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How Expert Use of Our Platform Won 2 Pollie Awards in 2022

Our advocacy client saw a severe decline in their CTA completions using traditional methods until added our peer-to-peer (P2P) texting to their outreach efforts.

On Thursday May 19th, the American Association of Political Consultants announced that RumbleUp won two Pollie Awards for our client’s expert use of our platform: Silver (1st Place) for “Best Phone Campaign” and Gold for “Best Use of Phones/Text – Small Budget Campaign (AAPC North).” Here’s how:

The Challenge

Constituent-to-legislator advocacy is a staple tactic for non-profit advocacy groups, but the introduction of new technologies in recent years has thrown a complicated wrench into the works. 

While technology has continued to simplify the completion of calls-to-action for constituents, it has simultaneously made it easier for legislators to distance themselves from this advocacy. Our client experienced the phenomenon first hand. They had always relied on phone calls, direct mail, & email to rally constituents to contact their legislators. 

However, in 2021, they noticed a severe decline in their CTA completions despite constituents’ interest. 

How Our Platform Combatted Traditional Channels to Win 2 Pollie Awards

The Solution

Looking for a solution, they turned to our peer-to-peer texting platform. 

Our platform allowed this client to quickly mobilize when their legislation was at a critical juncture. Their bill, which had failed to pass many times in recent years, was finally up for a vote in the fall after being stuck in committee since March. The night before the hearing, the committee vice chairman, who was against the bill, was replaced. 

Our client learned of this change the next morning and sent an entire text project within 15 minutes to mobilize calls from the new committee member’s constituents. These constituents called the cell phone of the member directly, causing rippling effects that successfully pushed the bill through the state assembly chamber and senate within a month.

Replies to Our Client's Texts - Pollie Awards

Our client stated that connecting voters directly to politicians using our platform is “the magic sauce” to their newfound success.

How RumbleUp Turned the Tables

Using our powerful feature set, our client executed an entire text project to this new district’s constituents in 15 minutes. Easy list upload, our exclusive Rapid Response mode, and Tap-Then-Send Responses + Tags allowed the team to quickly respond to the incoming replies and sort constituents for future CTAs based on their responses.

RumbleUp's Powerful Toolset Helped Our Client - Pollie Awards

Not only were constituents texting in confirmation of the completed CTA, but another legislator and a Facebook live stream from the committee room witnessed the influx of calls to this legislator. The volume of calls became so overwhelming that the legislator began answering his phone as if it belonged to a local pizza restaurant to detour calls!

Our client continued to use our P2P texting platform to mobilize their constituents as the bill proceeded through the legislative process. When legislators attempted to waterdown the bill on the floor of the state assembly, our client was able to quickly launch another text project to the constituents they’d previously mobilized and tagged using our Smart Segmentation feature. Constituents responded to this rapid text mobilization with the same fervor, thus dissuading members from amending the bill. 

A Real Text Sent by Our Client - Pollie Awards

By the time the bill arrived in the state senate, the word of our client’s text mobilization efforts was well-known. As a result, the senate passed the bill within a month without attempting another amendment to avoid the mobilization tactics of our client. 

Bottom Line

Our platform was the key factor that allowed the rapid mobilization of eager constituents to successfully achieve our client’s goals, and only cost our client $1,148 total. This achievement was recognized by the AAPC and earned our platform 2 more Pollie Awards!

To start using RumbleUp to send your important messages, sign up and start texting today at or contact our sales team to talk about how texting can best work for you: email- or text us at 833–530–4400!

Peer to Peer Texting Political

Why Our Industry-Leading Enhanced Video Texting Won 2 Reed Awards and 4 Pollie Awards

Read why the most innovative technology in texting is now our Enhanced Video Texting, and why you should be using this product in 2022 and beyond.

Enhanced Video Texting has officially won every major award in the political industry with the claim of our two new Reed Awards. Our team representing RumbleUp in Nashville at the annual event was proud to walk up on the stage and accept our awards for “Most Innovative Product of the Year” and “Best Use of Mobile Technology.”

In addition to our Reed wins, our EVT technology took home four new Pollie awards:

  • Gold – Best Use of Mobile Technology
  • Silver – Best Use of Peer to Peer Texting
  • Silver – Best Use of Mobile Technology (Phones – Miscellaneous)
  • Silver – Best Ad Technology Innovation

So why was EVT able to capture the attention of leading experts in the political industry for the second year in a row? Here is the backstory:

The Inspiration for Enhanced Video Texting

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is an entire story. Video has the power to convey subtleties and evoke emotion in an undisputedly more effective way than image or plain text alone. Given this power, most Americans prefer to consume information in video format, making TV and digital ads a staple in campaigning. 

Yet TV advertisements remain a luxury for smaller campaigns, and often not worth the investment given the rate of cord cutters increasing to almost a third of U.S. households. Digital ads did not fare much better in 2021, as campaigns once again found themselves with limited access to search & social media advertisement due to content freezes following the 2020 election. 

RumbleUp Enhanced Video Texting - Trouble Brewing in 2021

What reliable alternative was available for campaigns? The answer: our “Enhanced Video Texting,” or EVT.

Why Enhanced Video Texting Changed the Way Campaigns Approached their Outreach

In response to the changing landscape, we pioneered an innovative way to convert made-for-TV campaign ads into text message optimized videos, bridging the TV-Texting divide. The capability to send high quality, 30+ second videos embedded directly in a text did not exist in the industry prior to our solution, and competition that has since arisen fails to match our quality.

RumbleUp Enhanced Video Texting - See the Enhanced Video Texting Difference Yourself

EVT allowed campaigns of any size and budget to distribute their video content at a reasonable price point via text – the channel with a 95%+ open rate – and bypass TV and unreliable digital mediums altogether. This is especially crucial in an off-year when funds can be tight, and the ability to send content directly to an audience owned by the campaign and receive direct feedback is an invaluable method for obtaining zero-party data.

Why Enhanced Video Texting Deserved These Six Awards

As the texting medium continues to become more prolific due to increased understanding of its benefits, cellular carriers have cracked down on suspicious message content to minimize spam. EVT, like regular Multimedia Messaging Service traffic, brought legitimacy to each text sent by our clients, ensuring their messages and videos were delivered without issue to voters.

In 2021, we further refined our compression technology to handle more audio & visual variables. This increased the maximum video length from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, allowing campaigns to send a greater variety of videos. Videos from made-for-TV quality down to direct-to-camera filmed on a smartphone were sent with our EVT technology.

The accessibility of our EVT technology also increased in 2021 with the addition of automated video conversion to our platform, eliminating the bottleneck of manually processing video compressions. This in-portal feature includes the ability to customize video captions and to translate them into a different language, increasing a campaign’s reach and accommodating voters with hearing impairments.

RumbleUp Enhanced Video Texting - Continued Refinements for EVT in 2021

Why you should be using Enhanced Video Texting in 2022 and beyond

No free video compression tool or competitor can compare to the visual or audio quality of 30+ second videos compressed with our Enhanced Video Texting technology, and adding video texting to your outreach will help you stand out from the crowd.

Campaigns in 2020 and 2021 used Enhanced Video Texting for a wide variety of initiatives, including fundraising, advocacy, persuasion, and as an alternative to expensive TV ads. In addition, many campaigns with limited budgets were also able to utilize the flexibility of our technology to send simple, direct-to-camera EVT’s instead of expensive professional videos, saving them even more time and money.

The campaigns who have utilized EVT and experienced its benefits say that it is now their preferred method of outreach in 2022, especially because voters respond well to receiving these high quality embedded video messages. 

Bottom Line

We are proud to have revolutionized the texting medium with the development of high quality video text messages, which are accessible to campaigns, regardless of their size. In total, over 4 million voters received an EVT through our platform in 2021, allowing campaigns to connect with voters like never before.

The fast adoption of EVT is setting the stage for 2022 to become the year of the video text, and we are excited to see what the future holds with this industry leading technology.

Want to try EVT for yourself? Sign up at, text us at 833-530-4400, or reach out to our sales team at to talk about how video texting can best work for you.

Peer to Peer Texting Political

How Checkmate Strategies Flipped NJ LD-8 in 2021 with a Phenomenal Layered P2P Texting Plan

Learn how Checkmate Strategies was able to continue their record of flipping New Jersey districts red in one of the most competitive and expensive legislative races in the state’s history by using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting.

New Jersey, like Virginia, was filled with some of the hottest races in the country in 2021, and for good reason. Victories and flips for Republican candidates were occurring all over the state, but one battleground district in particular, LD-8, saw the most dramatic flip against all odds. 

In fact, LD-8 was so competitive in 2021 that it “rank[ed] among the top ten most expensive legislative races in New Jersey history” according to New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) Executive Director Jeff Brindle

So what was happening behind the scenes? How was the Stanfield Team in LD-8 able to flip the seat despite all the challenges stacked against them? The answer is simple – it was due to the expert messaging strategy using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting by the political consulting firm Checkmate Strategies.

About Checkmate Strategies

Checkmate Strategies started texting with us in 2018, and they have worked with many high profile candidates in New Jersey and across the country since then.

One of these candidates is Republican Mike Testa, who beat the former Democratic incumbent in the NJ Senate representing LD-1 in 2019, which helped flip LD-1 red. The victories continued in LD-2 in 2021, where Checkmate Strategies flipped two Assembly seats red and held the Senate seat with Vince Polistina. 

They were also the lead strategist for the Jack Ciattarelli for Governor campaign, which nearly defeated the incumbent Governor in a state where Republicans are outnumbered by over 1 million Democrats. 

The Challenges and Opportunities in LD-8 

The climate for Republican candidates in New Jersey is not friendly for many reasons. Traditionally as soon as voting starts, there are immediately 1 million more registered Democrats than Republican voters – this means that Republicans are at an immediate disadvantage across the board for support, name ID, fundraising, and more.

For context on the climate in NJ LD-8 in 2021, Biden was +3 and Democrats were +5. In order to be competitive, Republicans in NJ have to be aggressive, fresh and thought provoking to get people fired up, and they have to do it with uncomfortably low funds.

Despite all this, remarkable opportunities arose from one incumbent state senator who flipped party affiliation from Republican to Democrat mid-term and two state assembly members who left their seats open for the taking.

The makeup of the ticket, especially in these three vacated seats, was a little different than what one would normally expect from traditional strong Republican candidates: 

  • Jean Stanfield, who ran for the State Senate seat, was the first female sheriff in Burlington County, NJ and a proud grandmother. Jean was a two term member of the State Assembly in LD-8 as well.
  • Michael Torrissi Jr., a small business owner in his 40’s who ran for one of the State Assembly seats, started out working on his family peach farm.
  • Brandon Umba, who ran for the other State Assembly seat, was in his 30’s and had made a career for himself in various communities as a municipal administrator.
RumbleUp and Checkmate Strategies GOTV Text with Jean Stanfield, Michael Torrissi Jr. and Brandon Umba
A real conversation with a voter

The Strategy 

With fewer resources and less funds than their Democratic counterparts, along with being outspent 15-to-1 via TV and 4-to-1 via direct mail, Checkmate Strategies had to come up with a strategy that blew the competition out of the water.

The strategy they used was simple, yet sophisticated – implement aggressive outreach using multiple touchpoints and thought provoking content, show off the fresh feel of these candidates, and work smarter not harder. They chose to implement this strategy with an affordable, layered P2P texting program to send a variety of text messages to voters. 

RumbleUp and Checkmate Strategies Text Message
A real conversation with a voter

A common misconception many have about incorporating P2P texting into their outreach is that they will be adding another time consuming channel that they need to curate content for from scratch. However, Checkmate Strategies was able to quickly repurpose their existing written copy and visual creative from other mediums into MMS messages to complement their existing content and hit new verticals with ease.

One area Checkmate Strategies really shined in was their targeting. Instead of using large & broad lists that may or may not reach the right voters, they sent hyperlocal texts to individual towns which really resonated with voters. They also sent texts about topics that voters in these towns cared about, such as immigration and crime. 

RumbleUp and Checkmate Strategies Text Message
A real conversation with a voter

Bottom Line

The results speak for themselves. On paper, these Republican candidates should not have been able to win, but they defied expectations and flipped LD-8 red.

  • Jean Stanfield won against the incumbent by only 2.2% of the vote 
  • Michael Torrissi Jr. won by only 2.4% of the vote
  • Brandon Umba won by a staggering 1.4% of the vote 

Chasing every vote and truly connecting with voters on the most visible communication channel – P2P texting – was what made the difference in NJ LD-8. Want to achieve the same results with powerful and easy to use P2P texting? Sign up today at

Still have questions or concerns about how texting could best work for you? Please contact our sales team at (833) 530-4400 or and they will help find the best solution for you!