1 – Enhanced Video Texting is our most popular product

In 2021, 30% of households in the U.S. have cut the cord. But with our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting (EVT), you can text your most persuasive full-length made-for-TV ads with captions straight to voters phones right inside the message.

This exclusive new technology won a Gold Pollie and CampaignTech award when it was first used last cycle. Clients texting with Enhanced Videos notice their texts stand out from the sea of plain messages sent by their opposition – that’s why it’s our most popular product. Don’t wait until everyone else is already using it.

Secret #2 – Individual Link-Tracking Saves You Money

We took our in-portal link-shortening feature to the next level and added the ability for you to track every single person who tapped on a link after you text it to them. Not only does this let you know how successful your message was, but it also tells you exactly who should receive a followup text if they did not complete the action when they tapped your link, saving you money you would have spent following up with unresponsive voters. 

Secret #3 – Smart Segmentation Saves You Time

What good is an address book if you can’t easily slice and dice contact segments based on followup? Don’t limit your outreach to stagnant lists of faceless data points and start reaching the right people with the right messages by utilizing RumbleUp’s Smart Segmentation tools.

Secret #4 – We Read Your Texts… 

…to make sure that they have the best chance of being delivered to voters! Text confidently knowing that our support team actively monitors all traffic and will notify you immediately if something needs attention. Whether it be removing words carriers are blocking, splitting your audience into segments, etc., we look at each text project and provide custom recommendations to make sure you have the best delivery rates possible.

Secret #5 – Our Extensive Knowledge Base Will Help You Stay Ahead

As one of the original platforms in the space, we have the industry expertise to show for it and go out of our way to pass this valuable information on to our clients. You won’t find a more relevant and detailed success kit than RumbleUp’s in-portal knowledge base.

Secret #5 - Our Extensive Knowledge Base Will Help You Stay Ahead

Bottom Line

When it comes to your GOTV messages, every undelivered text can equal a vote lost. Don’t get left behind while others take advantage of the extensive feature set RumbleUp includes, and don’t roll the dice on your campaign. Send your texts on the only platform that has never failed on election day.

Last year alone we helped campaigns send hundreds of millions of texts during the 2020 election season. Many of these races won by narrow margins attributable to the texts they successfully delivered with us.

Running low on time? Need that extra helping hand? We’ve got you covered. Not only is our expert support team on standby to ensure your GOTV programs run smoothly, we also employ teams of experienced volunteers who are ready to send your messages out to voters at a moment’s notice. Simply select the option to outsource the sending when you create your message in the portal and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our team is standing by to help you win your election now. Sign up and get started at or email us back to be put in touch with a texting expert.

Let’s get ready to rumble.

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Exceptional Virtual Voter Engagement With Powerful P2P Texting In 2020

When COVID-19 halted traditional campaigning, one congressional candidate increased voter engagement using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting, achieving victory against the incumbent on election day.

Increasing Voter Engagement With P2P Texting

The odds were stacked against this congressional candidate at the beginning of her political campaign. Not only was she running against an incumbent for a hotly contested Congressional seat, her team suddenly needed to adapt to a contactless campaign.

To give her the edge to win, their team turned to us to help. We helped them increase voter engagement in a way that stood out and made a lasting impact by using every tool our platform provides. As a result, they were able to use virtual outreach throughout the initial phases of COVID to keep up their voter engagement.

Increasing Voter Engagement With P2P
Real Conversation With a Voter

In the beginning, the team started their texting program by focusing on distributing public health information regarding COVID relief. This was a perfect way to introduce the candidate to the community. – It demonstrated not only that her first priority was protecting voters’ health, but also that she was forward-thinking in how to communicate by choosing to text them this information. Her team was sending out texts asking people if they had everything they needed to be safe and included links to resources that might be of use to them.

After establishing the candidate’s name, ID, and positioning her as a reliable resource for COVID relief to the community, the team began texting out persuasion messages. The district this candidate was in had unique demographics where a significant portion of the population spoke Vietnamese as their first language. To accommodate this, the campaign split up their audiences based on language preference and fully utilized our platform’s ability to send text messages with Unicode characters to send texts in Vietnamese to those who spoke it. Going to these lengths for genuine voter contact showed that she desired to listen to everyone she would be representing.

How Voter Engagement Was Improved
Real Conversation With a Voter

How Voter Engagement Was Improved

A key element of their multilingual texting program that made them stand out was the team’s commitment to responding. While this is typically overlooked, we have seen firsthand that it can mean the difference between winning and losing. Our client’s ability to easily manage responses was made possible by two unique platform enhancements we provided to them. 

The first one, Tap-Then-Send, allowed the team to load custom pre-written responses to cut down on the time volunteers spent writing each response to replies. The second enhancement, Rapid Respond mode, reformatted volunteers’ screens to sequentially show unreplied messages in a flow that let them manage responses up to 50% faster.

These unique features allowed the campaign to scale up their team’s ability to respond to voters, which resulted in higher quality conversations and increased engagement. One of the best examples of this was their volunteer recruitment messages. Rapid Respond mode allowed the campaign to respond back to people right away, which is vital in order to keep the conversation going. Campaigns often lose the recipient’s attention by taking too long to respond, but our client had the tools to prevent this. This is why they were able to schedule interviews and successfully recruit volunteers through texting. Without this feature, they would have lost potential volunteers, making a big difference in their campaign. 

Another way we helped them was by including multimedia attachments to their texts to increase their response rates even further. With our system, we had them texting up to the final hour with targeted GOTV texts.

P2P Voter Engagement Results
Real Conversation With a Voter

Voter Engagement with P2P Texting Produced Results

In the end, our client won by a margin of 2.2% — only 8,376 votes made the difference! We are proud to have enabled our client to get the absolute most out of what can be accomplished through P2P text messaging by having meaningful voter engagement that moved the needle.

Interested in getting started with P2P texting? Sign up at, text us at 833-530-4400, or reach out to our sales team at to talk about how texting can best work for you! 

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Why Multilingual Texting with Unicode Characters Won a CampaignTech Award in 2021

Texting with foreign language Unicode characters at scale helped a congressional campaign bridge the language gap in her district, resulting in a victory against the incumbent.

On Tuesday August 24th, Campaigns & Elections announced that RumbleUp won in two categories for the 2021 CampaignTech Awards! Our entry “Targeted & Personalized Multilingual Texting” won best Innovation in Digital Campaigning due to the impact multilingual texting had on our client’s campaign. Here’s how:

Our client’s team knew taking on an incumbent during a pandemic would be a monumental task. Not only was she faced with this immense task, but the district she was running in also had a unique diversity in languages spoken. In order to win out over her opponent, they needed a solution that allowed them to connect with voters in a personal way that was also contactless and flexible to be accommodating to their multilingual community.

Why Accommodation for Unicode Characters with Peer-to-Peer Texting Was the Solution

The campaign’s language needs were particularly challenging because they needed to send messages in Korean, Mandarin, and English. These languages are more difficult to accommodate because all three use their own unique characters which don’t exist in the traditional English alphabet. Sending text messages in other Latin languages such as Spanish would have been much simpler because most of the characters are the same as English.

Why Accommodation for Unicode Characters with Peer-to-Peer Texting Was the Solution
Real conversation with a voter explains that the standard SMS Global System for Mobile Communications-7 character set (GSM-7 for short) does not contain the resources for people to text with special symbols or in non-Latin-based languages. The solution to this issue is sending texts using Unicode characters, which allows people to send messages in languages such as Korean and Mandarin that GSM-7 does not accommodate. Our platform was built with the functionality to send messages using Unicode characters in order to meet the demand for sending diverse messages in all the various languages present in the U.S.

Using our peer-to-peer (P2P) texting technology that seamlessly accommodates Unicode characters, the campaign was able to divide their universe based on demographics such as language preference, past actions taken, and age range to incorporate multilingual texting. Using our custom tagging feature, they were able to automatically label contacts simply by setting preferred demographic parameters. This allowed them to send Unicode texts that were both relevant and written in the language the recipient knew best, ensuring that their messages were understood loud and clear for their multilingual district.

How Unicode Characters Were Used In This Campaign’s Texting Program

Since the campaign was able to ensure the legibility of their text messages, they were able to text out instructions for how to request and send in absentee ballots in Korean and Mandarin. The COVID landscape meant absentee ballots were absolutely crucial to the campaign, and without a way to target their audience segments using language preferences, those votes may very well have been lost.

How Unicode Characters Were Used In This Campaign’s Texting Program
Real conversation with a voter

Another way we equipped the team was with the functionality to embed pictures, videos, and graphics along with their language-optimized text messages. Our data has shown that including an image with a text increases response rates by up to 50%. By being able to utilize this function, our client was able to engage in more texting conversations than would have likely happened otherwise.

To boost the campaign’s ability to engage with voters, we provided them with the ability to create custom preloaded replies in Korean, Mandarin, and English. The responses were set up to match the language of the original text sent and allowed volunteers to quickly send a full written out reply with a single tap. This saved time which was absolutely essential in order to successfully engage a voter via text because campaigns need to reply while they still have the recipient’s attention on the message.

Unicode Characters Save the Day

If it were not for our platform’s accommodation for Unicode characters, thousands of people who lacked native English speaking skills would have been either left out of the loop entirely or been contacted with a message they might not understand. Overcoming the language barrier helps more people exercise their right to vote. As it happened, our candidate only won by slightly more than 4,000 votes, proving the need to chase every vote.

Unicode Characters Save the Day
Real replies from voters

To start using RumbleUp to send your important messages, sign up and start texting today at or contact our sales team to talk about how texting can best work for you: email- or text us at 833–530–4400!

The outstanding work by the Young Kim Campaign also won the AAPC’s Republican “Campaign of the Year”!

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Not April Fools’: An Incredible Landmark TCPA Ruling Issued by the Supreme Court!

It’s good news for those who wish to connect with citizens, voters and constituents via the most important communication channel of our time: text.

Today the Supreme Court cleared up the legal morass that had surrounded the definition of an ATDS, or autodialer, under the TCPA. We at RumbleUp had been following this case closely, and we are very pleased with the outcome: the Court held in a 9–0 ruling that an ATDS must produce and store numbers using a random or sequential number generator. That is good news for us and for our clients: RumbleUp is definitely not an ATDS under this ruling. (We can’t give you legal advice. We encourage you to contact your legal counsel if you have questions about this ruling.)

We have been anticipating this ruling, and working on a plan to take advantage of any changes in the legal status of messaging that would result from it, and we will be working in the coming weeks to put our plan into action to take maximum advantage of this ruling for our clients.

The TCPA Ruling Will Not Affect You

The TCPA Ruling Will Not Affect You

While the ruling is still fresh, and our legal team is analyzing it closely as we speak, we can share two more good outcomes:

  • RumbleUp clients have a near-perfect chance of prevailing if any legal action were to be taken against them for texting with RumbleUp — so our clients can text with even more peace of mind! This ruling will largely suppress predatory TCPA lawsuits.
  • The Supreme Court made clear that the “human intervention” standard imposed by past FCC rulings no longer applies in the context of the definition of an autodialer under the TCPA regulations.

These two initial take-aways certainly present a significant opportunity to RumbleUp and our customers: texting with RumbleUp is safer than ever, and also potentially easier to execute.

The Big Caveat to Today’s TCPA News

The Big Caveat to Today’s TCPA News

The legal questions surrounding the TCPA law have for some time been secondary to the question of how the phone carriers will decide if our clients’ messages get delivered or not. The good news here is successful message delivery has always been RumbleUp’s strong suit.

In the wake of today’s ruling, we may see phone carriers tighten up their spam filters even further as they did for the final month before the 2020 election. RumbleUp clients enjoyed the best delivery rate of any political vendor during that time, and we expect the same to be true in the future.

Next, while it is probable that our clients will be able to send text messages without the intervention of a human operator sending each message, for the immediate future, the best course of action is to continue with our proven method of getting our clients’ messages delivered reliably using our current protocols. We will be implementing new features and options as we see how the carriers react to this new legal environment.

TCPA Ruling Brings New Opportunities

TCPA Ruling Brings New Opportunities

Happily, we are very well equipped to implement these new features, because for the past six months we have been building blast-texting and automation tools which we can now introduce into RumbleUp, while still taking advantage of all the RumbleUp features that set us apart, including:

  • Enhanced Video Texting (the highest quality video in the texting space)
  • Highest deliverability in the marketplace
  • Rapid-Reply mode for 2-way human conversations at scale
  • Transparent and accurate reporting
  • Intuitive and advanced tagging and audience segmentation
  • Fundraising and data integrations

And the best client support team in the business. The list goes on.

Now that the Supreme Court has closed the book on the legal questions that had surrounded text messaging under the TCPA, we remain focused on the phone carriers and their developing plans to regulate traffic over their networks, to further codify our industry-leading delivery rate for our clients’ traffic.

Bottom Line

The best is yet to come! There will be some changes due to the new TCPA rules, but we see huge upsides for our clients. This is just another chapter in our ongoing mission to ensure that text messaging remains an open, reliable and effective channel for our clients.

We will be in touch as we further digest today’s ruling and implement the plan we outlined above.

As always, and especially today — Happy texting!

Sign up and start texting today or get in touch directly:

Additional Resource:

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Blocked on Facebook, TV and YouTube? Texting is a Powerful Advertising Alternative!

Don’t get left out in the cold with this new ad freeze. 🥶 Get ahead by texting voters as an advertising alternative.

The unprecedented move by Facebook and other social media giants to restrict any new political or issue ads in the final week before the election has resulted in a mad scramble to buy up all available ad space ahead of the cutoff.

Why Use Texting As An Advertising Alternative?

Why Use Texting As An Advertising Alternative?

Don’t expect this ad freeze to thaw out once the election is over though. Facebook has made the decision to ban all political ads on their platform through an undetermined date after November 3rd in what Zuckerberg describes as an effort to “fight misinformation,” citing fears of “an increased risk of civil unrest across the country” surrounding the election results. Google and YouTube have followed Facebook’s lead and will also enforce similar ad bans, at least through the duration of votes being cast and counted.

Reports of incorrectly blocked ads on Facebook’s Business Suite have poured in from political advertisers, unions, activist groups, and campaigns of all sizes since these restrictions went into effect Tuesday, November 27th, showcasing the immediate widespread harm these new rules are inflicting.

Campaigns across the country are now all turning their attention to alternative advertising methods to get their last-minute appeals out to voters. TV ads may seem like a tempting first choice, but the cost of a slot is prohibitively expensive and even if a campaign has the budget for it, at this point all of the time slots with high enough viewership to justify the cost have been bought up.

With TV ad space at full capacity and the social media platforms crushing new limitations in full effect, some campaigns may be thinking about throwing in the towel.

For those who will win this cycle however, their efforts have already turned to an advertising alternative unaffected by any of these limits: RumbleUp P2P Texting.

The Advertising Alternative That Works

The Advertising Alternative That Works

The new scarcity of digital real estate is putting advertising alternatives like P2P texting in higher demand. As Tonya Riley from the Washington Post reports;

“The Facebook ad restrictions make alternative outreach, such as text messages and emails, even more important in the final stretch.”

RumbleUp’s platform is built to handle times of high volume traffic like this and proved it back in 2018 when almost every other P2P platform crashed in the last 72 hours leading up to the midterm elections. We know that others are already experiencing high rates of blocked messages from carrier crackdowns, and it will only continue to get worse as the election ticks closer.

Luckily, we are well prepared to navigate these obstacles and successfully deliver our client’s messages all the way through election day.

Along with our proven track record of providing the highest delivery rate in the industry, we also have a strong dedication to equipping our clients with the latest best practices and insider advice to help them outperform their opponents. For those looking to switch from the freshly frozen ad platforms and start texting as an advertising alternative instead, these resources make it easy for even complete beginners to quickly get started.

With our platform’s ability to support 320 character messages and Enhanced MMS capabilities, your campaign can send texts with high quality, made-for-TV videos straight to your supporters’ phones. With a few clicks you can take that 30 second video or any other vital last minute message and send it directly to any target audience.

Texting is significantly cheaper than a TV slot, and you can be absolutely sure your message was seen by the exact people you want to reach. No more shooting in the dark and hoping for the best with limited audience demographics pre-set by big tech.

Texting is significantly cheaper than a TV slot, and you can be absolutely sure your message was seen by the exact people you want to reach. No more shooting in the dark and hoping for the best with limited audience demographics pre-set by big tech.

Bottom line:

Don’t get left in the cold. Getting started with RumbleUp is fast and easy with our turnkey setup allowing you to make an account and start texting in under 15 minutes. With full service, self service, and hybrid options available for anyone, our advertising alternative solution will fit your campaign’s unique needs.

Even more good news: we have lowered our minimum audience size for outsource orders down to 25,000 contacts.

For more detailed information about how easy it is to get started check out our most recent blog post, “It’s Not Too Late to Win with P2P Texting” or contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or to discuss how texting can best work for

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Why Most Peer-to-Peer Texting Companies Crashed for Over a Day… 72 Hours Before the Midterm Elections

Though some peer-to-peer companies don’t want to talk about it, the final 72 hour texting sprint before the Midterm elections was interrupted spectacularly.

Here’s an inside explainer from one of the companies that didn’t #FailWhale. 😇

2018 was the year of the political text message.

A record number of peer-to-peer texts were sent by Democrat and Republican volunteers leading up to this year’s midterm elections.

You probably know what we’re talking about and received some text messages that looked similar to the ones below.

Image for post

If you were one of the thousands of volunteers sending peer-to-peer texts in the final days before the midterm elections, you may recall a sudden service outage that left the majority of P2P companies with drastically reduced service.

The crash came about because there was a dramatic spike in the amount of peer-to-peer texts being sent persuading or reminding people to vote by hundreds of clients. From several million texts a day, up to as many as a hundred million texts a day during the final three days!

This massive spike in traffic overwhelmed the provider, causing a near total collapse of the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) network, and a severe reduction in options for sending regular (Short Message Service) SMS text messages as well.

In practice this meant all the P2P companies who relied on this provider could send hardly any MMS messages (texts with a multimedia attachment like an image, GIF or video) and had to cut down the allowable character count their clients could use in standard SMS text messages — and even worse, no more emojis! 😢

Past is Prologue

Our RumbleUp team knew months before this crash that the massive spike in anticipated traffic had the potential to test the capacity limits of the downstream delivery provider we (and most other P2P companies) depend on to deliver the messages our clients send one-by-one.

A month prior to the election, we experienced firsthand what it is like to have your downstream provider crash.

One day, while in the process of delivering over 440,000 MMS messages for a client who was sending around a video, our outbound capacity unexpectedly got cut by our service provider.

Image for post
The message our client was sending when our provider drastically limited our delivery capacity

It became clear that we would not be able to get all of the messages out in time if we continued to deliver through them.

With only a few hours left before the cut-off time to deliver messages (our client didn’t want people receiving texts later than 9pm local time), our developers wasted no time diving in and searching for a solution.

At this point, we already had the ability to deliver messages via multiple providers. From the beginning, our developers never wanted to have a single point of failure in our system.

The preferred method however, of the most popular service providers, requires companies like ours to choose one and only one provider. The benefit is that the provider in turn handles many complicated technical tasks for you (saving your development team time and hassle). But because you’re basically locked-in to using them, if they go down, you go down with them.

Many other P2P companies took this easier road, but our developers made sure our system could support multiple providers and instead created a provider-agnostic system.

More work for us, but more flexibility in return.

This allowed us to find a fix that enabled us to switch providers mid-send and finish delivering the texts with a different provider than the one we started with.

Best of all, our clients’ agents (the term we use for volunteers sending the texts) barely noticed a hiccup!

After coming out of this fire drill unscathed and with a new set of tools to use for situations like this, when we received the notice from our provider days before the general election, switching to another provider was as simple as flipping a switch.

So What Happened to Everyone Else?

When a P2P text is sent, it is delivered the same way any other text message is routed. It goes from the sender to the provider, then from the provider to the individual phone carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.), and then finally from the phone carrier to the recipient.

There are only a small handful of providers that support the entire phone carrier network.

Three days before the midterms, the most popular provider used by P2P companies crashed due to the massive amount of texts being sent reminding people to vote.

The provider simply could not pass on the amount of messages being delivered to it.

This caused a slowdown for all P2P companies who relied on this provider to deliver their messages. They could barely send any MMS messages, and their bandwidth to send SMS messages was significantly hampered as well.

Throughout all of this, here at RumbleUp we remained fully operational with zero downtime or reduced service capacity for either MMS or SMS messages.

All P2P companies who relied on the crashed provider dropped any client that had to send 10,000 MMS messages or more down to 72 messages per hour and the provider asked P2P companies to have their clients reduce their SMS messages down to 160 characters (all this time RumbleUp continued to deliver at optimal speed and double the length — 320 characters).

Image for post

Imagine spending weeks or months crafting and optimizing your 320 character get-out-the-vote message and then being told three days before the election that you need to cut it in half so it could go out at all. Or spending thousands of dollars or more creating mobile-optimized video content to use as a persuasion or motivation piece to attach to your text message and having to scrap it completely.

This happened to dozens of campaigns and groups that went with other peer-to-peer texting companies.

Meanwhile, the average volunteer on our RumbleUp system could send 2,500 messages per hour and most campaigns employ dozens of volunteers. Our clients could also keep their messages up to 320 characters without having to worry about congesting the network, and include a multimedia attachment.

The provider eventually sent out a notification when things were back to normal, but it was over 25 hours of significant downtime and even after the network recovered they still advised people not to send MMS messages.

If people relying on the crashed provider had been constantly sending during that time, they would have only been able to deliver about 1,500 MMS messages total — a minuscule amount for any campaign larger than a small local race.

In the same timeframe, our clients could deliver hundreds of thousands of MMS messages without breaking a sweat.

What Made the Difference?

Unlike other P2P companies, our system is built to be provider agnostic, so we are never reliant on just one provider to deliver our messages. This proved to be a wise choice. To our knowledge, we were one of the few (if not the only) P2P company that was able to continue delivering our messages without a hitch, throughout the entire election cycle.

The final 72 hours before the election is the most crucial time to be having conversations with potential voters and is certainly not the time you want your system to break down. We are proud to have been able to continue sending texts during this outage and plan to continue offering the highest level of dependability and reliability to our clients.

There are dozens of ways to continue engaging your supporters via text and reaching out to new ones:

Fundraising, Constituent Contact, Event Attendance, Polling/Surveys, Lobbying, & so much more!

Our team is ready to help you create the perfect P2P plan to complement your already existing outreach programs. Send us an email at and let’s talk about how to amplify your reach!

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GOTV Texting FAQ: Your Roadmap to Winning with P2P Texting

Now is the time to be texting out the vote. Your get out the vote program is not complete without peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. RumbleUp has all of your texting needs covered and creating an account takes 15min or less. We’re helping almost 1,000 campaigns of every size coast-to-coast. Let’s go!

Here are the top questions campaigns ask us before signing up:

#1. What is the message character limit?

Your messages can be up to 320 characters long including an opt-out phrase.

#2. Can I send multimedia attachments (MMS)?

Yes! You can attach pictures, videos or GIFs to your texts up to 500KB in addition to your 320 character message.

We also offer an Enhanced MMS service where our team will compress any 30 second video into a high-quality attachment optimized for your text message that includes audio that works on all major phone carriers and custom captions for folks who have their phone on silent.

#3. Does RumbleUp work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones?

Yes. RumbleUp is optimized for any screen via a mobile browser.

#4. How long do I need to sign up for? Is it a long term contract?

There are no minimum contract lengths. You are free to sign up and cancel your account at any time. Canceling your account is as easy as clicking a button in the portal.

#5. Is the sign up process fast and easy?

Yes. You can create an account and get started in less than 15min by visiting our website and clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button in the upper righthand corner. Click here to go there now!

If you have further questions before signing up, fill out the contact form on the homepage or email and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

#6. How can I pay and how am I charged?

Our platform is pay-as-you-go where you add money to your account and it is withdrawn to cover the cost of outgoing messages as they are sent. You can either add a credit card to your account and load money at any time, or you can request invoices and our team will credit the funds to your account once the invoices are paid via CC, ACH or wire transfer. You are only charged for outgoing messages, all incoming replies are free.

#7. What if I don’t have a list of cell phones for my area?

No problem. We have in-portal integrations with both L2, the leading provider of high quality cell phones and voter information, and the GOP voter file (if you are a Republican candidate or state party) which make it extremely simple for you to submit requests for audience demographics and have those lists of numbers automatically appear in the portal for you to use.

#8. Can I use my own cell phone list?

Absolutely. You can upload any list of numbers you already have and either add them to an existing audience segment, or keep them separate as their own list. We have a built-in list cleaning tool you can use to scrub your uploaded contacts for landlines so you don’t waste time/money texting numbers that cannot receive messages.

#9. How fast is it to text with RumbleUp?

A single volunteer can send 8,000 outbound texts per hour on average. Alternatively, if they are sending and replying to people simultaneously using our Rapid Response feature, they can send ~500 outbound texts per hour on average.

#10. What if I don’t have enough staff/volunteers?

No need to worry. We offer the option for you to outsource the sending of your messages to our experienced team of texters, all of whom are based in the United States and adhere to strict confidentiality and professional standards.

All you need to do is create the message, select the audience you want to send it to, choose the date and time you want the messages to go out, select the option to outsource the sending, and our team will take care of the rest. Minimum order size to outsource a send is 2,500 contacts.

#11. When is the cutoff/deadline to submit an outsource sending order?

We ask that you submit your sending orders at least 24 hours before the time you have scheduled them to begin going out. This ensures our team has enough time to coordinate with our sending partners and guarantee your messages are prioritized over last minute orders.

We encourage our clients to submit orders as early as possible since we expect a high volume of orders to be placed around election day which could strain our outsource capacity. We will prioritize orders in the order they are placed.

#12. How do I know my messages are getting through?

Our portal shows detailed metrics on both your send rate and delivery rate so you can see exactly how many texts were sent out, and how many successfully made it to the recipients’ phone.

You will be notified if your messages are being flagged as spam by carriers at an abnormally high rate and we provide extensive best practice solutions to resolve spam issues so you can get your texts through. We are proud to offer the most transparent reporting in the political P2P texting industry.

#13. Can I send a test of my message to myself before anyone else sees it?

Absolutely. It is important to send yourself a test of the text you create to make sure it looks the way you want it to before sending it to your entire audience. We make it easy to do this by simply clicking a button right above the message you create in the portal.

#14. Do you provide a knowledge base and best practices?

Yes. We have created a comprehensive and easy to navigate knowledge base filled with all the materials you need to succeed. You will find both best practice guides to optimize your success, as well as our Rapid Training Center which includes step-by-step videos to walk you through how to use the platform. We designed our Rapid Training Center to feel as if one of our support team members was sitting next to you taking you through each step.

#15. Can I choose my own area code?

Yes. You can choose a custom area code if you are sending an MMS message (text + multimedia attachment). If you are sending SMS (plain text message), using a Toll Free number is required to make sure your messages are successfully delivered.

Visit us at to get started. Our team is always happy to help you in every way we can.

Call or Text Us: ‪(202) 922–6596
Email Us:
Political Peer to Peer Texting

5 Battle-Tested Ways to Win Your Election With P2P Texting

Voting in the 2020 election has already started. Take advantage of these key RumbleUp P2P texting features and best practices to win more votes and win your race.

As campaigns this election cycle are learning how to navigate the new political landscape created by COVID-19 disruptions, more than ever they are realizing the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) texting as an essential tool for voter contact, mail-in ballot chasing, fundraising, GOTV, volunteer recruitment, mobilization, and more.

With so many P2P platforms emerging to take advantage of the demand for P2P texting, doing your homework and choosing the right platform is well worth it. If your campaign has already started experimenting with P2P and you think they may not be hitting the mark, you should ask them these simple questions.

Unlike many newer platforms, RumbleUp is battle-tested and has helped hundreds of clients win their primaries and general elections. We have worked hard to ensure our client portal and volunteer interface are not only easy to use, but will also keep your campaign ahead of the competition.

Here are five of the most useful ways RumbleUp can help you win:

Image for post

1) Turnkey Signup

The onboarding process with RumbleUp is both simple and fast. Our platform allows campaigns to set up a new account, load data, and write your message so that your volunteers can begin texting in under 15 minutes!

Along with this self-service option, we also provide full-service or hybrid solutions depending on the needs of your campaign. We can provide your campaign with an experienced team of texters, help acquire data, write message copy, provide hands-on train and more.

2) Enhanced MMS

Many providers tell their clients they should not use MMS attachments or do not even support them on their platforms. This is what makes our enhanced MMS service a breakthrough in the P2P texting industry.

High-quality videos are powerful tools for voter engagement, as they provide an effective avenue for grabbing your audience’s attention better than text alone can achieve. MMS messages lift your response rate by over 50%!

So what are the benefits of Enhanced MMS over standard MMS?

1. Embed a full 30-second, high quality video into your text message

2. Audio works on AT&T phones (35% of the cellular market)

3. Higher quality audio on all devices

4. Captions available for phones set to silent

5. Still able to include a 320 character message along with the MMS attachment

Enhanced MMS allows TV quality ads to be sent directly to your audience on their phones — with new statistics showing that an estimated 44.3 million American households (1-in-5 voters) do not have paid TV service in 2020, finding alternatives to getting your message seen and heard is essential.

Image for post

3) In-Portal Data Integrations

Our L2 integration and GOP Voter File integrations make it easy for campaigns to purchase clean, comprehensive cell phone lists for any target audience.

The L2 database has comprehensive national records for voters, consumers, constituents, predictive non-voters, non-registered voters, and their contact information (including mail, cell phone numbers, landlines and emails). They provide an extensive Voter Data Filter, with hundreds of behavioral attribute fields, demographic fields, and predictive information to provide your campaign with excellent audience targeting for your needs.

Republican campaigns have access to unique data they can input and export from the client portal, which means they will have access to the latest voter information. Approved campaigns can refresh their audiences daily with the latest voter tags so you will have up-to-date access to critical data points such as mail-in or absentee ballot status, early voter propensity, and more.

All you need to do is fill out the L2 or Republican data request form available directly in the RumbleUp portal and then you will be ready to start having personal conversations with the audiences your campaign cares about most.

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4) Tagging & Segmentation Tools

The powerful tagging and segmentation tools available through our platform allow for both fast and personalized messaging — volunteers/agents clock-in with the fastest texting speeds in the industry when they use our platform, at thousands of two-way conversations per hour per person!

Flexible, automated tagging can be used to keep track of the types of responses you get back and to plan follow ups based on the information people share. Whether the focus is identifying new supporters, providing specific information or resources, or following up with people who haven’t voted yet, tagging ensures your campaign never loses track of a conversation.

You can also create new audiences by using tags to filter and segment people into different groups. Identifying and creating these audience segments will allow your campaign to create personalized message copy for addressing the needs of specific groups, which helps facilitate effective communication with your supporters and move the needle.

5) Ability to Outsource Sending

Not sure you have enough volunteers to send out all the texts your campaign needs to get out? Our team has you covered.

RumbleUp offers a unique service for our clients to outsource the sending. That’s right — along with our other amazing features, we can even help send your texts for you!

All your campaign needs to do is select an option in the client portal when setting up your message, select when you want the texts to be sent out and our trusted sending partners will take care of the sending and replying. This frees up your volunteers to focus on other aspects of campaigning, including focusing on replies, which can be vital in the weeks leading up to an election.

The Bottom Line

RumbleUp is committed to helping your campaign win — that’s why we built RumbleUp — and we have the tools and experience to help you do so. There is still time to run an effective GOTV campaign and have genuine interactions with your supporters at scale using the power of P2P texting.

RumbleUp wants to help your campaign cut through the noise and get your supporters to mail-in or show up to vote. Contact us today at for more information on how to get started, or visit our website at to learn more.

Special thanks to Lauren Datres for co-authoring this article.

Political Fundraising Peer to Peer Texting

How to Use P2P Texting for GOTV

Texting is an essential tool for getting out the vote this year. Are you using it effectively? There’s still time to learn how to win your election with texting.

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This has been a wild year for everyone and campaigns in particular have had to innovate like never before. There are less than 70 days until the November general election, and even though we have seen a huge uptick in the number of people opting to vote by mail, many Americans will still prefer to go to the polls and vote in-person.

Besides helping people get to the polls, which is a challenge all on its own as many polling locations have closed or moved, it is vital for campaigns to continue fundraising and recruiting new volunteers. It may seem like a daunting task to do all of this simultaneously, but using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting with RumbleUp can allow your campaign to gain an edge over the competition by making it easy to manage several outreach programs at once.

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How? By sending a simple, easy-to-write text message directly to every single person you want to reach. Purchase targeted cellphone lists directly through our in-portal data integrations and compose a message for each group that can be automatically personalized with dynamic fields. We know exactly what you need to succeed as a campaign because we have worked with over 700 campaigns in the past two years and shaped our platform around their feedback. RumbleUp was built for campaigns to win.

Who should your campaign be texting?

Before crafting the text messages, you should map out your audiences. Since COVID is driving a record number of first-time absentee and mail-in votes, you should text a broad audience of voters with a message asking how they prefer to cast their ballot this year. By doing this, you can then tag people based on how they plan to vote and be able to follow up accordingly.

Sending a message like this to an expansive audience early on will impart your campaign with vital information on how people plan to vote, which will allow you to design hyper-targeted GOTV efforts. By utilizing RumbleUp’s tagging feature, you can essentially track the status of each potential ballot by asking people questions and tagging them based on the information they share. Through an effective use of this feature, you will know exactly who to focus your efforts on in the final days before the election because you will know who your supporters are and who has already mailed/cast their ballot for you.

When should your campaign start texting?

NOW! 😆 Top campaigns on both sides of the aisle have already refocused their efforts and resources towards P2P outreach and have been texting people for weeks.

The effectiveness of a GOTV text on election day is massively increased if it is not the first and only text a voter receives from the campaign. Do not just pop out of nowhere on election day! We recommend sending at least one or two texts in the weeks leading up to the election focused on engagement, and then sending three reminder-to-vote texts starting 7–10 days out. It is wise to combine an ask to vote with a helpful piece of information. Here are some examples of info people are generally grateful to receive:

  • Polling date and location changes, confirming most recent information
  • Acknowledgments of holidays or events
  • COVID-19 rules at polling locations: Mask requirements, social distancing rules, elderly-only hours, etc.
  • Offering/coordinating rides to polling locations
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Starting early also gives you the best chance of recruiting a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Many people who want to help out may not be sure if it is still possible to volunteer due to COVID restrictions. Text your supporters and let them know about opportunities to get involved. With P2P texting, you can coordinate volunteer scheduling/sign up sheets, recruit new volunteers, empower your team to recruit their friends to volunteer, and most notably, offer your volunteers an activity that allows them to help the campaign from the safety and comfort of their own home: sending texts!

Similarly, you should begin your fundraising efforts with P2P texting early so that you can make good use of campaign contributions when it matters most. Don’t let restrictions on in-person activities slow down your fundraising. Even though traditional in-person activities like rallies have been canceled, it is entirely possible to fundraise during this time through the use of P2P texting by including links to donate in your outreach messages or taking advantage of our built-in text-to-donate feature.

How to win with RumbleUp

How can RumbleUp help you incorporate all of this advice and win your race?

RumbleUp’s new L2 integration and RNC Data Center integration make it easy for campaigns to purchase clean, comprehensive cellphone lists for any target audience. All you need to do is fill out the L2 or RNC Data Center request form available directly in the RumbleUp portal and boom, you are ready to start having personal conversations with the specific group of people your campaign cares about most.

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Our platform also allows you to include any personal info with your audience data sets that can be automatically pulled into messages using dynamic fields. This makes it easy for you to personalize messages without needing to manually change the message for each person. These fields are frequently used to pull in information such as a person’s name, their nearest polling location, deadlines for mail-in ballots, links to specific web pages, an issue the voter cares about, and more.

Our flexible tagging feature allows your campaign to never lose track of a conversation and easily create new audiences by using tags to filter and segment people into different groups. Some examples of useful tags to use and apply include:

  • Who has not responded to any messages yet (automatically tracked)
  • Friendly respondents (these are your likely supporters!)
  • Which voters returned their ballots (move them to your fundraising list!)
  • Which voters still plan to go to the polls (they should be your focus on election day!)
  • Who needs help finding new polling locations (have information ready!)

Along with the powerful toolset of features RumbleUp includes, we also boast the highest delivery rate of any P2P platform, the lowest spam rate, and the highest reliability of any P2P vendor in the industry. Not to mention our click-to-start signup, exclusive platform integrations, and amazing customer support team. 🏆

The Key Takeaway

Don’t let the pandemic discourage you from running a top-notch campaign this year. It is time to adapt and take advantage of the tools that exist for you to succeed. You can still have genuine interactions with supporters and run an effective GOTV strategy by taking advantage of all that P2P texting has to offer. RumbleUp is committed to helping you win. Sign up and start texting in as little as 15 minutes by visiting our website at RumbleUp.comor contact our sales team at and let’s chat about your unique race.

Special thanks to Lauren Datres for her contributions to this article.

Peer to Peer Texting Political Public Safety

Texting for Good: RumbleUp Wins the AAPC’s People’s Choice Award for Helping Victims of Hurricane Michael

Earlier this month at the annual meeting of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), RumbleUp won two Gold Pollie Awards (the highest recognition in the political campaign industry — less than 1/10th of 1% of entries earn the top honor of a Gold Pollie).

One of our Gold Pollie Award-winning entries for “Best Use of Peer-to-Peer Texting” was also selected for the People’s Choice Award in the phones category by a bipartisan vote of over 500 AAPC members, the first time this award has been offered in the AAPC’s 50 year history.

Here’s RumbleUp CEO Thomas Peters and Director of Accounts and Strategy Dana Cichon explaining what we did in 60 seconds:

Click to watch the video for our Gold Pollie and People’s Choice Award-winning submission!

The Rest of the Story

The goal of this project was to get in contact with hurricane victims, with a sincere message of compassion and offer of support, providing them with recovery resources (FEMA contact info, disaster aid links, insurance help, etc.) while also helping them to still cast their vote in the 2018 midterm elections. We aimed to increase turnout and eliminate confusion and misinformation in an otherwise tumultuous time by helping them restore a small part of their lives — their right to vote.

For many of the people we contacted, it was the first time anyone had reached out to them since the disaster. Our texts were a small lifeline that offered relief and assistance to people who had suffered serious losses, but still at least had their phone and could text back-and-forth with our volunteers:

Image for post
Real conversations between volunteers and voters in the Florida panhandle

We faced the unique challenge of contacting constituents in an area that had been recently devastated by Hurricane Michael which caused tens of thousands of people to be displaced from their homes, making them extremely difficult to contact.

The hurricane destroyed many residents’ voting locations and thousands of people no longer knew where — or if they even could — cast their ballot. One of the most devastated areas in the Florida panhandle was Bay County (and surrounding areas), which was expected to have exceptionally low turnout due to the confusion about polling locations.

Record Turnout

Even with so many polling locations destroyed and the tremendous losses people had suffered, of the 70,260 numbers we texted, 40.84% wound up casting their ballots. Of those numbers, only 30.79% voted in 2014, which means there was a 10.05% increase in turnout.

Image for post
Turnout numbers for the people who were texted in the Florida panhandle

We overcame the hurdle of getting in contact with people who were unreachable by typically reliable methods of communication (since they had been forced to flee their homes) and helped turn people out to vote in areas where historical polling locations were destroyed. All of this happened in the final weeks leading up to the election so we had to act fast because depressed turnout in this area could have significantly hurt our client’s chances of winning.

Not only were we able to reach thousands of hurricane victims and get them the help they needed (and continue to need!), we were also able to drive Republican turnout in a state where every single vote ended up being pivotal to the ultimate election results — top races such as the governor’s race were decided by less than 11,000 votes.

Wrapping It Up

We are so proud to have been able to provide assistance by reaching people via text, and humbled to have been able to empower them to cast their votes on election day, despite the disaster and setbacks that so many of them had encountered.

The conversations and turnout numbers speak for themselves. Our peer-to-peer texting program was a determining factor in the Florida Midterm Election results and was a chance to do good for our fellow citizens.

Learn more about RumbleUp: Advanced P2P Texting at our website.

Learn more about RumbleUp: Advanced P2P Texting at our website.

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