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5 Battle-Tested Ways to Win Your Election With P2P Texting

Voting in the 2020 election has already started. Take advantage of these key RumbleUp P2P texting features and best practices to win more votes and win your race.

As campaigns this election cycle are learning how to navigate the new political landscape created by COVID-19 disruptions, more than ever they are realizing the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) texting as an essential tool for voter contact, mail-in ballot chasing, fundraising, GOTV, volunteer recruitment, mobilization, and more.

With so many P2P platforms emerging to take advantage of the demand for P2P texting, doing your homework and choosing the right platform is well worth it. If your campaign has already started experimenting with P2P and you think they may not be hitting the mark, you should ask them these simple questions.

Unlike many newer platforms, RumbleUp is battle-tested and has helped hundreds of clients win their primaries and general elections. We have worked hard to ensure our client portal and volunteer interface are not only easy to use, but will also keep your campaign ahead of the competition.

Here are five of the most useful ways RumbleUp can help you win:

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1) Turnkey Signup

The onboarding process with RumbleUp is both simple and fast. Our platform allows campaigns to set up a new account, load data, and write your message so that your volunteers can begin texting in under 15 minutes!

Along with this self-service option, we also provide full-service or hybrid solutions depending on the needs of your campaign. We can provide your campaign with an experienced team of texters, help acquire data, write message copy, provide hands-on train and more.

2) Enhanced MMS

Many providers tell their clients they should not use MMS attachments or do not even support them on their platforms. This is what makes our enhanced MMS service a breakthrough in the P2P texting industry.

High-quality videos are powerful tools for voter engagement, as they provide an effective avenue for grabbing your audience’s attention better than text alone can achieve. MMS messages lift your response rate by over 50%!

So what are the benefits of Enhanced MMS over standard MMS?

1. Embed a full 30-second, high quality video into your text message

2. Audio works on AT&T phones (35% of the cellular market)

3. Higher quality audio on all devices

4. Captions available for phones set to silent

5. Still able to include a 320 character message along with the MMS attachment

Enhanced MMS allows TV quality ads to be sent directly to your audience on their phones — with new statistics showing that an estimated 44.3 million American households (1-in-5 voters) do not have paid TV service in 2020, finding alternatives to getting your message seen and heard is essential.

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3) In-Portal Data Integrations

Our L2 integration and GOP Voter File integrations make it easy for campaigns to purchase clean, comprehensive cell phone lists for any target audience.

The L2 database has comprehensive national records for voters, consumers, constituents, predictive non-voters, non-registered voters, and their contact information (including mail, cell phone numbers, landlines and emails). They provide an extensive Voter Data Filter, with hundreds of behavioral attribute fields, demographic fields, and predictive information to provide your campaign with excellent audience targeting for your needs.

Republican campaigns have access to unique data they can input and export from the client portal, which means they will have access to the latest voter information. Approved campaigns can refresh their audiences daily with the latest voter tags so you will have up-to-date access to critical data points such as mail-in or absentee ballot status, early voter propensity, and more.

All you need to do is fill out the L2 or Republican data request form available directly in the RumbleUp portal and then you will be ready to start having personal conversations with the audiences your campaign cares about most.

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4) Tagging & Segmentation Tools

The powerful tagging and segmentation tools available through our platform allow for both fast and personalized messaging — volunteers/agents clock-in with the fastest texting speeds in the industry when they use our platform, at thousands of two-way conversations per hour per person!

Flexible, automated tagging can be used to keep track of the types of responses you get back and to plan follow ups based on the information people share. Whether the focus is identifying new supporters, providing specific information or resources, or following up with people who haven’t voted yet, tagging ensures your campaign never loses track of a conversation.

You can also create new audiences by using tags to filter and segment people into different groups. Identifying and creating these audience segments will allow your campaign to create personalized message copy for addressing the needs of specific groups, which helps facilitate effective communication with your supporters and move the needle.

5) Ability to Outsource Sending

Not sure you have enough volunteers to send out all the texts your campaign needs to get out? Our team has you covered.

RumbleUp offers a unique service for our clients to outsource the sending. That’s right — along with our other amazing features, we can even help send your texts for you!

All your campaign needs to do is select an option in the client portal when setting up your message, select when you want the texts to be sent out and our trusted sending partners will take care of the sending and replying. This frees up your volunteers to focus on other aspects of campaigning, including focusing on replies, which can be vital in the weeks leading up to an election.

The Bottom Line

RumbleUp is committed to helping your campaign win — that’s why we built RumbleUp — and we have the tools and experience to help you do so. There is still time to run an effective GOTV campaign and have genuine interactions with your supporters at scale using the power of P2P texting.

RumbleUp wants to help your campaign cut through the noise and get your supporters to mail-in or show up to vote. Contact us today at for more information on how to get started, or visit our website at to learn more.

Special thanks to Lauren Datres for co-authoring this article.

Political Peer to Peer Texting

Fox News Sunday Power Player: Thomas Peters

Campaigns turn to texting to connect with voters in the age of COVID.

On August 30th, RumbleUp founder and CEO Thomas Peters was featured on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace as the Power Player of the Week and discussed how campaigns are turning to text to connect with voters in the age of COVID. Peters begins by explaining that “texting is the new handshake because handshakes are fundamental to the political process,” and with COVID disrupting door to door campaigning, texting is the next best thing.

Campaign texting has exploded since its conception in the 2016 election, and Wallace explains that peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms “like Thomas Peters’ RumbleUp are helping political candidates connect through text.” When asked by Wallace why texting is better than a phone bank, Thomas notes that “so few people pick up their phones anymore, but 90% of texts are opened and read within three minutes.”

A demonstration of how campaign volunteers can text one on one with potential voters was given in the segment, showcasing how volunteers are able to engage in up to 500 conversations per hour! Thomas relayed an example of how a volunteer unknowingly texted a voting reminder to a gentleman who lost his father that day. The volunteer offered condolences and told the man he would be praying for him, and despite his loss, the gentleman let the volunteer know that he made it out to vote that day. This illustrates how P2P texting is the most scalable AND personal way of communicating.

Wallace continues on to explain how campaigns using RumbleUp knew how to respond when the pandemic hit because RumbleUp has helped campaigns in crisis situations before, like the Florida GOP during the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Texting volume sent by clients through the platform has doubled to ten million per month as more people discover the power of P2P texting, with projections of 500 million texts to be sent by the end of the year!

Notably, Wallace states that “RumbleUp is now working Republican House and Senate Campaign committees, as well as senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.” Helping good candidates and causes get their messages out to connect with people personally is the ultimate goal for RumbleUp according to Peters.

RumbleUp’s platform can support such great candidates because it is the best in the industry. Our platform boasts the best delivery rate, lowest spam rate, and highest reliability of any P2P vendor, as well as a simple turnkey onboarding system, exclusive platform integrations, and a 5-star customer support team.

We are so grateful to Chris Wallace and the Fox News team for recognizing Thomas Peters’ accomplishments with RumbleUp and allowing him to share our platform with the viewers of the station.

If you would like to learn more, please contact or visit us at!

Political Fundraising Peer to Peer Texting

How to Use P2P Texting for GOTV

Texting is an essential tool for getting out the vote this year. Are you using it effectively? There’s still time to learn how to win your election with texting.

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This has been a wild year for everyone and campaigns in particular have had to innovate like never before. There are less than 70 days until the November general election, and even though we have seen a huge uptick in the number of people opting to vote by mail, many Americans will still prefer to go to the polls and vote in-person.

Besides helping people get to the polls, which is a challenge all on its own as many polling locations have closed or moved, it is vital for campaigns to continue fundraising and recruiting new volunteers. It may seem like a daunting task to do all of this simultaneously, but using peer-to-peer (P2P) texting with RumbleUp can allow your campaign to gain an edge over the competition by making it easy to manage several outreach programs at once.

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How? By sending a simple, easy-to-write text message directly to every single person you want to reach. Purchase targeted cellphone lists directly through our in-portal data integrations and compose a message for each group that can be automatically personalized with dynamic fields. We know exactly what you need to succeed as a campaign because we have worked with over 700 campaigns in the past two years and shaped our platform around their feedback. RumbleUp was built for campaigns to win.

Who should your campaign be texting?

Before crafting the text messages, you should map out your audiences. Since COVID is driving a record number of first-time absentee and mail-in votes, you should text a broad audience of voters with a message asking how they prefer to cast their ballot this year. By doing this, you can then tag people based on how they plan to vote and be able to follow up accordingly.

Sending a message like this to an expansive audience early on will impart your campaign with vital information on how people plan to vote, which will allow you to design hyper-targeted GOTV efforts. By utilizing RumbleUp’s tagging feature, you can essentially track the status of each potential ballot by asking people questions and tagging them based on the information they share. Through an effective use of this feature, you will know exactly who to focus your efforts on in the final days before the election because you will know who your supporters are and who has already mailed/cast their ballot for you.

When should your campaign start texting?

NOW! 😆 Top campaigns on both sides of the aisle have already refocused their efforts and resources towards P2P outreach and have been texting people for weeks.

The effectiveness of a GOTV text on election day is massively increased if it is not the first and only text a voter receives from the campaign. Do not just pop out of nowhere on election day! We recommend sending at least one or two texts in the weeks leading up to the election focused on engagement, and then sending three reminder-to-vote texts starting 7–10 days out. It is wise to combine an ask to vote with a helpful piece of information. Here are some examples of info people are generally grateful to receive:

  • Polling date and location changes, confirming most recent information
  • Acknowledgments of holidays or events
  • COVID-19 rules at polling locations: Mask requirements, social distancing rules, elderly-only hours, etc.
  • Offering/coordinating rides to polling locations
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Starting early also gives you the best chance of recruiting a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Many people who want to help out may not be sure if it is still possible to volunteer due to COVID restrictions. Text your supporters and let them know about opportunities to get involved. With P2P texting, you can coordinate volunteer scheduling/sign up sheets, recruit new volunteers, empower your team to recruit their friends to volunteer, and most notably, offer your volunteers an activity that allows them to help the campaign from the safety and comfort of their own home: sending texts!

Similarly, you should begin your fundraising efforts with P2P texting early so that you can make good use of campaign contributions when it matters most. Don’t let restrictions on in-person activities slow down your fundraising. Even though traditional in-person activities like rallies have been canceled, it is entirely possible to fundraise during this time through the use of P2P texting by including links to donate in your outreach messages or taking advantage of our built-in text-to-donate feature.

How to win with RumbleUp

How can RumbleUp help you incorporate all of this advice and win your race?

RumbleUp’s new L2 integration and RNC Data Center integration make it easy for campaigns to purchase clean, comprehensive cellphone lists for any target audience. All you need to do is fill out the L2 or RNC Data Center request form available directly in the RumbleUp portal and boom, you are ready to start having personal conversations with the specific group of people your campaign cares about most.

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Our platform also allows you to include any personal info with your audience data sets that can be automatically pulled into messages using dynamic fields. This makes it easy for you to personalize messages without needing to manually change the message for each person. These fields are frequently used to pull in information such as a person’s name, their nearest polling location, deadlines for mail-in ballots, links to specific web pages, an issue the voter cares about, and more.

Our flexible tagging feature allows your campaign to never lose track of a conversation and easily create new audiences by using tags to filter and segment people into different groups. Some examples of useful tags to use and apply include:

  • Who has not responded to any messages yet (automatically tracked)
  • Friendly respondents (these are your likely supporters!)
  • Which voters returned their ballots (move them to your fundraising list!)
  • Which voters still plan to go to the polls (they should be your focus on election day!)
  • Who needs help finding new polling locations (have information ready!)

Along with the powerful toolset of features RumbleUp includes, we also boast the highest delivery rate of any P2P platform, the lowest spam rate, and the highest reliability of any P2P vendor in the industry. Not to mention our click-to-start signup, exclusive platform integrations, and amazing customer support team. 🏆

The Key Takeaway

Don’t let the pandemic discourage you from running a top-notch campaign this year. It is time to adapt and take advantage of the tools that exist for you to succeed. You can still have genuine interactions with supporters and run an effective GOTV strategy by taking advantage of all that P2P texting has to offer. RumbleUp is committed to helping you win. Sign up and start texting in as little as 15 minutes by visiting our website at RumbleUp.comor contact our sales team at and let’s chat about your unique race.

Special thanks to Lauren Datres for her contributions to this article.