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RumbleUp Launches L2 Cellphone Data Integration

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Campaigns of all sizes have quickly increased their reliance on peer-to-peer (P2P) texting during the COVID crisis. Traditional in-person campaigning events remain canceled from continued outbreaks across the nation and face-to-face contact is largely limited.

At RumbleUp, we believe all of our clients deserve a best-in-class experience with the advanced tools you need to win. With our industry-leading delivery rate, lowest industry spam rate, and highest reliability of any P2P vendor, we are committed to helping you succeed.

That is why we are so excited to introduce our newest data integration: L2.

The L2 database has comprehensive national records for voters, consumers, constituents, predictive non-voters, non-registered voters, and their contact information (including mail, cell phone numbers, landlines and emails). They provide an extensive Voter Data Filter, with hundreds of behavioral attribute fields, demographic fields, and predictive information to provide your campaign with excellent audience targeting for your needs.

One of the challenges that smaller campaigns often face that often consumes valuable time and resources is collecting accurate voter data. We have worked with L2 to create an easy-to-navigate request system available directly from our platform to help our clients gather voter data from L2’s comprehensive national voter cell phone database.

All your campaign needs to do after signing up with RumbleUp’s simple turnkey platform (which takes less than 15 minutes to complete!) is navigate to the Integrations section where the L2 request form is located. Then, provide some basic information (first&last name, email, phone number, organization), which areas in your state you’re looking to target, as well as any of the targeting criteria from the L2 data dictionary you would like to use, and you’re done!

RumbleUp’s integration with L2 removes the obstacle of getting the right cell phones for your campaign to contact. That’s one more big reason to utilize P2P texting offered by RumbleUp. This technology has seen such massive success because it works — human powered texting increases voter turnout like traditional canvassing does while using significantly less energy and resources!

Why? Because texting is a medium voters actually care about, with 90% of texts being opened and read within three minutes. Compared to email, traditional door knocking, and phone call outreach operations, texting is proven to be more effective at actually reaching voters with the messages you want them to see. Moreover, every P2P text comes from a human being who is waiting on the other end of the thread to continue the conversation and move the needle.

Don’t let COVID disruptions cause you to be left behind this election cycle — no matter the size of your campaign, you can still have genuine interactions with your supporters using P2P texting. We here at RumbleUp want to help you have these conversations, so contact us today for more information on how to get started!

Please reach out to our sales team at to learn more or sign up and start texting today at

N.B.: some new P2P platforms have popped up trying to capitalize on the increased need for distanced outreach, but they struggle to successfully deliver messages to voters. If you’re using a P2P texting platform that does not display clear and transparent delivery receipts on your messages, you should be asking these questions.

Peer to Peer Texting Political

RumbleUp P2P Texting Helps Deliver Razor-Thin Victory in Utah Governor Primary

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox officially won the Republican nomination for governor on Monday, July 6th. He scored an impressive victory over Jon Huntsman: a former U.S. Ambassador to China and former Utah state governor. Cox was able to overcome the challenge of running in a challenger position, battling Jon Huntsman’s name recognition and working through COVID disruptions by implementing a well-executed peer-to-peer (P2P) texting campaign with RumbleUp.

In the end, Cox’s campaign sent out 300,000 text messages to voters and won by just 9,134 votes!

Cox’s expert campaign strategy helped him win a surprise victory over Jon Huntsman: a former U.S. Ambassador to China, former state governor of Utah, and son of a billionaire philanthropist who has many namesake buildings in Utah.

Battling this name recognition was no easy feat despite Cox holding the title of Utah Lieutenant Governor since 2012.

By using RumbleUp, Cox’s campaign sent personalized messages to voters, facilitating more genuine interactions which helped enhance his name recognition.

Cox’s campaign recognized that traditional GOTV tactics like door-to-door knocking, fundraisers, and meet-the-candidate events couldn’t be done safely due to COVID concerns threatening the safety of volunteers and constituents. COVID has disrupted in-person voting across the country, causing many states to push for voters to send in absentee ballots instead.

There are a vast number of voters who will likely be voting by mail for the first time this year. Helping voters navigate the processes and deadlines for applying, qualifying, and casting their ballot by mail is a top priority, one which can be tackled with RumbleUp’s easy to use personalized two-way texting tool, dynamic tagging system, and segmentation features.

P2P texting allows you to text more people because each message is being sent one at a time by a real person. This opens up the opportunity to reach an entirely new audience of people that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to if you use traditional mass-texting or blast-testing platforms.

Cox’s campaign used P2P texting to reach liberal-leaning and independent voters who crossed party lines to vote in the primary this year. This is something his campaign would not have been able to achieve if they had relied solely on their opt-in list from previous elections.

Due to their well thought-out campaign and their effective use of P2P texting, Cox came out victorious. RumbleUp is proud to have helped his team overcome the odds and we look forward to helping him win again in November and in elections to follow.

Questions about P2P texting? Ready to start P2P texting today? Visit us at and get ready to RumbleUp!

Peer to Peer Texting Political

How Texting Can Be Used for Mail-in Voting

The first Tuesday of November will look very different this year. Unable or unwilling to venture out to a public polling place for fear of exposure to the coronavirus, more Americans than ever before will be requesting mail-in and absentee ballots. This presents a unique set of challenges for voters and candidates alike.

Despite these challenges, it also presents an opportunity: early data from states that held primaries on June 2nd show that turnout surged compared to previous years. Iowa’s state primary turnout hit 24 percent, which set a new record for their primary turnout. Combatting these challenges effectively helps make sure your supporters are part of this same historic turnout.

This election year will see many first time voters. They will join alongside the vast number of people who will be voting by mail for the first time ever. An understandable amount of confusion stems from the fact that every state administers its own election laws, and therefore every state has different processes and deadlines for applying, qualifying, and verifying mail-in ballots.

With at least half of votes expected to be cast via mail, the system will likely be overwhelmed in the fall as it was in Wisconsin during their April elections, in which almost 10,000 voters didn’t receive their ballots in time.

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Dispelling this confusion and informing voters how to cast their ballot by mail is going to be a top priority as we near Election Day. Every campaign will need a plan for getting the word out quickly and effectively. The solution? RumbleUp.

With RumbleUp, your campaign is able to have reliable, real-time conversations with voters. People with specific questions can have them answered right away instead of trying to sort through FAQ sections or waiting on emails and calls to get through. In the absence of being able to knock on doors and have face-to-face conversations, texting has quickly become a campaign’s best option to have personal one-on-one conversations with voters. Texts sent through our platform have a 90 percent open rate, along with a response rate that is 20 to 30 times better than email.

It is essential to begin having P2P text conversations with voters encouraging them to request their ballots as soon as possible. As absentee ballots are returned at an even rate over weeks leading up to the election, including 25% of ballots which are submitted two weeks before election day, the window during which voters can be influenced is often cut substantially shorter. Asking voters when they plan on requesting their ballot and following up in the conversation by encouraging them to request their ballot sooner rather than later can help ensure that voters friendly to you aren’t being left out of the election this fall.

Campaigns also have the ability to add tags to contacts and conversations in our portal. After a voter requests a mail-in ballot, the campaign can tag that conversation so they know who to follow up with to make sure they were able to fill out and mail in their ballot. Similarly, when a voter has already cast their ballot, the campaign can tag that person so they won’t be bothered with more texts about something they’ve already done. This feature allows campaigns to close the loop with voters to make sure they have what they need to vote.

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This tagging feature combats a big problem with repeating requests over phone calls and emails. Once a voter has voted, they don’t want to be bothered again about doing so. RumbleUp’s tagging feature allows campaigns to ensure just that.

Your campaign can also leverage the power of P2P internally. As previously in-person events go online, so do the behind the scenes operations that make them happen. Digital organizing can be tricky, but it is crucial in this election cycle, and it looks like we have some catching up to do: among the 44 House seats that Democrats won from Republicans in 2018, 34 were instances in which the Democratic candidate used digital organizing and the Republican did not. P2P allows you to send out a mass text to your whole team and carry on the conversation with each person individually, which saves you time and money and makes sure everyone’s on the same page.

The 2020 election cycle is looking a lot different than anyone could have imagined. The COVID-19 threat and negative rhetoric surrounding mail-in voting have brought new challenges, but it has also given us new opportunities to reach more voters than ever before. Using RumbleUp’s scalable peer-to-peer texting platform, your campaign can seize these opportunities in effective and exciting ways.

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Peer to Peer Texting Political

BloombergTV + RumbleUp P2P: New Features and Developments

There are a lot of exciting developments for RumbleUp. We were hard at work improving the experience of our platform, building in new and exciting tools to make your work that much more effective, and exploring the changing landscape of the 2020 elections and how P2P texting can help.

CEO Thomas Peters on BloombergTV’s Balance of Power

Our founder and CEO, Thomas Peters, joined Bloomberg’s David Westin to discuss the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on campaigns and how P2P texting is helping reach voters where they are.

David Westin opened the segment: “President Trump is eager to get back to those big live campaign rallies, but it’s far from clear when we’ll get there. So in the meantime, campaigns are trying to do virtually what they’ve done in-person before, including Vice President Joe Biden scheduling virtual campaign rallies in Florida and Michigan.”

Updates to the Platform

We’ve been hard at working making our platform easier to use and more powerful, listening and incorporating your valued feedback into every update.

RumbleUp supports a built-in link shorteners to condense long URLs into trackable links that are easy on the eye — and the page. We added two new .gop domains to our options.

Our latest release also includes many improvements behind the scenes to have you texting faster and more seamlessly. We’ve improved the speed the platform operates with when navigating tabs, loading long lists of contacts, and many more tasks.

Our Rapid Response mode now includes an opt-out button to mark a contact as do not disturb quickly. We’ve also changed some of the language on the portal to make it easier to learn to use and to use: “Pre-approved Responses” are now “Tap-then-Send Responses” to provide more effective description of what they do.

Zapier Integration

We’re hard at work building a new Zapier integration to allow for seamless transmission of your RumbleUp data across multiple service. Zapier is a powerful integration tool allowing you to connect your platforms together to create powerful integrations called “zaps.” The new integration of RumbleUp to Zapier will allow you to bring powerful peer-to-peer texting to your zaps.

Let us know if you currently use Zapier, or want to set up an account, and we’ll add you to our Early Access program.

RumbleUp is the industry leader with the only record of zero downtime and a constant stream of updates incorporating exciting improvements like our new Zapier integration.

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Also coming soon to RumbleUp are some exciting updates to our app, including a new design scheme, streamlined navigation, mobile and web account syncing, and admin functionality in the app!

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