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How Advocacy Texting Led to Victory for a Small School Board Recall Race

Communication was key in this group’s efforts to gain signatures for their petition, and peer-to-peer (P2P) advocacy texting helped them achieve success.

The effects of the COVID pandemic permeated through all aspects of society, disrupting the lives of virtually everyone in the U.S. and around the world. One of the groups most affected by the pandemic were students, particularly those in K-12 grade levels.

The long term damage that shutdowns have had on developing children should not be underestimated. The lack of in person learning, discipline, proper resources and learning accommodations have already shown to be causing learning and social developmental issues in children in these K-12 age groups – and parents are noticing. 

However, the decline of performance in schooling is not necessarily new or strictly caused by the pandemic. The increase in the importance of social media to developing students, the increased difficulty of school curriculum, and the emphasis on pursuing higher education have all contributed to an increase in mental health issues in students and has led to a startling decline in school performance for many years. Data pulled from The Nation’s Report Card reflects this fact. 

Unsurprisingly, many parents across the nation have banded together to do something about the growing mental health and learning crises. What is surprising, however, are many School Boards’ lack of response toward these concerned parents.

Advocacy Texting for Concerned Parents

Our client worked with a group of parents who were facing these exact issues. This group worked tirelessly for 17 months to move their local Board of Education to address their concerns about the decline of their children’s school performance, but had been completely ignored. After doing research, it was found that many internal policies enacted by the Board of Education gave too much power to the wrong people while simultaneously decreasing their accountability, which is the root cause of this borderline negligent stagnation. 

Seeing as the individuals the parents elected into these Board of Education positions no longer represented them and their best interests, they decided to initiate a recall election. 

Recall elections are initiated when a sufficient number of voters sign a petition; in this case, the parents needed approximately 4,200 signatures per school board member. Our client knew that the best way to inform the community of this issue and instruct them on how to sign the petition was with peer-to-peer (P2P) texting.

What separates P2P texting from other professional communication channels like email is the fact that texting has the highest visibility (with 95%+ open rates!) while also providing the ability to have one-to-one, personalized conversations. 

How to Achieve Success with Advocacy Texting

While there are many best practices that played a role in the above-average performance of this client’s texting programs, the key to their great success came down to utilizing the main feature of P2P texting: back-and-forth communication.

The team sent two main messages; one message letting people know when and where people needed to go to sign the petition, and a follow up message to those who didn’t respond to their first message urging people to take action before the upcoming deadline.  

“It was helpful to clearly blast out a final message and details for how to sign. It drove people to the signing location and made it easy to ask supporters to find more people to sign in the final days.”

Real Text Message Example For P2P Advocacy Texting
A real text conversation with a supporter

When a supporter responded positively to a message our client’s team sent, they sent both automated and personalized messages thanking them for the support and guiding them to take further action. Responding is easy to do, but is often overlooked as many people only focus on the outbound messages they send. This in turn causes them to miss out on achieving genuine connection that turns supporters into super supporters!

You may be wondering how the team was able to successfully respond to thousands of people to move them to action. It’s simple – they kept track of conversations using the tagging feature available on our platform. Tagging is a powerful tool that can be used to keep track of the types of responses you get and plan follow-ups based on the information shared in conversations. 

This team used tagging to make sure they stopped texting the people who responded that they had already signed the petition at the in person recall signing station! Pestering your supporters with unnecessary follow up texts makes it seem like you are using blast-messaging platforms and don’t care about actual engagement with them.

Real Text Message Example For P2P Advocacy Texting
A real text conversation with a supporter

This text sent by the team came after the contact was tagged as unresponsive after receiving the organization’s first text. When the contact responded with a question, the team responded with a personalized message answering the question and encouraging the person to spread the word about the cause.

Real Text Message Example For P2P Advocacy Texting
A real text conversation with a supporter

This contact received that same second text after they were also tagged as unresponsive. This contact responded that they personally signed the petition, but not that most other people they knew had signed as well like the previous contact did. So, the team did a round of follow up using automated tap-then-send responses to select tagged contacts like this one asking them to ask more people to sign. 

The results speak for themselves – by taking the time to respond, they were able to turn 4 signatures from this supporter into 14+ signatures! In addition, the inclusion of an MMS improved our client’s delivery rate from 93% in the first message project to 100% in the second message project.

Thanks to our client’s efforts to chase every signature, they exceeded their goals. They sent approximately 16,000 text messages and got about 4,500 signatures per Board of Education member, qualifying the recall to move to the election stage!

Bottom Line:

No matter the size of your organization or the difficulty of your goal, P2P texting is the best way to get your message in front of supporters and move them to action. This local organization was able to blow their goal out of the water with P2P advocacy texting, and so can you!

If you are ready to start texting, you can create an account by clicking the sign up button at the top of the page and start texting in just 15 minutes. Have more questions? We can help – just contact our sales team at, or text us at 833–530–4400.

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3 Reasons Advancing Advocacy Projects with P2P Texting Leads to Real Results

Your advocacy projects can make a real difference if you use the right tools, so start using P2P texting to advance your outreach strategy today

Advocacy has an important role to ensure that vulnerable people, ideas, and occupations are able to have their voices heard and their opinions genuinely considered in matters that directly affect them.

Common advocacy activities include media campaigns, public events, and collection of data for the purpose of publishing research. While there are many channels available to help implement these initiatives, none are as effective as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. 

Whether it’s crowdsourcing, gathering petition signatures, survey completions, event invites & RSVPs, volunteer recruitment, or any other objective, P2P texting is the most effective way to reach people and get them involved in your organization’s unique outreach goals. 

Here are just some of the ways that P2P texting can establish, supplement, or complement your advocacy project’s outreach strategy: 

P2P Texting is the Most Effective Channel for Community Outreach - Advocacy Projects

1) P2P Texting is the Most Effective Channel for Community Outreach

P2P texting was made for achieving genuine communication at scale – no other communication channel has the reach that P2P texting can achieve. In addition, P2P texting has proven itself to be the communication channel with the highest visibility and response rate, simply because it’s the channel people check most often. 

We have seen that over 90% of texts are read within the first 3 minutes, and the average total open rate of messages is 95%. This means that even if someone chooses not to engage with your message, they are at least guaranteed to have seen the message, thereby increasing the awareness of your cause. 

The average response rate for P2P texts ranges from 10-20%, which significantly outperforms traditional channels. The response rate from P2P texting is almost 10x higher engagement than email and 20x higher engagement than direct mail. TV ads are a historically popular option for both visibility and engagement, but the competition on popular channels and the high cost of a slot leaves TV ads out of the question for many advocacy organizations.

Supporter Engagement & Mobilization is Easy with P2P Texting Tools - Advocacy Project

2) Supporter Engagement & Mobilization is Easy with P2P Texting Tools

Giving supporters the ability to express their concerns and providing them access to relevant information and services is both a major goal of advocacy projects and an influential factor in the success of any cause. Just as your organization is committed to the cause important to you and your audience, our team is committed to providing you with the best tools and features to make your voice heard using the power of P2P texting.

An excellent way to explain the mission for your cause is by utilizing our award-winning Enhanced Video Texting functionality, which allows you to send full 30-60+ second TV-quality videos directly to your audience’s phones. This has proven to be a powerful tool for engagement. Messages that include a video see an average of 50% more responses than a plain SMS text. With statistics showing that approximately 1-in-5 people do not have paid TV service anymore, using more viable alternatives like P2P texting to get your videos seen and heard is essential.

If you are asking people to call into a number and advocate for your cause, use our call tracking tool to gather data on patch-through calling advocacy projects. This feature shows which of your contacts called the number you sent them, and the amount of time their phone call lasted. This allows you to easily count up how many successful calls were made, and also identify who your super-supporters are based on the call duration time. These are the people you should follow up with to get more involved with your cause or send a thank you message to let them know their action is appreciated.

Sending safe links for anything from petitions, surveys, event invitations, resource pages and more is possible with our custom URL shortener. Domains are regularly monitored and rotated to make sure that all messages containing links make it through carrier spam filters successfully and delivered to your audience’s phones. You can even track who is interacting with your links via our individualized text link tracking, something only previously possible with email.

A real example of tagging in our portal

Once you’ve engaged your audience with an initial text, you can send replies back to inquiries or thank you messages by using our customizable tagging tool and dynamic fields to pull in any uploaded custom data. 

Tagging is easy to set up and simple for volunteers to apply to responses. These provide the ability to keep track of responses and make sure no one is left unresponded to. It also helps organize the types of responses received and aids volunteers with follow up messages. 

Improving contact lists for targeted outreach is simple using our data segmentation feature. Setting up effective tags for your advocacy project’s needs will allow you to quickly filter through message conversations to identify contacts that behave similarly that can be targeted in a similar way, allowing your organization to have reliable data to increase engagement. 

For example, people who responded positively showing interest for your cause and can be segmented into a new list to receive further information/messages, or people who RSVP’d for an event can be segmented into a special list to receive reminders regarding the event. When the right people are messaged at the right time, it is easier to build a solid support base of people who are passionate about your cause and willing to mobilize for it. 

Inter-organizational Management with RumbleUp is a Breeze - Advocacy Projects

3) Inter-organizational Management with RumbleUp is a Breeze

Time and human bandwidth are both precious resources for advocacy organizations. We recognize this, which is why we made the on-boarding process with RumbleUp both simple and fast. Our platform allows organizations to set up a new account, load data, and write your message to begin texting in under 15 minutes! 

We provide self-service, full-service, and hybrid setup solutions depending on the needs of your organization. Some of the services we offer include an experienced team of texters, help acquiring data, message copywriting, hands-on training for our platform, and more.

One great tool we provide for all our groups to utilize is push notifications for volunteer organization. They are a convenient, sure-fire way to make sure all your volunteers receive important information and updates, ensuring that urgent messages don’t become unseen and forgotten in an email inbox. 

Full reports on conversations and messaging projects are also available to download. It is a clear way to see the statistics regarding projects, including how many viable contacts were reached, how many messages were sent and received back, the status of messages, and more. We believe that informed clients will make informed decisions on how to continuously improve their contact lists and messages for the best delivery rates and engagement.  

Bottom Line:

Our platform is designed to ensure that advocacy organizations like yours have an easy way to achieve effective outreach with the power and reach of P2P texting. If you are interested in learning more about what RumbleUp can do for your organization, create an account at, contact our sales team at, or text us at (833) 530-4400!