It’s Not Too Late to Win with P2P Texting

Election 2020 isn’t over ‘til it’s over! With national early vote day October 24th having come and gone and election day almost 1 week away, Get-Out-The-Vote is in full swing around the country. Despite the historic push for mail-in votes, a recent poll by PBS News Hour shows that the majority of voters will still be voting at an […]

How to Turn Replies into Fundraising Gold

As the countdown ticks closer to November 3rd, there have never been more voters engaged in the election process. The upcoming elections are on everyone’s mind as the entire country buzzes around watching debates, submitting mail-in ballots, standing in line at the polls, and getting involved with campaigns by volunteering or donating. Although many people […]

GOTV Texting FAQ: Your Roadmap to Winning with P2P Texting

Now is the time to be texting out the vote. Your get out the vote program is not complete without peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. RumbleUp has all of your texting needs covered and creating an account takes 15min or less. We’re helping almost 1,000 campaigns of every size coast-to-coast. Let’s go! Here are the top questions […]

Five GOTV Messages Proven to Work

RumbleUp Political Industry

Voting has already started. Are you texting yet? This year has been a challenge for campaigns to navigate through as normal campaign tactics and events have been interrupted across the country. However, many campaigns have been able to adapt and utilize tools such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting to prompt genuine interactions with voters, rally engagement […]