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How To Launch Your P2P Texting Campaign in 5 Easy Steps

Imagine you are organizing a birthday party but forgot to send the invites in advance. You are sweating and looking for a quick solution. What do you do? You don’t start creating a Facebook event, you don’t start writing an email. Instead, you start texting your friends!

Why are you doing this? Because you want to reach them quickly, and you want them to RSVP now. Texting is the best tool to do this because 90% of texts are read within the first three minutes and 98% of text messages are read. This is exactly the kind of readability what you want for your campaign message too.

The only question you might still have in your mind is: “How can I text hundreds or thousands of people while staying personal within a short time?” That is where RumbleUp’s P2P texting platform comes into play. P2P texting is the smartest way to have personal, actionable conversations between an organization or group and its supporters at scale.

RumbleUp provides a solution which allows you to design personalized messages and text them to voters. P2P texting can be used in countless ways including GOTV, boosting event attendance, recruiting volunteers, advocacy, calling elected officials, signing petitions, raising money, etc.

In case you are still skeptical about trying out texting, let us explain step-by-step how easy it is to set up a campaign and start sending messages:

Step 1: Choose a plan and hear back the same day

Visit and fill out a bit of information so we can get to know you. You’ll hear back from us within a few hours, along with an invite to sign a contract and log into your private portal. From there, our team of experts is available to help with your questions and train you on best practices. Have trouble getting the right data? Don’t worry, we can help!

Step 2: Set up your profile

Just like on any other platform, you will log into the portal, create your profile, set up your password and then you’re ready to put a credit card on file and set up your first campaign!

Step 3: Set up your campaign

Upload your data, write the message, attach any media, add emojis or link a survey, website, or other call to action. After sending some tests to your phone and confirming that it looks exactly the way you want it to look, you are ready to go!

Step 4: Invite your volunteers to download RumbleUp

A single volunteer can send up to 2,500+ texts an hour. That’s a lot of sending power! If you don’t want to send everything by yourself though, you can invite a team to help. An entire team can be working on sending to the same list at the same time, so no need to worry about managing confusing workflows, reassigning replies, etc. Our system makes all of this easy.

Step 5: Start texting!

Once your volunteers have warmed up their fingers and you’ve made your message live, you can give the green light to your texting team and they can start sending messages and using pre-scripted responses to speed up the reply process.

As always, our team is here to help, every step of the way.

Now imagine the next time you want to host an event, raise money, get your supporters to the polls, or get the word out about your platform or cause. You don’t need to worry anymore because with RumbleUp, you can text your friends and supporters quickly while staying personal — and the best part is, they will see your message!

Visit us as to start texting today.

Special thanks to Márton Hegedűs for his contributions in writing this article.

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Celebrating National Advocacy Day: 5 Ways to Use P2P Texting to Advocate

It’s National Advocacy Day! We’re marking the day by highlighting how our advocates and advocacy group clients are becoming more effective with P2P texting.

In fact, P2P texting is the ultimate advocacy tool. Here are 5 ways our advocacy clients use it:

1. Patch-Through Calls to Elected Officials

Need some calls made fast? Our platform makes it easy to quickly send messages asking people to call their elected officials. Every message can be personalized. And it’s cheaper and faster than traditional patch-through calls!

Even better: you can forward the number you texted them with straight to their elected official’s office, so all the recipient needs to do is call the number that texted them back to be directly connected with their elected official. So easy!

Finally, we can track every call made and how long the call lasts —so we know our average advocacy call to an elected official is 56 seconds!

2. Fundraising

Need to raise some money? Texting is the quickest and most convenient way for your supporters to donate. Our platform makes it easy to include a shortened link to your donation page right in the text message. Or to make it even more convenient, set up a keyword for donating money (i.e. “YES”) and your supporters can donate through the text message by replying with the keyword AND the amount they wish to give (“YES 50” = $50.00).

3. Promoting Events

Have an event coming up? We’ve seen that texting people an invitation plus a reminder the day of the event is a sure fire way to boost attendance (growing events by 20% up to doubling attendance!). What makes it even better is the dynamic tagging feature our platform offers which makes it easy for you to be tagging people who RSVP so that you send the correct follow-up to each set of invitees.

4. Member Education

Have an awesome video you want everyone to watch? Text it to them! There is simply no better way to get your content in front of someone than to send it straight to their message inbox so all they have to do is tap the play button in the text message. We have seen that including a multimedia attachment in your text message such as a picture, infographic, gif or video nearly DOUBLES your response rate. People love pics!

5. Surveys & Polling

Need survey respondents but can’t get the right people on the phone? Send your survey out via text! We can help you acquire cell phone numbers for the people you are trying to reach. We have found that texting is an effective and cost efficient way to collect completed surveys in a short amount of time — P2P texting surveys is cheaper than live calling!

Sign up for your account or a demo with one of our team at

Happy advocating!

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RumbleUp CEO Explains P2P Texting on Digital Politics Podcast

Our founder and CEO Thomas Peters sat down with Karen Jagoda to give an inside look into how peer-to-peer (P2P) texting works, and why it is such an effective tool. This episode of the Digital Politics podcast dives into best practices, use cases, and the power of P2P in the political space.

Fresh off an awards sweep at the AAPC, RumbleUp is leading the charge and spreading the word about how P2P texting is a proven, effective way to raise money, recruit volunteers, educate voters, boost event attendance, and so many other use cases.

It has been a process to convince seasoned political consultants that P2P is a viable tool. “These are political consultants who have been doing TV, direct mail, and landline phones for decades when peer-to-peer texting has only been around since 2015” says Thomas, “Peer-to-peer had to grow up very quickly.”

It hasn’t been an easy road for peer-to-peer texting to navigate, because texting is a regulated industry. “It is in a thorny environment, if you don’t do it the right way, you can face a lawsuit.”

RumbleUp is focused on legal compliance and upholds transparency as a top priority. Texting campaigns are monitored and adjusted if too many messages are marked as spam, recipients are always given the choice to opt-out, and we work with clients to ensure that every text sent is in line with the expectations of the cell phone carriers.

As Peters goes on to explain, “Peer-to-peer vendors have to be held to a high standard. We carry a lot of risk with our clients and it’s our responsibility to make sure our clients are as protected as possible…we put in a tremendous amount of work to make sure the system is designed to be compliant with regulations. If you take short cuts [with another vendor], you can get in trouble.”

While RumbleUp always gives recipients the choice to opt out, the goal is to text an audience who wants to be reached out to. 95% of texts are opened and read, but choosing the right audience will take people from passive readers to active donors and supporters. As Peters says, “If we discover that most of your supporters tend to be middle-aged suburban women, then we can go to a data file and find similarly aged suburban women to text.”

RumbleUp helps clients find the best audience using the best data. Voting records, consumer habits, family size — the specific indicators available help enable effective targeting. Your campaign will not lead to good outcomes if it is directed to a disinterested contact list. So if it is fundraising, look for previous donors. If you want to fill a rally, look for the people who have never missed an election. Through data analysis, we can also identify commonalities among a client’s supporters and create a look-alike audience to expand their reach.

The best data means your texts get to the best people. People who donate, advocate, and show up.

The reach of peer-to-peer texting continues to grow. “Right now there’s about 60 to 65 percent coverage for cell phone numbers of registered voters in America,” and as Karen points out, that number is only going to rise.

Peer-to-peer texting is a powerful tool when paired with the right vendor, and in just a few years it has gone from an option in political campaigns and organizations, to a necessity.

Listen to the interview in its entirety here or click below!

Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda: Peer To Peer Texting Best Practices with Thomas Peters RumbleUpThomas Peters, Founder and CEO, RumbleUp and uCampaign provides an update on the use of peer-to-peer texting by…

Special thanks to Joseph Barnes for his contributions writing this article.

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Coming Soon: Bold & Italic Text Messages!

Say it louder for the people in the back!

RumbleUp is thrilled to announce that we will soon be supporting bold and italic text in messages sent through our platform.

Now you will REALLY be able to get your point across and emphasize exactly the right points! Amazing!

Image for post
Which one catches your attention more?

Everyone knows the key reason why text messages are such an effective outreach tool is because they are real and personal. What better way to humanize your message than by adding emphasis where you really mean it?!

This feature is super easy to use and will work regardless of the type of phone a recipient has.

It also pairs well with our increased emoji capabilities and link shortening feature. 👀

No matter what type of message you are trying to send, saying it with EMOTION makes a biggermore meaningful impact.

Attention spans are shorter than ever. Use bold or italics to draw eyes to something important or noteworthy so that your recipients don’t miss it.

Plus, it’s just fun!

Ready to see what other awesome features we have in store? Start texting with us today at

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Introducing Click-Through Tracking for RumbleUp P2P Texting

Personalize every text, know exactly who clicked each text, and send each person to a unique destination!

We are excited to now offer our clients the ability to track who clicks on a link sent via our peer-to-peer texting platform!

Using our custom link shortener tool already available in the portal, you can easily shorten any link to fit comfortably in a text message — saving you precious characters (our default limit is 320 characters).

This tool not only allows you to shorten links, it now also enables you to personalize each link for each recipient so that everyone receives a unique link. Using this personalization option enables click-through tracking and gives you the ability to see exactly who clicked on your link in the text message.

Image for post

Until we added our link shortener tool, it was often challenging to include trackable links in text messages because of character count limitations and deliverability issues. Many times if you used common link shorteners such as the messages would be flagged as spam by carriers and blocked.

Pro Tip: You can point to a link from our RumbleUp link shortener!

We are happy to have resolved this issue for our clients by offering our own internal link shortener, plus we now support the ability to track click-throughs — double the winning! 🙂

Now you can personalize content for each of your contacts and still have a much shorter link that won’t impact your deliverability. We continue to support open-ended custom fields to personalize each and every text message, and we can even send a different multimedia attachment to every person on your contact list!

The more personal the message, the more effective it is.

You can use this new feature to track click-throughs or tailor custom surveys and accurately direct traffic to multiple custom landing pages, just to name two common use cases.

Most of our new features originate as requests from our creative clients, so please keep the recommendations coming and so that we can continue to improve RumbleUp for everyone!

Stay tuned as we add more significant new features in the coming weeks and months!

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