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How Our Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Texting Improved Clients Delivery Rates

Artificial Intelligence Texting completely turned around one major senatorial campaign’s text message deliverability and spam rates in the 2020 cycle.

Artificial Intelligence Texting Saved the Day

Artificial Intelligence Texting Saved the Day

This past year, our client’s team was in trouble. They, along with so many others, had the odds stacked against them due to COVID-19 restrictions making traditional campaigning impossible. In order to adapt to the new landscape, the team turned to the most modern outreach channel available: peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. While this channel had proven to be the most visible and impactful way to get their message out, the campaign quickly discovered a new challenge: they did not know how to use the text messaging channel effectively. 

However, common mistakes were made because they were unfamiliar with the P2P texting best practices. Their message copy was stale and had a repetitive tone likely because they took their message copy straight from campaign emails. People don’t text the same way they email and they don’t respond well when a text comes across as impersonal. Not only was our client’s team annoying their audience by sending poorly written messages, but a considerable amount of their outgoing texts were also being caught in spam filters at the phone carrier level, leaving thousands of messages undelivered. 

Seeing this, they came to our team for help. And so, enhanced artificial intelligence texting was thought of to be incorporated into their campaign. 

How We Incorporated Artificial Intelligence Texting

How We Incorporated Artificial Intelligence Texting

Our team turned their texting program around by tackling two major issues: message copy and message multiplication.

To level up their message copy, we coupled our expertise in P2P text message writing with artificial intelligence texting. To help them reach their consumers better, we did a few things. First we re-wrote each of their messages, humanizing them with casual language and recipient personalization. Then, we used conversational artificial intelligence technology to produce 58 unique messages, with 10-12 variations of each re-written message so we had multiple unique versions. The AI technology analyzed each message and replaced both words and phrases with language it learned from both our team and its native language set. This allowed us to produce variations that were based on the way people actually text each other, which led to more effective messaging.

Our approach to fixing their audiences was more straightforward, but also effective. The campaign originally split up their full list into groups based on wide targeting demographics like age range, donors, early voters, etc., but the problem was that these lists were over half a million people large. In order to fix their deliverability issues, we broke down their lists into many smaller segments, attaching the artificial intelligence-augmented message copy to each segment. Adding variety made the traffic patterns more organic. 

The Result of Our Artificial Intelligence Texting

The Result of Our Artificial Intelligence Texting

The difference our company made for them was night and day. 

As a result of our team’s work with artificial intelligence texting, our client’s campaign saw as much as a 47% increase in their message deliverability and a remarkably low spam rate of 3.6% by the end of the messaging campaign. It is important to remember that messages only work if they successfully reach their recipient, and that recipient is only going to engage with the message if it’s authentic and believable. 

If it were not for the contributions of our team and artificial intelligence texting, our client’s texting program would not have succeeded.

Now you can ask yourself: “Is my current provider going above and beyond to make sure my messages get delivered?”  If you answered no, sign up and start texting today at or reach out to our sales team to talk about how texting can best work for you:

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The 2021 Textie Awards: Celebrating The 9 Best Uses of P2P Texting in 2020

The 2021 Textie Awards are the newest political award recognizing excellent use of peer-to-peer (P2P) texting in 2020.

Due in large part to the introduction of COVID-19 related disruptions, 2020 became the year of distanced outreach for campaigns across the country. Switching gears from traditional campaigning was tough for many candidates to handle, but it also served as a wake up call for groups to start getting creative with their digital outreach. 

The common denominator for successful campaigns last year was their ability to make use of new, innovative technologies such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. We saw an explosion in the use of P2P texting last year as it quickly became the ideal alternative to in-person efforts like events and door-to-door canvassing. As a result, there was a massive uptick in creative uses of P2P texting that changed the way we think about traditional campaigning.

Inspired by this, our team decided to showcase some of these innovative uses of P2P texting and celebrate those who achieved their goals through the successful integration of texting.

To give these use cases the attention they deserve, we created The Textie Awards; a new political award exclusively dedicated to highlighting excellent use cases of P2P texting by campaigns and organizations using RumbleUp across the country. 

Winners of the Textie Awards are recognized as leaders in the industry for their effective use of innovative technology in their awarded category. The categories are broken down by goal; GOTV, Fundraising and Advocacy. After thorough judging by a panel of campaign experts, we are proud to announce the 9 best-in-text winners of the first annual Textie Awards!

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 1 - GOTV

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 1 – GOTV

Gold Level Winner: “Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh for California State Senate” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

This group used texting to propel Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh from her place at the bottom of the polls to ultimately winning a highly contentious general election. Their messages targeted Independent/NPP/Swing Voters, which generated thousands of new votes from voters who had not voted in the previous 2018 primary or general election. Bogh is now the first Hispanic female Republican to serve in the California Senate.

Silver Level Winner: “Texting to Victory in TX State House Special Election” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

This group created a compelling texting program for the Gary Gates campaign to overcome the challenge of piquing voters’ interest in an off-year election when engagement is typically low.

They created a series of five GOTV texts using best practices such as using language that encouraged replies, writing with a conversational style instead of traditional formal writing, and sending multimedia attachments (MMS) messages to improve delivery rates and increase legitimacy. Their messages focused on making sure voters received their mail in ballots, explaining the good character of Gates as a candidate, promoting special events, and encouraging low turnout voters with targeted issue based GOTV messages.

Their texting program proved successful and their candidate advanced to the top of the runoff among seven candidates, ultimately achieving victory on election day.

Bronze Level Winner: “Coefficient Direct to Device Delivery” submitted by Coefficient

This group sent full length made-for-TV campaign ads directly to voters’ phones via text. These high definition, professionally produced videos achieved viewership levels significantly higher than traditional TV because of the increase in cord-cutting causing 1-in-5 households to no longer have traditional TV service, limiting its reach and effectiveness. Additionally, social media ad platforms became an unreliable alternative for advertising last year because of the ad freeze put in place by most of the big tech giants. The feedback from both campaigns and recipients of these messages described the texts as a captivating new outlet to connect with voters and to get them out to the polls. Ty

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 2 - Fundraising

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 2 – Fundraising

Gold Level Winner: “Campaign Inbox – Tillis for Senate – P2P Fundraising Program” submitted by Campaign Inbox

This company’s P2P program for the Tillis campaign surpassed their fundraising goals and grew the size of their text donor file by over 500%. Of the millions of dollars raised for the Tillis digital program, nearly half came from Campaign Inbox’s P2P texting program. The program’s success was achieved by fully embracing the two-way conversational functionality of P2P texting that allowed the candidate to personally connect with donors himself. By tailoring unique messages for specific audiences (such as new prospecting acquisitions) resulting in additional conversions, the program’s ROI grew continuously over the course of the cycle – in many cases, raising well over $20 for every $1 spent sending.

Silver Level Winner: “Flip the House – Joe Collins” submitted by Top Ad Consulting Inc

This agency raised $275,000 in 5 months for US Congressional Candidate Joe Collins through a combination of soliciting previous donors as well as acquiring new donors through large-scale prospecting via P2P texting. The campaign used our tagging feature to mark people who expressed support and those who donated to segment them into cultivated retargeting lists, successfully receiving 2nd and 3rd donations often within a week of a person’s original donation. The campaign saw an ROI of nearly 15X.

Bronze Level Winner: “Notorious MTG” Submitted by Big Red Wall Communications with acknowledgements to Greene for Congress, Big Red Wall, and PHP

This group targeted grassroots/small-dollar donors through text and was able to raise over six figures with minimal investment. They ran an extensive name acquisition program to gain supporters’ phone numbers and uploaded them in batches segmented by individual amounts given to allow A/B testing before deploying larger projects to groups of 10,000+ supporters. They said the key to their success was being able to respond through our platform and text back with supporters at a moment’s notice. This was made possible with Rapid Respond mode built into the RumbleUp platform.

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 3 - Advocacy

The 2021 Textie Awards Category 3 – Advocacy

Gold Level Winner: “Republican Party of Florida | Vote No on Amendment 3 2020” submitted by Election Management Solutions, Inc.

This group’s goal was to educate Republicans on why they should vote NO on a down ballot Amendment that would allow Democrats to choose Republican candidates in Florida primaries. They leaned heavily on utilizing MMS messages to send images and videos featuring Gov Ron DeSantis in order to increase trust and engagement with voters. They sent over 2 million text messages in the final week of the campaign and were ultimately successful in preventing the Amendment from being passed.

Silver Level Winner: “Defensive Texting for Senator Marshall” submitted by Coefficient with acknowledgments to Keep Kansas Great Pac and Senator Marshall

This group helped the Roger Marshall for Senate campaign cut through the noise and secure the Republican nomination by sending high quality videos via text message. This allowed Marshall to be competitive in a crowded and well-funded 11-way primary and defend against well-funded outside groups’ onslaught of attack ads. Marshall achieved victory in the primary despite these challenges, and won the general election. 

Bronze Level Winner: “Biden is Bad for PA Workers” submitted by FreedomWorks for America

This group used embedded videos to persuade voters in Pennsylvania with messages pointing out how many jobs were lost in the state the last time Joe Biden was in office, asking them to support GOP candidates instead. They reached around 240,000 voters in PA with this video, and received an overwhelming amount of positive replies such as; “awesome video!” and “Yes, GOP all the way!”

Best Overall Texting Program of The 2021 Textie Awards

Best Overall Texting Program of The 2021 Textie Awards

Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh for California State Senate” submitted by Murphy Nasica & Associates

Murphy Nasica’s work on the Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh campaign stood out the most to our judges as the Best Entry Overall.

While their story ends well, they faced significant challenges along the road to victory. Along with COVID-19 restrictions turning traditional campaigning on its head, the candidate’s  historically Republican district was now evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. The ticket consisted of two Democrats and three Republicans which meant there was a strong chance the two Democrats would make it to the general election because of vote splitting. On top of that, our candidate was dead last out of all five candidates in the initial polling. 

Murphy Nasica & Associates used P2P texting to target Independent/NPP/Swing Voters, which generated 13,787 new votes from people who had not voted in the previous 2018 primary. This propelled Rosilicie from last in polls to the top two in a tough jungle Primary. 

They used this momentum and continued to text through election day where Rosilicie went on to win a challenging general election with a margin of 21,541 votes. Their team used P2P texting to make a comeback of a lifetime and successfully elected the first female Hispanic Republican to serve in the California Senate. 

Final Thoughts

Thank you to all the participants who took part in the first annual Textie Awards. We look forward to seeing more innovative uses of RumbleUp as P2P texting continues to grow, and celebrating more victories like these in the future!

Inspired by how these entries used texting to achieve their goals? Sign up and start texting today at or reach out to our sales team to talk about how texting can best work for you:

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12 Essential Enhanced Video Texting FAQs

Enhanced Video Texting is the biggest innovation in peer-to-peer (P2P) texting since P2P itself. Read more here:

Enhanced Video Texting is the biggest innovation in peer-to-peer (P2P) texting since P2P itself. Read more here:

Our team has always been committed to providing the best possible tools in P2P texting for our clients, and we have delivered on this commitment with our innovative Enhanced Video Texting made possible by our industry-leading video compression technology. 

Want to know more about this revolutionary innovation in texting and how it will enhance your outreach? Here are 12 of the top questions asked about Enhanced Video Texting to help you get started:

1) What is Enhanced Video Texting?

If you have ever tried to send a video to a friend who has a different phone platform from you, Apple to Andriod for example, you will have seen how much the video quality declined and how the audio quality distorted. That is the primary challenge behind video texting at scale, and one that our team solved with Enhanced Video Texting.

Enhanced Video Messaging is a service we provide from our industry-leading video compression technology that enables you to deliver high quality, 30-60+ second videos embedded directly in your text messages. This means your audience won’t have to click a link to view your video elsewhere. We also offer custom closed captions to your videos so they are watchable even on phones set to silent mode. 

2) Why don’t I get the same results when using other video compression tools? 

Off-the-shelf compression tools use basic algorithms designed with one goal in mind: reducing the file size, with no regard for audio/visual quality or even the platform on which the final video will appear. Since most of these free compression tools are catered to reducing files to sizes appropriate for social media use, they rarely accommodate file reduction to textable sizes, requiring users to run several compressions on the video which results in iterative quality loss. 

Simply put, these off-the-shelf compression tools cannot compress a video longer than 15 seconds down to a text-able size without severely sacrificing visual and auditory quality. Similarly, other video SMS platforms, video texting apps, and services that offer regular MMS services like MMS messaging do not come close to our quality or delivery rates. 

By contrast, our tool is designed with texting in mind. By examining individual video qualities, engineered specifically to meet mobile carrier requirements, we are able to deliver the highest quality videos at textable sizes. 

We offer a unique solution to seamlessly embed a video within a text that retains maximum production value and audio that is optimized to work on all major phone carriers. 

3) What is the difference between Enhanced Video Texting and standard MMS?

Standard MMS are messages with a multimedia attachment such as a picture, GIF, or video sent on their own or embedded with a message. Enhanced Video Texting allows you to send much longer videos to multiple phone platforms without sacrificing quality, which is something Standard MMS videos are normally not capable of and other texting platforms have not been able to achieve. 

4) Why is it more effective to use Enhanced Video Texting over standard SMS or MMS?

Sending a quality video directly to people’s phones produces real results. For example, people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text

Additionally, messages containing videos have a 50% higher response rate than plain SMS messages which is why video text message marketing and fundraising campaigns perform significantly better than regular SMS or email. The potential application of our breakthrough enhanced video texting crosses industries, from political video text marketing to video messaging for business. 

On top of all these great benefits, a staggering 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others, which means taking the time to send a video to your audience will most likely result in your message being shared with others at no cost to you. Pictures and GIFs do not have this same level of share-ability, and low-quality videos will likely not even be opened or watched all the way through, much less shared.

5) Why should I send an Enhanced Video Text instead of including a link to a video?

Embedding a video is far better than sending a link to a Youtube video. People are hesitant to click on external links from texts because of warnings from government bodies like the FTC who caution against clicking links sent in unknown texts, and also experiences with email phishing scams. Including a link also means that there will most likely not be a preview image, which is one of the major driving forces behind consumers deciding to watch a video.

Another benefit to our EMMS technology is that our clients can choose the thumbnail for videos sent through us. This is significant because 90% of the top-performing videos on YouTube use a custom thumbnail, and this is just not possible to do when sending a link to a video instead.

6) What carriers let you send Enhanced Video Texts?

Our Enhanced Video Testing has been rigorously tested and optimized to retain maximum video and audio quality on all major phone carriers, including Verison, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

7) Why are video captions important?

Hearing impairments affect more Americans than people realize. According to Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health, approximately 38.2 million Americans, or 14.3%, report some degree of hearing impairment or loss (source).

Our Enhanced Video Texts include captions that are custom mapped to match the voiceover so the videos are watchable for everyone. According to a consumer study by Verizon, “50% of consumers said captions are important because they watch videos with the sound off” and “80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available” (source).

8) How long can the Enhanced Videos be?

In general, the best results can be achieved with videos that are 30 seconds, high quality results can be achieved with videos that are 31-45 seconds, and good results can be achieved with videos anywhere from 46-80 seconds. 

All videos are unique, and we look into the parameters and other specifications within each video to produce the best possible results when compressing them.

9) Why should I choose RumbleUp’s Enhanced Video Texting over other video texting apps and services?

Simply put, other video SMS platforms, video texting apps, and services that offer regular MMS services including MMS video messaging do not come close to our Enhanced Video quality or delivery rates. Additionally, our Enhanced Video Texts can be embedded directly in full-length 320 character messages so you can make sure the message you want to get across to your audience is received correctly.

10) Why is there a surcharge for the service?

High quality video compression is a time-intensive, manual process. Automated compression services do not take into account the individual characteristics of your video, resulting in poor   and often unwatchable quality. Because of this extra work and load on our system, there is a 6 cent service charge per text over standard MMS.

11) How do I submit my request?

Submission requests are now available in your portal! Due to the time-intensive nature of the compression process done by real people (not algorithms!), the current processing times per request is approximately 12 hours.

Because video compression quality begins to rapidly decline with each second after 30 seconds, we are currently limiting videos to 30 seconds in length.

12) How have other people used Enhanced Video Texting?

There are many ways our clients have used Enhanced Video texting, including campaign & promotional videos, video announcements, fundraising videos, thank you videos, and more.

Here are some real examples of Enhanced Videos sent by clients just like you.

Enhanced Video Texting

A short clip of a full 30 second Enhanced Video

This client texted for many congressional candidates across the country, and they sent 30sec Enhanced Videos with all their messages speaking against their client’s opponents in a light-hearted manner.

Enhanced Video Texting

A short clip of a full 30 second Enhanced Video

This client texted out a call-to-action Enhanced Video asking people to call their senator to ask about a controversial new bill.

Enhanced Video Texting

A short clip of a full 30 second Enhanced Video

 This client texted out an informative Enhanced Video asking people to support their initiative to reduce plastic pollution in Texas.

Like what you see?

Sign up and start texting today at or reach out to our sales team to talk about how Enhanced Video Texting can best work for you: